Eugene Levy net worth in 2022 is around $30 million. Eugene is a Canadian actor, singer, and writer. He rose to fame for his role as Noah Levenstein in the American Pie film series. Eugene Levy won several awards for his outstanding performances in the film industry.



Eugene Levy is a Canadian actor, singer, writer, voice actor, film producer, film director, and comedian. He appeared in the Canadian television sketch comedy series SCTV from 1976 to 1984. Additionally, he has had appearances in the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek and the American Pie film series.

He is the only one to have appeared in each of the eight American Pie movies. Eugene Levy has been acting for many years, but his performance as Jason Biggs’ father in the 1999 film American Pie cemented his reputation.

He played the same character in eight additional American Pie movies following the popularity of the first movie.

He frequently portrays unorthodox and frazzled characters. He co-created Schitt’s Creek with his son Dan Levy, who also stars in the series.


Full name Eugene Levy
Gender Male
Birthday December 17, 1946,
Birthplace Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Age (as of July 2022) 75 years old
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Profession Actor, comedian, voice actor, filmmaker
Years active 1969 – present
Marital Status Married
Spouse Deborah Divine
Children 2 (Dan Levy and Sarah Levy)


Where was Eugene Levy born? Eugene was born on December 17, 1946. Jewish parents gave birth to Eugene in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario. In December 2022, he will be 76 years old.


Eugene Levy comes from a Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jewish mixed-ethnicity background. His father Joseph Levy was a foreman in the automobile industry, while his mother Rebecca (Kudlatz) was a housewife.

He has two siblings; Fred Levy is his brother and his sister’s name is Barbara. His mother was born to Polish Jews in Glasgow, Scotland, and eventually emigrated to Canada. His father was a Sephardi Jew with origins in Bulgaria and Spain. He follows the Jewish religion.

Given that Eugene’s paternal grandparents are listed as being from Spain in the Canadian census, it seems likely that they were Sephardi Jews. The majority of Jews in Bulgaria are Sephardi.

Harold Kudlats, Eugene’s uncle, was a music promoter who introduced rockabilly music to Canada.


Levy was president of the student council while he was a student at Westdale Secondary School. He then enrolled at McMaster University.

He first met director Ivan Reitman while serving as vice president of the McMaster Film Board, a student film organization.


  • How tall is Eugene Levy? Eugene Levy is 5ft 10in or 1.78 m or 178 cm tall.

  • Eugene’s weight is 77 kg or 170 lbs.

  • Eugene has light brown eyes.

  • He has fair skin with grey hair.

  • Eugene Levy has thick eyebrows.

  • He wears shoes of size 15.5 (US).

  • Eugene’s biceps size is 21 inches.

  • Eugene Levy does have tattoos on his body.

Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 77 kg
Hair color Grey
Eye color Light brown
Skin color Fair
Shoe size 15.5 (US)
Biceps size 21 inches


Eugene Levy net worth is estimated to be $30 million. He is best known as a Canadian actor, filmmaker, and comedian. He belongs to a Jewish family. Eugene is a well-educated man.


What is Eugene Levy’s net worth? Eugene Levy, a Canadian actor, writer, film producer, and singer, is a rich man. Eugene Levy’s net worth in 2022 must be around $30 million.

His work as an actor and comedian is his primary source of income. Since he began his acting career, Eugene has had the good fortune to obtain several roles in both television and movies. His prosperous profession has allowed him to enjoy opulent lifestyles and expensive vacations. He is one of Canada’s wealthiest and most well-known performers.

To date, he has acted in more than 60 movies, eight of which have grossed more than $100 million.

Without even a doubt, Eugene Levy profited greatly from the American Pie films. He received a total of $5 million for the third sequel after receiving $1 million for his first appearance. Eugene has finally benefited from his long career as a successful actor.

Eugene and Deborah spent $2.4 million on a house, which is 2,081 square feet in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles in 2006. They also have a residence in Toronto, Canada. Moreover, he also has a condominium in Florida’s St. Augustine.

