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General Mistakes in Email Outreach Strategy

One of the ideal ways to build relationships & gain traffic is Email outreach. This strategy has always been one of the most result-giving; however, you won’t get what you could have gotten when done incorrectly.

Even the pro [marketers]( you see today faced challenges in the beginning.

Here are some steps that could make your outreach campaign unsuccessful;

  • Sending the correct email to the wrong person
  • Failing to Send a good pitch
  • Sending the same generic email to everyone
  • Ignoring the follow-up sequence

Let us look at the ways to do things correctly and get better at these critical steps.

How to Find the Email Address?

A great technique to find email addresses of prospects is to use tools like This tool saves your time, effort and gives email ids that are 90% accurate. With the chrome extension, you can scrape the email address from the LinkedIn platform.

So step one is to locate the correct email address of the right person, and with the lookup tool, you get the email addresses of your target audiences in a short period. With this piece of information in hand, you can craft content to approach your prospects.

Learn to Send a Good Pitch

Now we know the groups of people or individuals we’re contacting and have a common idea of the people we must contact within an organization. This knowledge brings us to the next step, which is to write a solid pitch.

If you are new to [email marketing](, I suggest you learn best practices for building a perfect email outreach template.

If you are successful enough to get your prospects to take action but not seeing enough conversion, which is the final result, you need to check your content putting yourself in your prospect’s shoes, as it might not be meeting the prospect’s needs.

Simply sending an email won’t magically get your prospect to become interested in your proposal.

To drive engagement, you need to understand what your prospects are searching for and deliver contents that resonate.

Outreach is not broadcasting.

A most commonly committed mistake that can make the outreach campaign a complete flop is sending the exactly similar generic email to everyone.

I understand that you want to get links on a large scale, which means that you need to send as many as quickly as possible.

But the thing is that genetic templates don’t work for anyone who has a significant impact on your reach.

So rather than trying to send the same content to everyone, try and build a relationship that goes beyond “give me a link and share.”

Firstly, your email should be short and articulate what you want to share with your prospect and why you are contacting them.

Secondly, you must be to the point, and the email should be in a way that it feeds your prospect’s passion for the subject.

Please don’t write anything that’s fake flattery unless you genuinely mean it.

For subject lines, I suggest you stay away from clickbaity titles like “you have to see this!”

Instead, use subject lines that describe your email yet evokes curiosity to learn more. 

And for the body of the email, you might write something that people are excited to receive. 

Finally, do not hesitate to send a friendly follow-up email to your prospect.

I hope that helps.