Does KFC Take Apple Pay?

Does KFC take apple pay? After 2020, Apple Pay will be accepted at most KFC locations. The shop already takes payments made using Google Pay and Samsung Pay, and it will likely add support for a wide variety of additional mobile payment systems shortly.

Does KFC Take Apple Pay?

Reasons to Use Apple Pay at KFC

Reasons Explanation
Very secure Using Mobile Payments is a quick and safe way to make purchases.
Unlimited transactions Every conceivable financial transaction is open to you.
Cashback policy The cash-back guarantee allows you to save money.
No transaction restrictions In all your purchases, you will receive a 3% rebate. There are no limits placed on making purchases.
Easy to use Using Apple Pay is a breeze.

KFC Overview

KFC is a worldwide chain of fast food restaurants famous for their fried chicken. Over seventy-five years ago, one chef, Colonel Harland Sanders, scrawled out a list of eleven secret herbs and spices on the outside of his kitchen window and invented a formula that would change the food industry forever.

More than 145 nations and territories are served by our more than 25,000 restaurants, all of which adhere to his successful recipe for breading and cooking our delicious chicken from scratch.

  • Colonel Sanders’s ingenuity and the principles of hard labor, hospitality, and charity on which KFC was built remain strong today.

  • We prepare our chicken daily from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients. All are invited to have a chair at our table, and we do so with great pride.

  • KFC treats everyone kindly and likes family, from its 800,000+ Team Members to its customers all over the world.

  • We have firm roots in our history but an eye on the future. KFC is continuously looking for new methods to make our chicken more accessible to our customers.

  • This is accomplished via the use of cutting-edge digital technology and the joint effort of our highly regarded franchisees in the construction of brand-new dining establishments.

In 2018, KFC also fulfilled its commitment to stop acquiring chicken brought up with antimicrobials crucial to humans in the United States. From our Great Taste to our new distinctive flavors and formats, we strive to create the most crave-able chicken in the globe, all inspired by the legendary Colonel Sanders.

Note: If it doesn’t make your fingers itch to lick it, we didn’t make it. We’re one of the fastest-growing retail brands worldwide, and with the aid of our amazing franchise partners, we’ll keep expanding into new and existing regions at a rapid clip.

About KFC Products

KFC’s signature offering is bone-in chicken pieces that are pressure fried and seasoned with 11 herbs and spices according to John H. Sanders’ “Original Recipe.”

Individual portions of two or three pieces, or a family-sized cardboard bucket with anything from six to sixteen pieces, are the most common packaging options.

  • Wheat flour combined with flavor is used in the two- to four-minute hand-breathing procedure at individual KFC restaurants.

  • Then, it’s fried at 185 degrees Centigrade under high pressure for seven to ten minutes (time varies by country).

  • The chicken is then allowed to rest for 5 minutes so that it may cool down before being transferred to the warming oven. It is KFC protocol to dispose of any chicken that has not been purchased within 90 minutes.

  • This is done to assure the highest possible quality of the chicken. Sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, and palm oils are only a few of the varieties of frying oil that are utilized across the world.

  • According to a KFC official, the oil used and whether or not the chicken is fed on maize or wheat affect the flavor.

  • KFC is most known for its bone-in chicken, but it also sells a wide selection of chicken sandwiches, wraps (the Zinger and the Tower), and other finger foods (crispy chicken strips, hot wings, etc.).

Popcorn chicken, which is offered in bite-sized bits, is one of the most popular KFC offerings. Chicken nuggets are available in several countries and regions as well.

With a long history of collaboration on innovative product creation, McCormick & Company is KFC’s go-to for spices, marinades, and sauces.


Each bird is separated into nine parts (two kebab skewers, two legs, two wings, 2 different pieces, and one keel) in countries that use the system established by Colonel Harland Sanders, including Canada as well as the UK; The United States, on the other hand, has adopted an eight-piece cut.

Are Apple Pay Purchases Possible At KFC?

In response to the growing popularity of mobile payment systems, KFC will begin accepting Apple Pay at most of its locations beginning in 2022.

As a result, you may now use Mobile Payments to buy KFC food at the counter, have it delivered to your door, or pick it up at the drive-thru.

In addition to KFC, many other fast food joints, retail outlets, and services accept Apple Pay. KFC offers a variety of mobile payment systems, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay.

KFC will certainly accept more forms of payment in the future, especially as mobile payments grow in popularity. Check out Contactless Payments if you want a quick and easy method to pay for your next KFC order.


Somewhere in the world, a new KFC opens every six hours. KFC is committed to growing sustainably, as evidenced by initiatives like the KFC Harvest program, which has donated over 80 metric tons of food to local communities all over the world, and the 2025 global plastic wrapping goal.

Does KFC Guarantee the Security of Apple Pay?

Using Contactless Payments at KFC is secure, yes. In reality, compared to more conventional payment methods, this time-saving alternative has several advantages in terms of safety. Apple Pay, first and foremost, uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to do transactions safely.

Apple Pay generates unique selected values for each purchase, which are never kept or shared, unlike other cards which reveal your personal information both online and through physically skimming. This safeguards the confidentiality of your data by limiting access to just yourself.

How Do You Pay with This Technique at the Eatery?

You may pay at Restaurants or drive-thrus using your iPhone or iPad. Here’s what you’ll need to do to send money using this method:

  1. To use Apple Pay, you must first install the app onto your iPhone.

  2. To add a payment method, open the phone’s settings, navigate to “Wallet & Apple Pay,” and finally, hit the plus sign.

  3. To choose your preferred method of payment, head to the “Add a card” area. To begin using the card with your account, all fields must be completed.