His wealth status serves as motivation for others just starting in the film industry.

How much was Eugene Levy’s net worth in 2021? Eugene’s net worth in 2021 was estimated to be $20 million.


Eugene is a married man. He began dating Deborah Divine in 1973. Four years later, the couple tied knots in a grand ceremony in June 1977. They have been happily married for 45 years now. The couple never discussed how they met; therefore, the full account of how they did so remained a mystery.

The two appear to value their solitude and enjoy time away from constant media attention. Their absence from social media makes it clear. Eugene has never been in another romance in his whole acting career. He has only ever had a relationship with Deborah.

Deborah Divine was born in 1959 in Canada. Alike Eugene, she has served her career in the film industry. She works as a screenwriter, TV producer, and production manager. Her career is diverse, ranging from the lengthy American soap operas to “Another World” and “Search for Tomorrow” to the short comedy series “Gruber and The Higgins Boys”.

Her husband Eugene and her son Dan Levy co-created Schitt’s Creek, on which she also worked as a creative consultant. Another Canadian-American sitcom that her husband produced in the 1990s, Maniac Mansion, also featured Divine as a writer.


Eugene and Deborah together have two children a son Dan Levy and a daughter Sarah Levy.


Eugene Levy’s son Daniel Joseph Levy was born on 9 August 1983, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Daniel is an actor, writer, producer, director, and comedian. He started as an MTV Canada television host.

The CBC sitcom Schitt’s Creek (2015–2020), which Dan Levy also co-created with his father and co-starred in with him and his sister, Sarah Levy, brought him fame and praise on a global scale.

Dan became the first individual to win an Emmy Award in each of the four main categories in the same year for his work on the final season of Schitt’s Creek, which he also produced, wrote, directed, and acted in.

Along with many other honors, his contribution to the show garnered him four Canadian Screen Awards out of a total of 18 nominations.

Levy spends his leisure days across Toronto and Los Angeles, but after living there in 2005, he has claimed that London is his “favorite city”.


Sarah Levy is the daughter of Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine. Sarah was born on September 10, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sarah is younger than her brother Daniel Levy. Sarah attended Dalhousie University to study theatre after graduating from Branksome Hall.

She is well known for playing Twyla Sands in Schitt’s Creek. In Schitt’s Creek, she portrayed a waitress at the town’s Café Tropical. Working together with Sarah and their father, in Dan’s opinion, made the family closer.

One of Levy’s earliest acting roles was in the movie Larry Crowne. In the follow-up to Adam Shankman’s Cheaper by the Dozen, which starred her father, she too had a minor part.

Variety reported in 2020 that Levy will be joining the cast of Chris Blake’s comedy about a quarantine, Distancing Socially. In 2020, amid the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the movie was remotely filmed. Cinedigm purchased the movie and released it in October 2021.

In October 2021, Sarah wed actor Graham Outerbridge. On July 5, 2022, according to an Instagram post she made, the couple welcomed their first baby boy, which they named James Eugene Outerbridge.


Since the middle of the 1970s, Catherine O’Hara has been working in Hollywood, stealing our hearts as Kate in Home Alone, Delia in Beetlejuice, and Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek, which earned her an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Catherine O’Hara is happily married to the production designer Bo Welch. But before Bo, Catherine admitted on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that she had a feeling for Eugene Levy, a fellow cast member of Schitt’s Creek. It appears that Catherine and Eugene had a brief affair while they were both at Second City in Toronto.

However, as time passed, nothing happened to it. Deborah Divine and Eugene Divine wed in 1977, and Catherine and Bo soon after met. Catherine, though, has pleasant memories of her time spent with Eugene.

Their marriages do not stop them from being there for one another and publicly declaring their love.

