Effective Ways To Treat Overbite With The Help Of Invisalign

Orthodontic treatments offered by best orthodontist for Invisalign in London may have several justifications but overbite and underbite correction are most typical of them. Mainly people fix these conditions to enhance their aesthetic appearance but it has the potential to lead to numerous dental concerns like gum damage, jaw pain, difficulty chewing, speech impediments and dental trauma are name to a few!

Keeping aside other prospects, let’s have a look whether Invisalign can correct these or not from here.

What is an overbite?

Basically, overbite is a specific dental condition in which the lower teeth get covered by upper anterior teeth making an overlapping condition. There are a number of causes for this condition to emerge but the most common of them is low developing rate of the lower jaw in relation to the upper jaw. Overbite also exposes extra amount of gum leading little display of the top incisors during smiling.

Underbite is the condition vice-versa to overbite. It naturally happens when an overgrowth is encountered by the lower jaw. But luckily both of these conditions can be corrected by Invisalign and that too comfortably and painlessly. Do you want to know how? Then, continue reading this blog as it compiles every detail.

Reasons to treat overbite

To improve aesthetic appearance

Aesthetic appearance matters a lot which is why patient keenly long to restore this dental condition. With overbite the lower set of teeth will be covered by the upper set of teeth which significantly affect self-esteem allowing them to be a bit concerned while smiling in public.

For the sake of good ■■■■ health

Overbite influences the probability of tooth wearing! And once it occurs it will cause the teeth shorter and thinner gradually over time. Even it can result in many severe ■■■■ health conditions like speech impediments and gum damage.

How to correct the overbite by Invisalign

For treating the overbite by Invisalign, you have to visit an orthodontist. During the initial phase of your consultation a dental exam will be performed to check the present ■■■■ condition. It can take about an hour if included with Study Model impression, photographs and X-rays. Once the result is obtain, the bespoken treatment plan will be discussed by Invisalign dentist in London to correct the malocclusion.

Then treatment instructions will be shared by using advanced computer technology explicitly. At last plastic aligners will be offered to you to put on your teeth. Each set of the aligner has to be worn for long 2 weeks. Removal is only allowed during having meals, snacks and beverages.

Even at the time of ■■■■ care regimen it can be put off from the mouth. With the replacement of every aligner, you will start experience shifting of the teeth into its original position deteriorating the overbite condition significantly.

For the last few decades, Invisalign is proven to be effective in correcting both overbite and underbite. Aside its transparency it comes with perfect ■■■■■■■ and easy removal procedure whenever you require. It glides you through an amazing journey of attaining perfect smile.