Do Mock Tests Help Students to Excel in Exams?

When you start preparing for competitive exams, you should keep a constant check if you’re preparing in the right direction or not. The key to success is to keep practising. But, with the proper plan, strategy and in the right way.

Mock tests are the trial exam and prepare you mentally before the real exam. Practising mock tests can provide you with a better perspective about the kind and level of questions asked in the exam. Taking mock tests regularly will help in evaluating-

  • If you’ll be able to finish your paper on time.
  • Do you need to revise anything specific?
  • Strategies you require to overcome your weaknesses.

You need to revise the topics thoroughly before you sit for the exams. And mock tests will help you to revise the entire syllabus in the stipulated time period. Most of the mock tests are designed in a way to show you the mirror. You will know where you stand in the competition and how much more efforts you need to put in. GK Mock Test provides you with the best quality test series and comprehensive performance analysis. In this article, we have shared some benefits of attempting mock test papers to emphasize their importance during exam preparation.

Get Acquainted with the Exam Environment

Mock test papers are basically prepared as per the exam pattern and style. They help to acquaint you with the question pattern, difficulty level, and exam style. Thereby, taking mock tests regularly can help the candidates to get familiarized with the actual exam-environment. Attempt India GK Mock Test In Hindi to get familiarized with respective exam patterns.

Boosts Confidence

Stress can lead to anxiety during exam preparation. These factors can affect your performance adversely. When students get overstressed or nervous during the exam, they end up losing marks. Nervousness can affect your memory and cause black-out in the examination hall. Rigorous practice of mock tests can make you exam ready and boost your confidence.

Speed and Time Management

Mock tests will also help you in managing the time during the exam. Most of the students are unable to complete the exam paper on time, despite knowing the correct answers. This happens because they are not aware of the right strategy of devoting the right time to each question. Here comes the role of mock tests in teaching you proper time management skills. Mock test papers are designed as per the actual exam pattern, and solving them will help you to manage your time. You should not attempt all the questions in the exam because competitive exams have negative marking. Mock tests help you to strategize and attempt only the required questions. Thereby improving your speed and accuracy. Practice solving mock test papers from MP GK Mock Test Quiz in Hindi to improve your speed and manage your time during the exam.

Revision of Entire Syllabus

Students face many problems while preparing; one of them is forgetting the earlier chapters. We are humans, and our memory will fade if we don’t revise regularly. Mock tests are prepared according to chapter-wise series so you can revise every topic of the syllabus. Hence, solving these test series will help students with a complete revision of the syllabus. This will help them to remember all the practised chapters till the exam date. So, try to practice as many mock tests as possible to brush up all topics.

Know Your Strengths and Weakness

It is very important to self evaluate and analyze your performance on a regular basis. Just giving mock tests won’t give results until you sit and analyze your paper. When you analyze, you will know your strengths and weaker areas. Mock tests will help you understand your level of preparation and the areas you’re lagging behind. Then you can put more efforts and hard work on these areas that need improvement.

Benefits of Online Mock Tests


Many aspirants preparing for competitive exams are either working as professionals or pursuing a degree. These engagements can make it difficult for students to be available on the date of the offline mock test. Online mock provides the facility of giving the exam from your comfort. Online mock tests also solve the problem of commuting to and from the exam center.

Immediate result

While giving offline mock tests, the candidate needs to wait for days to get the result. And the candidate has to wait to know how many answers were right and how many of them were wrong. This can cause breakage in further preparation. Online Mock tests deliver immediate results, hence enhancing effective learning.

Immediate feedback

Students don’t have patience these days and want to know the answers immediately after attempting the paper. Offline mock tests cannot show the answers immediately, so the students have to open their books and search for the correct answers. This consumes the valuable time of the candidate. The online mock test gives instant results and feedback. Hence the candidate can save time by learning the explanations from the screen.

Clear Idea of where you stand

Offline tests don’t give comprehensive performance analysis, so you don’t know if you have performed well among others. Online mock tests will state your rank and where you stand among others, nationally and internationally. Also, it motivates the candidate to work hard and achieve the goals.

Less time consuming

It is not advised to give offline mock tests because all the competitive exams are now online. So it is always better to prepare and practice in the same format as your exam. It also consumes time because you have to fill the bubbles and your details in the application form.

In online mock tests, students don’t have to waste time filling in small bubbles. Just click on the correct answer, and you’re done.

We hope this article will help you to understand the importance of mock tests. So, if you want to rock your exam confidently, practice mock tests. You can solve our Haryana GK Mock Test Quiz In Hindi to prepare your best.

All the Best!

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for the many students, mock exams start. this may be the stretch to the take students excited about these, but here are the five ways they may help students make sure they’re on the path to the exam success:

Motivating students to the start revision early. Research suggests this 75% of the students consider themselves to the be procrastinators (pdf), with the 50% doing so regularly or to the level this is the considered the problem. The author of the one of the biggest studies on the procrastination, researcher Piers Steel, states this “the further away an event is, the less impact this has on the people’s decisions.”