  4. The disclaimer and other conditions and restrictions will then load for your review and acceptance. After this is done, check to see if your card details are already stored in your Activation code.

  5. Once you’ve completed the verification process, the bank will accept your card information, and Apple Pay will activate.

Keep in mind that if your mobile device supports either Touch ID or Touch Id, you’ll need to utilize that unlock mechanism to approve payments using this platform. If the card information is accepted, you may make a purchase; otherwise, you’ll need to double-check the information and try again.

What Advantages Do KFC Customers Get From Using Apple Pay?

  • Usefulness: Using Mobile Payments at KFC is quite simple. All you have to do is place your iPhone’s Touch ID finger next to the contactless scanner.

  • Enhanced security: When you utilize Apple Pay, the merchant never sees your payment card number.

  • Speed: Using Android Pay is quick, which is one of its best features. You can quickly pay for your meal using Apple Pay and continue your journey.

  • Discounts: If you use Apple Pay, some merchants, like KFC, give you discounts.

  • Simple setup: Apple Pay is simple to set up. You may add your debit or credit card to the iPhone Wallet app. Apple Pay is compatible with a variety of devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • Loyalty cards: The iPhone’s Wallet app allows you to add loyalty cards. Accepted at thousands of locations: KFC is one of the millions of places worldwide where Apple Pay is accepted.

Convenience is yet another fantastic benefit of utilizing Apple Pay at KFC. You can continue to use Apple Pay to pay out your lunch even if you leave your wallet at home. Reward points or cash back are still available while using Apple Pay if you have a rewards credit card.

Note: Your transactions are confidential when using Apple Pay. Your credit card number and other personal information won’t be shown to the merchant.

How Do I Pay with Apple Pay When Ordering KFC Online?

To utilize Apple Pay while ordering KFC online delivery, you must first use the KFC smartphone application and login into your accounts.

  • Choose “Sign in” if you already have a connection with the cafe, or “Continue as Guest” if this is your first time ordering.

  • After that, select a restaurant and a time for pick-up.

  • The mobile KFC app, for example, makes it simple to place an order by letting users quickly add various menu items to a virtual shopping basket.

  • When you’re ready to place an order, review your purchases and click “Continue to Payment.” Any necessary delivery and contact information should be included here.

  • The final step is to pay using Apple Pay and place your order. Using Apple Pay, you may get fast and easy online KFC delivery by following these instructions.

Even better, there are many delectable dishes to choose from on the menu, so you can rest assured that your next meal will be wonderful.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here we discuss some questions frequently asked by people.

1. Can you tell me why Apple Pay is better than other payment methods?

When compared to traditional methods of payment, Apple Pay is a more secure option. To purchase your iPhone, Smartwatch, Mac, or iPad, you’ll need to use Face ID, Fingerprint Scanner, or a passcode. Your real credit card details are never saved on your iOS device or Apple’s systems, and neither your card number nor your identity is ever shared with the retailers.

2. When I use Apple Pay, will I receive a rebate?

If you use Apple Pay, do you get a cash-back option? If a retailer supports Apple Pay, you have a credit card or debit card linked to their Apple Pay account, and the store provides cash back, then you can earn cashback.

3. Just what are the benefits of taking Apple Pay?

Your company should adopt Apple Pay for two reasons: convenience and safety. Many consumers find that using Apple Pay (and similar mobile wallets) is easier and more convenient than using a credit card, while also providing an added degree of security.

4. Would it be safer to use Apple Pay than a debit card?

While it is true that any piece of technology carries the potential for hacking or compromise, the various levels of security do provide great safety for both the cardholders and the business. As a whole, Apple Pay is a safe payment option. It may be even safer than paying with a credit card.

5. What can I do to prevent being charged more while using Apple Pay?

It’s important to use a debit card that has the appropriate authorizations before sending money to prevent incurring any costs. With Apple Pay Cash, you may choose between using a regular credit card or a direct debit stored in your Wallet after tapping the post button in Messages.

6. Does Apple Pay work at ATMs for cash withdrawals?

Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America, among others, all offer Apple Pay at their cardless ATMs. Apple Pay makes use of NFC technology, allowing for contactless withdrawals at ATMs. You can tell if an ATM supports NFC by looking for the contactless icon. Activate your Apple Pay account.

7. If I use Apple Pay, is there a fee?

Read the T&Cs to get the whole scoop. To cover the costs of processing and maintaining each Instant Transfer, a charge of 1.5 percent (ranging from a minimum of $0.25 to a maximum of $15) is removed from the total amount. Fund availability may be delayed pending the completion of account security checks.

8. If I have an iPhone, how do I use Apple Pay?

What’s the distinction between Mobile Payments and Apple Wallet? Mobile Payments are the most secure and convenient method to pay in shops, in applications, and online. Your Apple Pay credit and debit cards are stored in Apple Wallet.

9. For what reason does Apple Pay get tagged as suspicious?

When sending money to a friend or family member, Apple Pay may give you a mysterious “Fraud Suspected” warning. You’ve received an alert because your request was marked as potentially fraudulent.

10, How beneficial is Apple Pay?

Principal Ideas. Apple Pay’s security features make it even more secure than major credit cards and make it a better option than cash. You can choose whether or not to use a certain security measure, such as two-factor authentication. An intricate password is still recommended.


Using Apple Pay to buy your next KFC food is a simple and secure option. This payment option has several benefits over others, such as cash and credit cards, because of its high level of security and user-friendly mobile app. Apple Pay is an easy and convenient option for paying at KFC. Apple’s finest feature is that it offers cash back on purchases. You can save costs even if you’re just an everyday consumer.

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