Ear Buds Or Earbuds

Ear Buds Or Earbuds? These are pair of little speakers. You wear these speakers inside your ears. These are really comfortable to wear and carry. You place ear buds near to ear drum so, there is chance to damage eardrum due to high volume sound. Mostly people suffer breakage of ear buds due to many reasons. People are usually worried about buying new ear buds because of old broken earbuds. Here I will discuss the reasons which lead to frequent breakage of buds and I will guide you how to prevent ear buds from breaking.

Ear Buds or Earbuds

Why Ear Buds Break:

There are a number of reasons which lead frequent breakage of earbuds. Some causes are as follow:


Improper care and mishandling damage intricate internal circuitry, and earbuds contain tiny speakers which are destroyed due to carelessness. So don’t deal your earbuds harshly they are sensitive ,handle with proper care.


Most of the users disconnect ear buds from device by tugging or pulling the cord. When you yank you earbuds a lot of stress on the connection points which ultimately poor functioning of buds.

Sleeping With Earbuds:

Some people go to bed with earbuds. As you bent or move head while sleeping, your device chord get twisted which cause tearing of buds. It is dangerous to sleep with ear buds, mostly earbuds break from one side.

Moisture And Humidity:

When you walk through heavy downpour wearing earbuds, the moisture in surrounding damage buds internal structure. Moreover, don’t wear earbuds after you wash hair. Any water droplet entering the buds usually adversely effect proper functioning and sound quality. Runners prefer to wear buds while running, sweating is also a main reason which decrease shelf life of earbuds.

Earbuds Without A Case:

When you buy earbuds, they come in a case. There is a reason they are in a case. The case serve to protect buds from breakage. I have seen lots of people transporting buds without the case. people travel with earbuds in their pocket, yes it is true. Literally people are paying very less attention while ear buds transportation. Without case, earbuds get crushed or damaged by the pressure.

Pulling Wired earbuds:

Pulling of wire is an issue of wired earbuds. The wires are pulled or caught in something which probably break at the junction point. When you are facing problem of wired earbuds breakage on one side that means you are pulling the wire from that side. This problem is not applicable for wireless earbuds.


Earbuds have good sound quality, you will enjoy music when wearing good quality earbuds. It is up to you either you are wearing wired or wireless earbuds. But the point is that, how much you are taking care of your earbuds. Some people frequently face earbuds breakage, the only reason is that , they not handle buds with proper care, mishandling is key reason in damaging buds. Some people even transport ear buds without case, obliviously earbuds start breaking from one side. Most of the music lovers wear earbuds while running, moisture form surrounding damage the earbuds.

Tips To Prevent EarBuds From Breaking:

Keep The Jack unplugged:

Most of the time, people throw their earbuds because of headphone jack. Problem in jack make the sound weird, this is because you leave the buds into smart devices or mobile even not using them. If you are doing this mistake stop doing this from now. Unplugged the jack when you are not using ,this will increase shelf life of your earbuds.

Keep Earbuds In The Case:

When you are not using earbuds , keep them in the case. Case will protect your buds from any sort of external damage and pressure. If you drop earbuds accidentally ,when they are in the case they are safe. Mostly earbuds cases are made up of hard or soft materials which are made for protecting your buds for long term. Hard case serve more resistance and give your buds extra protection. if earbuds fall into water then the hard covering will save your buds.

Cable With Perfect Length:

Always use good length cable for earbuds. Sometimes cable length is too long or too short which cause a lot of hindrance while handling. If you use good length cable this will give good result and save your buds from being pulled of stucking into hurdles. Bluetooth earbuds are perfect wire earbuds which will give better result and run for long time. You may prefer to use wireless earbuds to overcome this problem.

Don’t pull The Cable Hardly:

It is my persoanal experience, I usually plug the cable too quickly and hardly, this slowly start damaging the jack. This also cause noise in sound ,low quality sound. To overcome this issue, you can plug your earbuds slowly in a proper manner. This small act will prolong life of your earbuds.

Don’t Sit on Earbuds:

Many times we sit on earbuds by mistake, we should avoid this thing. Many times you put earbuds in back pocket and sit on chair ,this will exert pressure on earbuds and damage them. Therefore, keep your buds in proper place so you could avoid this mistake.

Quality EarBuds:

While buying earbuds try to focus on quality rather than quantity. Best quality buds are long lasting but are some how costly. Once you buy quality ear buds you don’t have to buy again and again. Try to buy such earbuds in which you feel comfortable and easy.

Take Earbuds Off During sleeping:

Just make sure to plug out the earbuds while your are sleeping. During sleeping you put extra pressure on the buds which will cause their breakage. Moreover, your ear get damage when you use earbuds overnight. The radiation have capability to cause severe damage to your ear. So avoid earbuds usage at night for your safety, as well as for earbuds safety.