In terms of Catherine’s real-life spouse, they first connected while filming Beetlejuice in the late 1980s. Of course, the actress was the star of the show, and Bo was its production designer. She said that Bo was “extremely attractive” when Catherine and he first met.


Eugene Levy is married to screenwriter Deborah Divine. The couple has two children Daniel Joseph Levy and Sarah Levy. Eugene is good friends with Catherin O’Hara.


Eugene is famous for his cinematic roles. He has appeared in more than 60 films since he began acting in the 1970s, with eight of them grossing more than $100 million. My favorite six movies of Eugene are:


A few locals in the Missouri hamlet of Blaine are getting ready for a community theatre show that will be directed by the oddball Corky St. Clair. They quickly find out that someone from Broadway will also be there.

Eugene worked as a cast member and writer in this film.


The fourth movie in the American Pie series, American Reunion, is about a group of longtime friends who reunite at their high school reunion in East Great Falls, Michigan, ten years after graduating.

Kevin-Vicky and Oz-Heather are no longer together, whereas Jim and Michelle are married and have a son. However, they all reunite for a reunion weekend with Finch, Stifler, and others.

3. HEAVY METAL (1981)

The plot of the animated comedy-adventure movie Heavy Metal centers on a nefarious luminous green orb that travels through time and space while causing chaos and violence.

In Heavy metal, Eugene Levy worked as a voice actor.


This adventurous comedy movie tells the story of Aristocrat Leslie Edwards and expert outdoorsman Bartholomew Hunt who team up in 1804, competing alongside legendary explorers Lewis & Clark to be the first to chart and reach the Pacific Ocean via the US.

Eugene portrayed the role of Guy Fontenot.


Madea’s Witness Protection is a criminal drama comedy movie about a nerdy CFO named George whose life changes when he learns that his business is a Ponzi scam. Walter, George’s boss, accuses George of being the plan’s mastermind and then vanishes.

The FBI places George and his family in a witness protection program, but George struggles to adapt to his new environment.

Eugene Levy played George Needleman’s role.


The story of Bringing Down The House revolves around a lonely man who meets a woman online who is the central character of the romance comedy Bringing Down the House. But, she is actually behind bars. In the end, she breaks out of the prison, arrives at his house, and then wreaks havoc on his middle-class life.

Eugene worked as Howie Rottman.

Eugene Levy’s other movies include:

  • Foxy Lady (1971) as Coffee Boy

  • Cannibal Girls (1973) as Clifford Sturges

  • Running (1979) as Richie Rosenberg

  • Nothing Personal (1980) as Marty

  • Deadly Companion (1980) as Matt

  • National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) as Ed

  • Going Berserk (1983) as Sal DiPasquale

  • Splash (1984) as Walter Kornbluth

  • Club Paradise (1986) as Barry Steinberg

  • Armed and Dangerous (1986) as Norman Kane

  • Bride of Boogedy (1987) as Tom

  • Speed Zone (1989) as Leo Ross

  • Father of the Bride (1991) as Singer at Audition

  • Once Upon a Crime (1992) as Casino Cashier

  • Stay Tuned (1992) as Crowley

  • I Love Trouble (1994) as Ray

  • Multiplicity (1996) as Vic

  • Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish (1998) as Professor Keanbean

  • The Secret Life of Girls (1999) as Hugh Sanford

  • Dogmatic (1999) as Larry

  • American Pie (1999) Noah Levenstein

  • Silver Man (2000) as Leon

  • Best in Show (2000) as Gerry Fleck

  • The Ladies Man (2000) as Bucky Kent

  • Down to Earth (2001) as Keyes

  • Serendipity (2001) as Bloomingdales Clerk

  • Like Mike (2002) as Frank Bernard

  • A Mighty Wind (2003) as Mitch Cohen

  • Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003) as Principal Collins

  • New York Minute (2004) as Max Lomax

  • The Man (2005) as Andy Fiddler

  • For Your Consideration (2006) as Morley Orfkin

  • Gooby (2009) as Mr. Nerdlinger

  • Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) as Albert Einstein Bobbleheads

