Does Twisted Tea have Caffeine

Does Twisted Tea have Caffeine Twisted Tea is manufactured by Twisted Tea Brewing Company located in Ohio. Twisted Tea contains lemon, vodka, tea leaves, and mint. It contains some flavoring of malt liquor. It’s a smooth hard iced tea.

A typical twisted tea tastes like iced tea because it is made of real black tea and with a twist of lemon in it. Brewing refers to the way of generating beer by two steps of which the first is to mix the starch source in water and then fermenting the solution with yeast. As twisted tea is technically a beer hence it is manufactured by all the beer producing companies.

The twisted Tea brewing company

  • Beer syndicate is a website saying “learn, share and drink’’. The site claims that it aims to promote beer shamelessly with education. On this site all the information regarding beers, where they are manufactured, what are their flavors, and bottles of all the brands of beer?

  • On this site, the location is available for the twisted tea brewing company which is located in Ohio, Cincinnati at 1625 Central Parkway. Their contact number is (800)330-4919. The company was founded in 2001 with the aim to give its customers a taste close to iced tea with a twist and hence manufactures hard iced tea which is called twisted tea.

  • Twisted tea company is a huge company manufacturing twisted tea now has its products in almost 255 stores all around the USA and 2-3 stores also giving delivery services, well depending upon where you live.

  • Some other brands producing twisted tea are Moosehead Breweries, Boston beer company (which owns many other beer production brands including Samuel Adams, Wild Leaf Hard Tea, and many others which then also produce twisted tea)

Stores where you can buy twisted tea

The stores where twisted tea is available are
● Demetri Liquors
● Fabs Liquor
● Beachmont Liquor
● Gordon’s Fine Wine & Liquor
● Mixx 360 Nightlife
● Amato’s Liquors
● Rotary Liquors
● Kappys Liquor
● Jays Wine & Spirits
● Malden Center Fine Wines
● Liquor Zone
● Lynn Liquor Mart
● Jimmy’s Discount Liquor
● Ricci’s Liquor Mart
● Andrew Square
● Pumpsys Liquors
● Winter Hill Liquor Mart
● D & M Variety
● Perrys Beverage
● Deluca’s Market
● Italian Amer Citizen Club
● Henry’s Variety
● Market Square Beverage
● Loomis Bros
● Inman Square Wine & Spirits
● Guys Liquors
● Harbor Point Liquor
● Liquor Aisle
● Quality Mart #
● Marlboro Market
● State Street Liquors
● Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar

Making of twisted tea

  • As twisted tea normally costs about 13 dollars to 16 dollars, still this may vary according to the flavors, which is quite not the amount you would be willing to pay every time for a twisted tea. Hence people have been working to find a way to make their twisted tea.

At Home

  • Although twisted tea comes in cans and is also poured in bars and liquor stores, we can also make it at home. The required ingredients are lemonade, Mint leaves, vodka or beer (according to your choice), and sweet tea.

  • To make sweet tea you would require black tea bags, sugar, and water. Sweet Tea is made just like an ordinary tea but without milk. The process involves pouring water into a kettle and then putting it on a stove until it boils. Then add all the tea bags and let them boil for 5 minutes. Then add sugar and stir until dissolved. The sweet tea solution is ready.

  • Now to make Twisted tea pour the lemonade into an ice cube and let it cool until frozen in the freezer. Add a few mint leaves in the ice cubes for flavor. Now put ice cubes in the glass and pour vodka into it.

  • You can also use beer or alcohol or any malt liquor you like. At the end pour sweet tea on the top. Put a straw in the glass, twist some lemon on the top and your twisted tea is ready to be served.

  • Another way of making your twisted tea or hard iced tea is using simple tea and then stir 2 tablespoons of honey for fermentation and then pour beer. Voila! Once again your twisted tea is ready to be served. There is another method for those who don’t have brewing equipment or are not a very brewing sort of a person you can try a drink like- tea which involves the use of lemonade cubes.

