Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope

Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope? Yes, Moonpig cards come with an envelope. It also comes with an extra envelope for sending cards. The card is sealed if it is being sent directly to the receiver; if it is being mailed to you, it is opened in a separate envelope. The principal offices of the online company Moonpig are in London and Guernsey. The company’s main line of business is the sale of custom greeting cards, gifts, and flowers.

History Of Moonpig

  • Nick Jenkins, the brand’s originator, said that “Moonpig” was his school nickname when attending Newport, Shropshire.

  • When Moonpig was first introduced in 2000, the dot-com bubble was just burst, which initially made progress challenging.

  • However, Jenkins was able to secure additional funding from private investors and venture capital, and the introduction of broadband and digital cameras, along with word-of-mouth advertising, meant that sales steadily increased, with the first profits being realised in 2005.

  • In November 2006, They launched a television advertising campaign in the UK. After two years and four months, Moonpig outperformed other UK flower and gift suppliers regarding internet traffic.

  • It was launched on the London Stock Exchange on February 2, 2021, with a market capitalisation of more than £1.2 billion. Exponent reduced its interest from 41% to 27% by selling shares as part of the IPO.

Type Public
Industry Greeting cards
Founded 3 June 2000
Founder Nick Jenkins
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom

Types Of Cards

There are some types of cards

Greeting Cards Have The Most Sales

The top-selling greeting cards are Birthday, followed by Sympathy, Thank You, Wedding, Thinking of You, Get Well, New Baby, and Congratulations, which is the most common reason for sending an everyday card. Christmas cards are the most widely used seasonal cards, with 1.3 billion units bought (including boxed cards).

Customized Cards

  1. Choose one of our personalised cards to deliver a welcome that means even more right to their door. Whether you go the sweet and heartfelt or embarrassing yet hilarious way, it’s simple to upload your personal experiences to our photo upload cards.

  2. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to highlight an amazing photo or make a comprehensive collage. We also have a tonne of cards you can customise with your thoughtful message inside and alter the language on the front.

Sign A Card for Moonpig

Group Cards, a brand-new feature from Moonpig, enables up to 20 users to sign a single card online. The supplier of gifts and cards has launched a new collection to prevent customers from “passing a card around the office.”


The risks associated with e-cards are generally never considered, even though there are many risks. However, most e-cards you get from pals are secure and simple to use.

The ordering procedure

"When you order a card, you can have it mailed directly to you or someone else. For instance, if I’m attending a party, I could order a card to be mailed to me so I can write on it and give it to the recipient. Alternatively, I may send the card directly. But in either scenario, you will receive an email from us confirming your order.

"We’ll post [send] your card by 5:00 p.m. if you order it before 2:00 p.m. Therefore, the time it takes from ordering to posting can be as short as three hours. The selection of the card takes the longest because people like to browse.

Shopping Cart

"We each have a separate shopping cart. Our firm created it, and it is written in ASP and the the Net 2.0 framework. We send the information to our payment service provider after the basket is put together in the background.

Because utilising someone else’s shopping cart gives you much less control over how you can present information, "we always want to control our shopping basket. You require a different shopping basket than you would for a constant, static product because it is individualised. For instance, after adding an item to your shopping cart, you can adjust the quantity or switch from a normal to a super size card.

Payment Processing

  • "Sending across borders can be challenging, but we currently employ an international payment service provider that allows us to conduct business in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

  • Fraud is not a major concern for us. You have a problem if you sell things that are easily resold. Customised cards are rarely resold. Therefore, fraud is a relatively minimal problem for us.

  • Listen to Nick Jenkins talk about the origins of Moonpig and his ideas for the company’s future.

International standard envelope sizes

Several standard envelope sizes for use with ISO 216 standard paper sizes were defined by international standard ISO 269. It withdrew it in 2009 without a replacement.

Format Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (in) [AR] Suitable content format
DL 110 × 220 4+1⁄3 × 8+2⁄3 2∶1 1⁄3 A4
C7 81 × 114 3+5⁄24 × 4+1⁄2 √2∶1 A7 (or 1⁄2 A6)
C7/C6 81 × 162 3+5⁄24 × 6+3⁄8 2∶1 1⁄3 A5
C6 114 × 162 4+1⁄2 × 6+3⁄8 √2∶1 A6 (or 1⁄2 A5 or 1⁄4 A4)
C6/C5 114 × 229 4+1⁄2 × 9 2∶1 1⁄3 A4
C5 162 × 229 6+3⁄8 × 9 √2∶1 A5 (or 1⁄2 A4)
C4 229 × 324 9 × 12+3⁄4 √2∶1 A4
C3 324 × 458 12+3⁄4 × 18+1⁄24 √2∶1 A3
B6 125 × 176 4+11⁄12 × 6+11⁄12 √2∶1 C6
B5 176 × 250 6+11⁄12 × 9+5⁄6 √2∶1 C5
B4 250 × 353 9+5⁄6 × 13+11⁄12 √2∶1 C4
E4 280 × 400 11+1⁄24 × 15+3⁄4 10∶7 B4