  • Taking Woodstock (2009) as Max Yasgur

  • Goon (2011) as Dr. Glatt

  • Finding Dory (2016) as Charlie


Apart from movies, Eugene Levy did a big range of top-class TV shows that not only get popularity in Canada but all over the globe. Some of his best TV series are:

  • Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

  • Second City Television (1976-1984)

  • The Wonderful World of Disney (1999)

  • Harrison Bergeron (1995)

  • Camp Candy (1989-1992)

  • Hercules (1998)

  • Off Center (2001-2002)

  • Working the Engels (2014)

  • Package Deal (2013-2014)

  • The Ray Bradbury Theater (1988)

  • I, Martin Short, Goes Home (2012)

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2020)

  • Saturday Night Live (2021)


  • Eugene is a supporter of autistic children’s learning and development.

  • Additionally, he backs the Canadian group Artists Against Racism.

  • Furthermore, Eugene also has the title of honorary mayor of Pacific Palisades.

  • Levy additionally participated in the Pacific Palisades Fourth of July parade in 2021 as honorary mayor.


  • Eugene frequently makes an appearance in Christopher Guest’s parodies, such as A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, and Waiting For Guffman.

  • John Candy, an actor, counted him as a best friend.

  • Eugene’s zodiac star is Sagittarius.

  • He has done charity work.


Frequently asked questions regarding Eugene Levy’s net worth are as follows:

1. Is Eugene Levy connected to Fred Levy from Schitt’s Creek?

Schitt’s Creek’s Emmy-winning producer Fred Levy is well-known for being a co-star Daniel Levy’s uncle as well as the brother of actor Eugene Levy.

2. Do Eugene Levy friends with Steve Martin?

Steve Martin and Eugene Levy have a good friendship. He has developed a close friendship with comedy actor Steve Martin in addition to his Schitt’s Creek co-star Catherine O’Hara.

3. Who is Dave Levy?

David Levy or Daniel Joseph Levy (Dan Levy) is the son of Eugene Levy. Dave Levy is also a writer, director, producer, and actor.

4. What is the net worth of Dan Levy?

Dan Levy or David Lavy’s net worth as of 2022 must be around $14 million.

5. Where is Dan Levy now?

After Schitt’s Creek, The Big Brunch, a forthcoming HBO Max unscripted food contest, will be Dan’s next significant film production.

6. Where did Schitt’s Creek filming take place?

According to all accounts, Schitt’s Creek is modeled after the Ontario village of Goodwood, Ontario. Most of the exterior scenes of the town in Schitt’s Creek were filmed here.

7. Are David and Twyla Sands related?

Daniel’s true sister is on Schitt’s Creek.

Sarah Levy, who is Eugene’s daughter and Dan’s sister, is a cast member. She plays Twyla Sands, a waiter at Cafe Tropical, the only visible restaurant in the community.

8. What was the debut film of Eugene Levy?

Eugene Levy’s first movie was Foxy Lady, which was released in 1971. Eugene played the role of a coffee boy in that movie.

9. Is Eugene Levy a kind person?

Eugene’s co-stars swear to Levy’s sincerity. They claim him to be a kind person. Catherin O’Hara said that Eugene is a gentleman.

10. Can I go to Schitt’s Creek?

Although Schitt’s Creek is not a real place, Goodwood, Ontario, served as the backdrop for a large portion of the series filming. Fans of the show can visit many of the typical meet-ups depicted in the series.


Eugene Levy net worth, as of 2022, is around $30 million. He is a famous Canadian actor, writer, film producer, and singer. He has performed in almost 60 films. The American Pie movies brought in a ton of money for Eugene Levy. Eugene Levy produced a wide range of excellent TV shows in addition to films. Together with his son Dan Levy, who also stars in the show, he co-wrote Schitt’s Creek.


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