Types of twisted tea

Based on the flavor used in twisted tea its types are
● Original Twisted Tea
This type of twisted tea Is said to be the one that got the party going. This is known to be the king of hard iced teas because of the raw brewed tea and naturally extracted lemon flavor. It contained alcohol by volume 5%. It is made from tea leaves and that contain caffeine hence so does twisted tea
● Half and Half Twisted Tea
This type of twisted tea is called Half-Half Twisted Tea because of the 50/50 ratio of both the twisted tea original and simple lemonade in it, making it a bit of an extra.
● Peach Twisted Tea
It is a hard iced tea with a twist of peach flavor in it. There are also flavors available of your favorite fruit
● Mango Twisted Tea
● Blueberry Twisted Tea
Twisted tea in addition to naturally extracted blueberry flavor
● Raspberry Twisted Tea
● Blackberry Twisted Tea
● Light Twisted Tea
It is similar to the original twisted tea but lighter. Because of that it also has less alcohol in it as compared to the rest of the flavors which is ABV 4%
● Slightly Sweet Twisted Tea
This is for those who don’t want their twisted tea to be too sugary. It also has alcohol in it by volume 5%. It is available in three packaging options, a pack of 6, a pack of 12 OZ plastic bottles, and 24 OZ cans.


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Caffeine in twisted tea

  • Yes, caffeine is present in twisted tea. As discussed above, the making of twisted tea involves tea leaves, in other words, we say “kehwa”. And the tea leaves or tea bags no matter what you use contain caffeine in them.

  • So technically twisted tea will also contain caffeine. 12 ounces of twisted tea would contain 30mg of caffeine which is obviously not much. Although sometimes it does depend upon the making of twisted tea. Some recipes for making twisted tea at home do not include tea leaves or tea bags. Hence that type of twisted tea will be caffeine-free.

  • Nevertheless, the amount of caffeine in twisted tea is already negligible. Caffeine these days is consumed by a lot of people. Among college students, tea and alcohol are the two most favorite beverages. People wanting to enjoy alcohol with a taste of tea in it, introduced the world to twisted tea. Researchers say college students these days prefer twister tea over any beverage these days.

Is twisted tea halal

  • No, twisted tea is not a halal beverage. In Islam alcohol or any consumption of any other item that contains alcohol is strictly is prohibited. Twisted tea on the other end contains alcohol by a volume of 5%.

  • There is no flavor of twisted tea that does not have alcohol in it. Every recipe for the making of tea involves beer, vodka, or alcohol. Islam does not allow its followers any of this. The consumption of caffeine is not haram. It is considered a light stimulant for energy levels, unlike alcohol or vodka.

Suitable drinking amount

  • Twisted tea is an alcoholic drink but with quite less amount of alcohol in it. For a normal drinker not enough to cause a hangover. Although it totally depends upon the person, how much he can take. Generally, if someone is trying an alcoholic beverage for the first time they are more likely to feel buzzed even from a smaller amount. In the case of twisted tea, it would require around 6 glasses of twisted tea to reach a level where one feels buzzed for a normal alcohol consumer. Twisted tea is mostly beer hence they make you feel a little buzz but that feeling goes away soon, cooling you down


Frequently asked Questions

What is a suitable age to drink Twisted Tea?

A suitable and legal age to drink twisted tea is 19 years. When you visit the official website of twisted tea, you are asked to select the option whether you are 21 years old or above that.

What are the ingredients of twisted tea?

Major ingredients of twisted tea are lemonade, beer, vodka, tea bags, tea leaves, water, and ice cube. Mint can be used for flavoring.

Is it caffeine-free or not?

No twisted tea is not caffeine-free. It contains tea, which contains caffeine hence at the start of the chain twisted tea also contains caffeine

Can I make twisted tea at home?

Yes, you can make twisted tea at home. Its taste would not be like the one you will get from a bar.

Does twisted tea help in weight loss?

Tea does contain caffeine in it and it was a very hyped-up fact that it helps in weight loss but recent studies show that caffeine does not play quite a significant role in weight loss. However, the number of calories per serving is 236, which are quite reasonable and it also does not contain fat

What is the best flavor of Twisted Tea?

Twisted tea light is considered to be the most popular among all the types of twisted tea because it’s light and fine to consume at any time of the day.

Does twisted tea make you drunk?

No, but if consumed in an inconveniently large amount, like 6 glasses, it may cause a buzzy feeling.


Twisted tea does contain caffeine but in a very small amount. Almost 30mg a glass. Twisted Tea tastes like a cool refreshing tea-like beverage with a touch of alcohol in it and also you can make flavors of your own choice. By adding lemonade or mint. Raspberry flavor is very much liked among people. Muslims cannot take twisted tea because it is prohibited in Islam because of the presence of alcohol in it. Another name for twisted tea is hard iced tea. The main reason for this is the beer, or vodka poured over the top of ice tea. An advisable age for consumption of twisted tea is 19 and above.