"Personalisation can add value because the goal of a greeting card is to demonstrate that the recipient is someone you know well enough to communicate. For example, we create fake magazine covers so you may post amusing remarks and pictures of your pals. It appears to be a well-liked item.


Q 1 How are Moonpig cards sent?

Pick the ideal card from our selection of thousands.

Make your card unique and include a heartfelt note inside.

Instead of their postal address, enter the recipient’s email address.

Your thoughtful and kind card will be sent to them promptly in digital form!

Q 2 Do you receive a birthday card from Moonpig?

At Moonpig, we value every stage of life, from the major events like birthdays, engagements, and job changes to the small ones like thinking of you and just because of moments. And we have a card for every possible occasion.

Q 3 How will I know when my Moonpig card will arrive?

Your orders are detailed in your Order History under the “My Account” tab. You have received an email from us confirming receipt of your order.

Q 4 Can you swear on a card from Moonpig?

You should be fine if the card’s content is not offensive or malicious.

Q 5 Can you handwrite on a card from Moonpig?

Using our convenient handwriting tool, you can write your handwritten note inside your card! Perfect for adding even more sincerity, and it’s also quite simple.

Q 6 From where are Moonpig cards delivered?

The delivery schedules listed below have been revised to reflect COVID delays. All of our cards are shipped from our Melbourne-based printers. These cards are delivered directly to the Australia Post system on the day or evening of dispatch.

Q 7 Can prisoners receive Moonpig cards?

'We have after much deliberation concluded that as of Monday, June 20, 2022, cards and photographs will only be accepted from trusted sources. It must send it via Funky Pigeon and Moon Pig : cards sent directly from the family will be stored on the property.

Q 8 Is Moonpig having issues?

We can access and reach Moonpig. Please check below for local outages and report them. The service status activity for Moonpig over the previous ten automatic checks is shown in the graph above.

Q 9 Can a Moonpig card be printed?

It is possible to print off the greeting card you received, so yes. Please follow the instructions below: 1. Click the “Print this e-card” button after scrolling down the card page.

Q 10 What surpasses Moonpig?

In September 2022, Moonpig’s top 5 rivals include funkypigeon, thortful, cardfactory, photobox, and more.

Q 11 Can Moonpig cards contain emojis?

We can only reproduce and print material in Standard English at this time. The site may display international characters, emojis, symbols, characters with accents, etc., in the preview, but they may not print as you enter them. Typically, the system prints small boxes or question marks.

Q 12 What kind of greeting card is most popular?

With more than 7 billion sold yearly, birthday cards are the most widely used greeting card. Feel free to consume the birthday cake and print it on demand.

Q 13 Does Moonpig exist on Amazon?

Moonpig developed a dependable, flexible, and scalable e-commerce solution after switching to modern serverless architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS). No matter the situation, Moonpig can now handle traffic peaks and has a quicker time to market for new features.

Q 14 Where do the flowers come from for Moonpig?

We can trace your flowers down to the farm where you raised them, whether they came from a farm in Lincolnshire or a flower market in the Netherlands. Every year, our flower team makes sure to stop by these farms to make sure we’re satisfied, they’re satisfied, and everyone is getting the best of the crop.

Q 15 Who creates Moonpig’s cards?

In addition to making cards from polymer clay and designing prints and custom graphic portraits, I also make clay earrings. I created my artist/maker brand, Nina Bombina, due to a creative outburst during the lockdown.


The rightful winner in this category is Moonpig. The best site to buy greeting cards is here because of the wide selection of cards, the affordable rates, and the considerate features.

Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope

Is Moon Pig's card sealed? ^

Or are the cards and envelopes sent separately?

In case of direct delivery to the recipient, the card is sealed. In case of delivery to you, the card is opened in a separate envelope.

Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope

Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope

Is the moon pig card cell? ۔

Or are the cards and envelopes sent separately?

Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope

Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope

Is the moon pig card sealed? 3

Or are the cards and envelopes sent separately?

Do Moonpig Cards Come With An Envelope