EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid in-Ear Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Improvement in technology makes it possible to have advanced earbuds. We have earbuds that offer an immersive sound experience and comfort. EPOS is a brand that knows when it comes to audio entertainment. The company has released a set of wireless-earbuds on market. This set of earbuds attempts to link the gap between one’s mobile gaming-sessions & daily life. Moreover, these earbuds offer lag-free sound playback with aptX-low latency codec. It also comes with a USB-C dongle for various gaming devices.

When looking for the best earbuds, you need to consider some factors. They include sound performance, ease of use, comfort, noise cancellation, and others. Below is detailed information about EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds.


  • Offers multi-platform compatibility

  • It’s IPX5 waterproof

  • Features a compact plus ergonomic design

  • Offers a powerful bass, sparkling highs, and natural mids

  • Provides lag-free audio playback


  • The mic doesn’t operate with the dongle

Design features

EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds are available in black/grey with an in-ear design. Moreover, they have an in-ear design. Its distinct ergonomic shape is flexible and soft. Additionally, it requires to be adjusted to suit your ear. Thus, you will have a comfortable and secure fitting. Furthermore, these earbuds come with a closed acoustic-design that offers noise-attenuation. This allows you to block out background-noise & have an immersive sound experience.

These earbuds are labeled R and L to show you which earbud is for which ear side hence convenience. The left earbud has a single multi-functional button. These offer tactile & intuitive control. Hence, it’s convenient to switch via play, next track, pause, & call controls. With a single tap, you will pick-up a call and hang-up when a call is over. Additionally, these earbuds have a smooth finishing which offers a premium feel. The outer side of these earbuds is branded with the company logo.

It comes with a compact charging case hence simple to move around with. Moreover, this charging case is made simple to open and close. It also has a button for powering on and off. Additionally, this charging case has 5 LED lights to show the remaining power capacity. These earbuds have a waterproof rating of IPX5. Hence, it’s protected from sweat & light rain. Thus, it’s suitable for use when running or on heavy exercise.

Sound performance

EPOS GTW 270 hybrid gaming earbuds offer a no-compromise sound performance. With these earbuds, you will have lag-free sound playback through aptX low-latency codec. Moreover, acoustic clarity is offered through two mics. It’s custom-designed offers deep and powerful bass, sparkling highs, and natural mids. Furthermore, you will have exceptional aural-clarity which offers expansive sound. Thus, you will enjoy the game’s audio-realism.

With dual microphone tech, you will have excellent voice-pickup. This decreases background noise thus, you’ll have crystal clear communication with intelligible speech.

Noise cancellation

EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds have a closed acoustic design. Additionally, it also has a distinct design of in-ear earbuds. This creates an ideal acoustic seal. Its closed-back design offers the most noise decrease. With this, surrounding noise & distractions are reduced with a compact minimalist. This will immerse you into a gaming world with crucial audio. Moreover, the dual-mic design offers excellent voice-pickup & decreases background noise. Thus, you will have clearer calls.

Battery performance

EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds have an in-built rechargeable battery. When the battery has a full charge, you will have a playtime of 5 hours. Moreover, it also comes with a compact charging case which extends the playtime to about 20 hrs. Additionally, this charging case is made using anodized aluminum hence, it’s strong & durable. This charging case is recharged using a USB cable. When charging, the earbuds show some lighting. You will know the remaining power capacity of the charging case via the 5 LED lighting on the charging case.


EPOS GTW 270 hybrid is wireless earbuds. They have Bluetooth version 5.1 for double channel transmission. With this, it supports aptX and SBC codec which depends on the kind of device. Furthermore, it also has a USB-C dongle that has an aptX low-latency connection. This offers high performance on a single channel audio-playback.

Additionally, these earbuds have multi-platform compatibility. It has a GSA-70 USB-C dongle with aptX low-latency. The dongle is best for use with Nintendo Switch, PC, Android phones, and PS4.


EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds have an ergonomic shape design. This offers one a long-wearing comfort. Moreover, its distinct ergonomic-shape changes depending on the shape of your ear. This ensures that you have a safe & comfortable fit. Additionally, these earbuds have exchangeable ear tip sizes made of rubber. These earbuds come with a compact charging case hence it’s carried to any place.

What’s in the box?

EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds

A Charging Case

Charging cord

USB-C dongle


EPOS GTW 270 hybrid earbuds have a closed-back plus in-ear design. This offers the most noise decrease hence you will have maximum focus on gaming. Moreover, they also have a dual-mic design. This allows it to deliver acoustic clarity on phone calls. With a multipurpose single button, one will switch between play, next track, pause & phone controls. Additionally, with these earbuds together with the charging case, you’ll have 20hrs of playtime. These earbuds have a soft, ergonomic shape that changes depending on your ear.