Buy Sweat Resistant Buds:

if you use earbuds for running, so try to invest on sweat resistant buds in oder to protect your buds from damage. These resistant buds can stand with moisture and sweat without effect quality of sound. So if any one of you is runner of do morning jogging, so sweat resistant earbuds are made for you. you can wear them while running. Thee sweat produced during running will not cause any damage to the buds to the certain level. If they get more wet, they are at risk of damage.

Fix EarBuds In Your Ear:

Earbuds mostly fall out. If you properly fix the buds in your ear you will not face the problem of falling out. So before playing, check that either buds are properly fixed or not.

Best Place to buy EarBuds:

If you usually face problems with earbuds, and want to buy good earbuds , i will help you to buy quality earbuds which also fall in your budget. You can buy best Bluetooth earbuds from following:
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There are some cheap wireless earbuds are present in market , avoid to buy them. They have very short shelf life and have very short shelf life. Buy costly quality earbuds so you can enjoy good sound quality music for long period of time. Color of earbuds is totally dependent on you. If you like white color, prefer to buy white one. If you are black color lover then please buy black one.

Ear Tips:

Silicon ear tip that are too small will not form good seal with your ear and you will not get good sound. So keep ear tip configration in mind while buying earbuds. If your ear canal is big, then you will frequently face the problem of earbuds falling out. if the ear canal is too small then you would be unable to properly fix earbuds in your ear. To solve this problem you can change tips of your earbuds, buy that tip which is suitable according to your ear canal.

Develop your Habits:

As I discussed about the reasons which usually decrease the life of earbuds. At the same time, I have provided a list of tips which you can follow to save your earbuds from breaking. Firstly, never plug your buds hardly and quickly. Take your earbuds off before sleeping,this will save your buds from damage. Moreover, you can buy sweat resistant earbuds, these buds are somehow costly but are of good quality. These practices will save your earbuds from frequent breakage and damage.

EarBuds Earphones
These are made up of plastic and are of one size Different sizes are present, you can buy size of your choice
They rest on the outside of the ear. These extend into your ear canal
Earbuds are not good for sound quality You will get a qualitative sound.
Outside noise disturb you while listening The bass is so high, you will not hear outside noise


1. Should we wear earbuds all night?

No, It pose severe health risk. It may damage you ears permanently causing, hearing loss, build ear wax. If the music is loud it may cause headache and anxiety.

2. How do you can take care of earbuds?

clean them daily, plug them slowly and always keep them in case when not using. Moreover, do not roll the jack, avoid tangling of wire so you could use earbuds for long time.

3. can I buy costly earbuds?

Yes, you can buy costly ear buds because they will work for long time. When you invest on cheap earbuds they will not work for long time, very next day you will find faults in them. Therefore, invest on expensive earbuds you will find qualitative stuff.

4. Is Bluetooth safe for brain?

Earbuds produce heat, which can cause damage to your brain. even after few hours of usage the heat can harm your brain. So be careful with using Bluetooth.

5. Are wireless earbuds safe?

They are safe to use because you can handle them easily. Besides, this they producing non ionizing radiation which may damage cells.

6. How can you improve your hearing?

Avoid loud noise, do not use earbuds frequently. Avoid sharp objects, exercise regularly to improve hearing. Also consider side effects of medicines.

7. What are the parts of earbuds?

Speakers, earbuds shell, and chord.. Wires carry signals to the speaker, the seal keep circle clips together. Every part of earbuds play vital role in its consistency.

8. How long you can wear earbuds?

You can spend 60 minutes time with your earbuds.. Don’t listen to music more than sixty percent volume otherwise, you will loss listening ability slowly.

9. How can you keep your earbuds safe?

Always keep your earbuds in case, this will keep your buds safe. keep earbuds in safe place , do not plug the hardly. If you are not using ear buds then unplug them properly.

10. can earbuds cause ear problems?

yes, earbuds frequent usage cause damage to eardrum. If your eardrum get damage then you are going to loss your hearing ability gradually with the passage of time.


According to a survey, Most of people face a common problem with their earbuds, which is frequent breakdown of earbuds. There are many reasons which lead to earbuds damage. We should address the causes which damage our earbuds. Every one of us handle earbuds very roughly, either we plug them so hardly or we keep them out of the case. On the other hand, we can tackle these problem when we pay attention to them. we should avoid to to buy such earbuds which are cheap but of less quality. Try to buy costly earbuds, which you can use them for long time. Handle earbuds with proper care , so you could avoid their breakage.

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