Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Fly Away?

Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Fly Away? Irish Spring is well-known for its traditional “invigorating” scent, and there are many online success stories from people who used it to drive away flies. The soap bar must be placed inside a mesh or nylon bag, which must then be hung on your porch or patio.

Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Fly Away?

Origin of Spring Soap

Irish Spring soap bars are advertised as a product to help you stay clean. However, the internet claims several other uses for these soap bars.

Some websites assert that the soap repels mice, while others argue it repels deer. But one of the most common claims is that Irish Spring Soap works as a fly-repellent.

What deters flies outside?

  • You can keep flies away by hanging water-filled bags from your porches.

  • Citronella Candles Drive Smoke Away.

  • Set up fly traps.

  • To deter pest flies, use a yellow light bulb.

  • Keep flies away by not making an inviting environment for them.

  • Empty trash cans and clean them out regularly.

People Lathering Up with a Bar of Soap

According to a popular Facebook post, using a strong-smelling bar of soap like Irish Spring can help keep insects at bay. There are numerous anecdotes online about people who have successfully used Irish Spring to get rid of flies due to its distinctive “invigorating” scent.

Your soap bar needs to be stored in a mesh or nylon bag that is then hung on your veranda or patio. The effectiveness of this natural bug repellent has not yet been confirmed or refuted by Snopes, but its basic formulation is the same as ours for natural wasp repellent. Animal pests dislike overpowering odours.


Irish Spring soap bars are advertised as a product to help one stay clean. The internet offers numerous suggestions for using soap bars. Solid soap’s fragrance is hated by most pests, including rabbits and deer, so utilizing this tip should keep your summer gatherings and garden pest-free.

Additional Techniques to Deter Flies

Try out these nets, traps, and other bug-repelling products if you’re looking for additional ways to prevent bothersome insects from ruining your summer meals. You can also see if a bag of pennies submerged in water deters flies!

While eating all of your ripe fruit and cleaning out your cabinets are simple solutions that will keep bugs out of your kitchen, your kitchen is a prime target for insects drawn to food.

Patio Defense

Try the Thermacell patio shield if you’re looking for products to keep bugs off a patio, deck, or campsite. This bright device keeps mosquitoes from you up to 15 feet away without using sprays, scents, or flames.

As soon as you’ve inserted the matting, twisted the cartridge, and turned it to the “on” position, you’re ready to begin. It’s a must-have for any patio party planner who wants to keep their guests comfortable and bug-free.

Torch Energy

Use TIKI Bitefighter torch fuel to put those tiki-style torches to work. It includes citronella and cedar to keep mosquitoes away, and it may be used in tiki torches or small lanterns. This torch fuel is a surefire way to keep backyard pests away and is one of the simplest methods.

Bee Trap

Despite their unpleasant nature, wasps and other stinging insects pose a serious threat to humans. Use these innovative wasp traps to eliminate stinging pests from your patio. Wait for the wasps to burrow into each trap and perish after being baited with sweet bait (we use fruit juice for this). Combine it with a natural wasp deterrent for more defence.

Bee Trap

Wasps and other stinging insects may be pretty harmful in addition to being bothersome. Use these innovative wasp traps to eliminate stinging pests from your patio. Wait for the wasps to burrow into each trap and perish after being baited with sweet bait (we use fruit juice for this). Combine it with a natural wasp deterrent for more defence.

Sticks of repellent incense

Murphy’s Naturals mosquito-repellent incense sticks are an excellent alternative for people who enjoy citronella candles but don’t want open flames near children. These aromatic sticks include oils known to deter insects, such as citronella, lemongrass, cedar, and rosemary, and they burn for two and a half hours, protecting an area of 12 feet on both sides.

Pest Control

This insect zapper is a top pick among similar goods since it can be used anywhere and is easy to maintain. It is a weatherproof electric bug trap and attracts gnats, flies, moths, wasps, and mosquitoes with its bright light and 4,000-volt grid.

It dangles like a lantern and can shield up to 1,500 square feet of your delicious food from pests. Additionally, it offers protection for up to 8,000 hours, making it a lightweight bug repellent.

Insect Dunks

These Mosquito Dunks are one of the essential items to have if your backyard has a pond, birdbath, or any other standing water. Before mosquito and other bug larvae can fly, bite, or reproduce, the disks’ bacteria kill them. They are also non-toxic to people, animals, and nature.

All-purpose insecticide

Eating outside is lovely, but being inundated with ants is not. Aunt Fannie’s all-purpose pest cure includes all-natural bug-repelling components, including peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and glycerin.

Spray it straight on the closest anthill or around your patio furniture. And if you’re still trying to figure out how to get rid of pantry pests, this spray is the answer (and one of the most outstanding all-around items for warding off bugs).

Balm to Repel Mosquitoes

The mosquito repellent balm from Murphy Natural is ideal for extra protection against mosquitoes. It is created from a mixture of essential oils derived from plants, including peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, cedarwood, and castor. For a DEET-free barrier, apply the balm on bug-prone areas, including the neck, ankles, and feet.

