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Elliot Grange . Have you ever heard of Elliot Grange? Chances are you haven’t, and there’s an excellent reason for that – no one knows much about the mysterious leader who runs the most powerful private security firm in the country, called Grange Security. Many people think they know who he is, but even those closest to him can’t be sure if Elliot Grange is even his real name! He keeps his real identity shrouded in secrecy, making it hard to determine the type of person he really is…and why he does what he does. So who is Elliot Grange?

Does he really exist?

  • Many people question whether or not Mr. is just a figment of my imagination. At first, it was hard to imagine that he didn’t exist at all, but I’ve been forced to reevaluate that stance given some strange and off-putting things he’s done in recent weeks.

  • He’s left me notes to my own apartment when I was out that look like they’ve been written by a child. In fact, they have been written by a child—he just knows where I keep my notebook and borrows it regularly without asking.

  • He’s shown up at my house multiple times when I wasn’t there. There was no sign that he forced his way in, so it seems likely that he found a spare key and uses it when I’m not around.

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Where can I find him?

  1. If you’re looking for info on Dr. Elliot Grange, your best bet is to look in his hometown, Menlo Park. It is a small community next to San Francisco with a population just over 30,000 people and was originally founded as Menlo Park in 1854. While you’re there, I suggest exploring Leland Stanford Jr.

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  3. Hotels range from $98 for a room at Aloft to around $300 for a suite at The Westin. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, there are a ton of AirBnB listings in Menlo Park ranging from $50-$200 per night depending on how many people are staying in your room.

What does he do with his life

  • This is a great question, and something we’ve wondered for years. There are some great theories about who he is and what he does with his life, but there’s no actual documentation on any of them. Here are a few popular theories.

  • Another theory is that he’s a professional gambler who flies around to different major cities across America and bets huge sums on poker games. One source close to him said he has losses totaling over $10 million in his career, but he quickly rebounded and won $8 million dollars after taking two months off. Another source close to him says his family lost all their money back in 1983 when his parents were charged with laundering drug money for a local Mexican drug cartel.

  • Another theory is that he’s actually involved in some kind of top-secret research, possibly military or medical-related. He’s always wearing a lab coat and other scientists have been seen in his apartment at all hours of the day. A source close to him said he was deeply disturbed by what he saw there, but refused to give details.

  • However, nothing has ever been confirmed about any of these theories, and a lot about them is highly dubious.

The Myths Surrounding Him

Perhaps due to his own reticence, no one seems to know anything about him. No one even knows what he looks like, as there is no known portrait or photograph of him. There are some rumors that exist that he may be a modern art collector and/or a close acquaintance with many very well-known and wealthy collectors who wish to keep their association with Mr. Grange private. In addition, it has been postulated by some sources that Mr.

He may be a collector for a private gallery. Others theorize that he is in fact a museum curator. This theory has been supported by a few pieces of circumstantial evidence, including his oft-quoted statement That belongs in a museum and that several museums around the world have collections which are nearly identical to those in Mr. Grange’s possession. Unfortunately, neither of these theories have been substantiated either.

In fact, aside from his own self-professed statement about being a fan of painting and collecting unattainable artworks, no one seems to know anything at all about him.
In fact, aside from his own self-professed statement about being a fan of painting and collecting unattainable artworks, no one seems to know anything at all about him. - Second Paragraph

Elliot grange age

  1. 72 years old (as of 2017) Elliot grange height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm) Elliot grange net worth: $10,000,000+ Elliot grange birthplace: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (Canadian cartoonist).

  2. ELLIOT GRANGE began his career as a professional artist in 1972, at age 20. In a short time, he had illustrated for various publishing companies and won numerous awards, including two gold medals from The Society of Illustrators in New York City and a bronze medal from The National Council Of Awards For Excellence In Communication. He also was chosen by renowned comic book publisher Jack Kirby to illustrate one of his newest creations, ETERNALS.

  3. In 1978, he made his first appearance as a comic book writer/artist with BADLANDS RUN, a western series published by Charlton Comics. He later went on to illustrate numerous covers for Action Comics, Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane and The Legion Of Super Heroes.

Elliot grange net worth

  • While Mr. Grange has done well to keep his personal life out of public scrutiny, there are a few tidbits that have emerged from time to time. We know he lives in an apartment in New York’s Financial District, and he pays around $4,000 per month for rent.

  • He also donates a lot to charity and arts organizations. The most recent donation was $1 million, which he gave to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth get access to computer science education. In addition, Mr. Grange gives at least $100,000 per year in charitable donations. He’s also given hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional gifts that have been kept private so as not to raise attention.

  • While Mr. Grange himself isn’t a household name, his net worth certainly is. But that won’t be true for long if he continues to make big donations to his favorite charities and non-profits! If you have any questions about Mr. Grange or would like more information on how he makes and spends his money, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Elliot grange dad

  1. Many people are familiar with Bill and Melinda Gates, but far fewer know about Elliott and Malinda Grange. The couple lived in a remote, rural area outside Phoenix, Arizona and opened up their home to foster children from throughout Arizona. The story begins when Malinda became pregnant at 18; she soon married her childhood sweetheart Jeff Henderson. Unfortunately, after a few years of marriage, Jeff was killed in a car accident leaving Malinda a widow with three children: David, Elliott Jr., and Grace.

  2. Malinda could have allowed her grief to consume her and make life hard for her three children, but instead, she found strength in God. She moved forward with her life and eventually remarried, a minister named Bill Grange. Together they adopted two more boys: Bryan and Sean. While money was always tight, Malinda and Bill were committed to making sure their children knew how much they loved them no matter what.


Many people recognize his name, yet know little about him. If you’re among these people, read on to learn more about the man behind the legends – who he was, where he came from and what became of him.

Elliot Grange

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some Important points to know.

What was the result of his first shot?

No one has ever heard from him directly—no interviews, no public appearances. If you search for his social media accounts, you’ll find nothing. If you type in his name on Google, your search results will be mostly about LEGO. Why? He’s a ghostwriter for some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and tech giants—the people who would really rather remain anonymous. His job is to make sure nobody knows who they are—or that they even have writers at all.

To which he argued to work?

He agreed to talk with me about his line of work because it’s time for a reveal. The #MeToo movement has made it all too clear that no industry is safe from sexual misconduct, and that it impacts women from all walks of life. As feminism begins to see real successes in changing society and culture, Grange believes now is a great time to talk about female empowerment—but not under someone else’s name.

Who is now a co author?

One of his first major projects was ghostwriting for Diane Sawyer, who is now a co-anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America. To be her ghostwriter, to be that close with her and know what she felt about everything that was going on in our world—it was quite an honor, he said.

Who was the writer?

What’s hard than writing in someone else’s voice, however, is hiding who you are. When he told his friends and family what he was doing for a living, they were shocked.

People want to say, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so lucky. This is such a glamorous lifestyle!’ But there’s a lot more to it than that. It really messes with your head and your confidence.

Who was the writers voice?

Grange knows how to write with women’s voices in part because he has spent so much time reading women writers. His personal favorite is Joan Didion, but his go-to author for writing as a woman is Nora Ephron. There’s just something about her voice that I love and am drawn to, he said. When I can sound like her without any effort—that’s when you know you have it.

In which book the author describe it?

In Ephron’s book, I Feel Bad About My Neck, she writes that she chose a career in journalism because it seemed to involve none of those things: no EphronComedy movies on prime, no office politics, no skirts. I would never have to be polite to anyone for any reason. But writing anonymously takes all of that from you—it forces you to become someone else.


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