Food tents with mesh

The presence of bugs on the food at a picnic or outdoor gathering is sure to ruin the mood. Whatever you’re serving up, from burgers to potato salad and melons, is protected by these pop-up food coverings. Its must-have cooking equipment necessary for your outside BBQ or camping trip won’t be exclusive. Additionally, use them to protect young plants from pests.

Bracelets for repelling mosquitoes

Avoid using a lot of chemical spray to repel pests. The essential oils used in these BuggyBands wristbands to ward off insects include geraniol, lemongrass, and citronella.

In contrast to typical bug-repelling wristbands, this set has 24 coil bracelets in lovely colours. These wristbands resemble jewellery, so kids won’t mind wearing them while playing both indoors and outside.

Umbrella Screen Table

With the help of this ultra-smart umbrella table screen, you can surround your patio table with a bug-free haven. The transparent mesh net instantly creates a barrier between you and flying insects so you can enjoy your fruity summer drinks in peace. It has fillable water base tubes and is made to fit 7.5 to 11-foot long umbrellas for extra-sturdy coverage.

Citronella candles

These top-selling soy wax citronella candles will keep the bugs away while adding a little ambience to your outdoor space. Each candle burns for over 30 hours and contains citronella oil, a natural mosquito repellent.

Pest Control Racket

This bug-zapping tool is both entertaining to use and effective. More annoying bugs will be put to death with each swipe. This zapper is the obsession of the spouse of one Taste of Home editor, who uses it all summer. With this zapping racket, bugs have no chance.

Homestead Bug Control

Spray your yard with Cutter’s backyard pest control spray to prepare for an outdoor event. The water-based formulation is intended to destroy mosquitoes and other annoyances instantly. Spray as needed, then reapply.


Four candles in this set are guaranteed to keep bugs and vermin away from your food all summer. After all, the best bug-repelling products are those you don’t have to think about.

How can I quickly get rid of flies?

Possible strategies include.

  • Plants, especially herbs. Herbs and flowers planted outdoors and in the yard might deter flies from congregating around your house.

  • Dish soap and vinegar. You may use vinegar and dish soap to capture flies.

  • Water with cayenne pepper.

  • Vampire flytrap

  • The natural lure for a trap.


Pests are kept away from a patio, deck, or campsite using a Thermacell patio barrier. This gadget keeps mosquitoes up to 15 feet away without using sprays, scents, or flames. This portable bug zapper is easy to clean. It is an electric, weatherproof insect trap that attracts mosquitos, gnats, flies, moths, and wasps.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several questions on this subject. However, a few are provided here.

1 - Does Irish Spring soap deter mosquitoes and flies?

No, the EPA or CDC do not have any scientific proof that Irish Spring soap keeps mosquitoes away.

2 - Is Irish Spring soap a repellent?

This home uses Irish Spring soap often because it deters mice, spiders, chipmunks, and even DEER.

3 - What odour can deter flies?

Use cinnamon as an air freshener since flies detest the scent. Spraying about the home with lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils makes the house smell lovely and keep those bothersome flies away.

4 - What can I use as a fly-repellent spray around my door?

  • Spray a mixture of dish soap, water, baking soda, and vinegar into a spray bottle to make a homemade fly repellent. The mix should include:

  • A few drops of dish soap.

  • A tablespoon of vinegar.

  • To every cup of water, add a pinch of baking soda.

  • This mixture can be used as an effective fly repellent with a few sprays.

5 - Why would one place a bar of soap under their pillow?

Make sure to tuck a soap bar under the covers before bed. According to its devoted followers, the unproven folk remedy might be the answer to your insomnia problems. It is said that drinking suds while you sleep will stop you from waking up in the middle of the night from painful leg cramps.

6 - Do spiders avoid Irish Spring?

Mice, spiders, and other pests can all be repelled with the aid of Irish Spring. For added security, cut it into pieces and scatter it all around your tent and campsite. This soap can be purchased at your neighbourhood dollar store, making it an affordable and practical choice. 2.

7 - Does Irish Spring deter mice?

Many people mistakenly believe that Irish Spring soap will continue to deter mice. But there is hardly any proof to back up this assertion.

8 - What detests flies the most?

Basil, rosemary, catnip, mint, and lavender plants have strong scents that repel flies. The smell of apple cider vinegar, cloves, and pine also repel flies. Numerous essential oils, including eucalyptus, lemongrass, cinnamon, and tansy, can be used to get rid of flies.

9 - What makes Irish Spring fly-repellent?

A strong-smelling bar of soap, like Irish Spring, can keep pests away, according to this widely shared Facebook post. Several success stories exist from individuals using Irish Spring to drive away flies on the internet. Irish Spring is well renowned for its traditional “invigorating” scent.

10 - Which DIY fly repellent works the best?

The natural fly repellent cayenne pepper is also effective against other insects. Spray a misting bottle filled with one cup of water and one teaspoon of cayenne pepper anywhere you see flies. Lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, and cinnamon are all-natural insect repellents.


Online, many success tales of people utilizing Irish Spring to ward off insects. On your patio or porch, hang the soap bar in a mesh or nylon bag. Use TIKI Bitefighter to light tiki torches. It may be used in tiki torches or lanterns and has citronella and cedar as insect repellents.

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