How to the teach coping with the exam stress

In essence, summer exams feel similar to the lifetime away for the teenagers so few would just really start working hard for the them after Easter. By having mock exams halfway through the year, students have the opportunity to the focus their attention or effort earlier.

Practising effective revision strategies

Some of the most commonly used techniques to the aid revision are the actually the least effective, including highlighting or re-reading key passages. One reason for the their ineffectiveness is the they do not force you to the think deeply or critically about the topic, so they often end up being done on the auto-pilot.

Mock exams let students practise revision strategies this are the proven to the be more helpful or discover what works best for the them. There are the several memory strategies this have been found to the be effective. within the one of the most comprehensive reviews on the memory, researchers found this the following strategies are the useful: spacing out revision sessions (so this there is the enough time to the forget or then re-learn); teaching the material to the someone else (this forces you to the think about the material within the clear or structured way); or switching between topics every now or then (which helps you build on the previous revision sessions).

Another technique is the what psychologists call “elaborative interrogation”. This is the essentially asking yourself “why”. within the the fascinating study on the memory, students were divided into three groups or asked to the remember sentences such similar to the “the hungry man got within the his car” (pdf). The first group just read the sentence. The second group was given an explanation (ie because he wanted to the go to the the restaurant), or the third group was asked to the consider why he might have got within the his car. The results? Students who were prompted to the ask “why” remembered 72% of the the sentences if tested later, compared to the just 37% within the the other two groups.

Improving knowledge

Testing yourself is the an effective way to the improve yours knowledge or ability to the recall information. within the study on the mock exams (pdf), researchers found this students who did the practice test after the period of the revision did better on the the final exam than those students who didn’t do the mock exam or had just spent the whole time revising.

Instead of the seeing an exam similar to the potentially threatening event or similar to the few sort of the judgement on the their ability, this would be great if we could help students to the see their mock exams similar to the handy way of the improving their knowledge or memory.

Also, if students have the particularly bad mock exam, better to the have the shock within the the mock, than the final exam. this may act similar to the call to the action this perhaps they need to the do more work, change revision strategies or develop skills needed to the perform under pressure.

Practising under exam conditions

Pressure may do funny things to the students. for the some, this may lead to the nerves, anxiety, frustration or sloppy mistakes, culminating within the the poor performance. for the others, pressure allows them to the concentrate more, work ■■■■■■ or perform better. this takes time or practice to the perform well under pressure. If the final summer exams are the the first time students experience these conditions, this is the lottery similar to the to the how they react.

Mock exams are the great opportunity for the students to the figure out or practise what works best for the them. Techniques to the manage exam nerves could include actively slowing down, channelling any nerves into helpful behaviour or listening to the few relaxing music beforehand.

Identifying topics this need attention

Doing mocks early enough within the year gives you time before the real thing to the target areas this need improvement. Mock exam results may identify how best to the spend the coming months for the students.

Once these areas are the identified, this is the then the case of the putting within the the hours. this is the not enough to the think about what you need to the do better, this is the the action or the doing this really makes the difference.

Being comfortable or confident enough to the ask someone else for the help, be this the teacher, parent or carer, is the the big part of the having the growth mindset. Mock exams may be used similar to the the way of the getting students to the feel comfortable receiving feedback, which paves the way for the further improvement or learning.

Mock exams, if framed right, may be incredibly beneficial for the students. Helping them to the see this is the part of the the challenge. They may help students to the start revising early, to the practise effective revision strategies, to the improve their knowledge, to the familiarise themselves with the pressure, or act similar to the the guide moving forward.

Mock tests are the very important for the all those students who are the appearing within the any competitive exam . Mock tests are the taken before any final competitive exam.

• They are the similar trial exams taken before any final exam.

• It is the just similar to the the trailer of the movie before watching the movie. this helps us to the assess our own preparation . Many the times mock tests are the prepared by the teachers who are the very experienced or they follow the same pattern or questions so this makes us study within the right direction.

• It is the said this “practice makes the man perfect”. So this is the one one of the way which leads the student to the perfection.

• Mock tests are the nothing but trial exams this people take before appearing for the the final exam so this they may assess their level of the preparation. Mock exams are the should be attmpted by students who are the preparing for the competitive exam. From the Class 10 Board Exams to the UPPSC or the GRE/GMAT, every course has mock tests of the its own. These mock/practice tests are the extremely benifical to the any student looking to the do well within the competative exam.

• Mock tests are the arranged to the give students the feel of the the real exam. for the most of the students about to the take the major exam for the first time within the their lives, mock tests provide the trial run. Being placed within the same situation or feeling the same amount of the pressure before the actual competative exam would inculcate few self-analytical capacity or confidence within the student. Infect Mock Test helps within the reducing pre-exam nervousness, similar to the the candidate has already appeared for the version of the exam before, on the final day he would be more relaxed.

• Most students preparing for the competitive exams do so within the chapters, units or sections. By the end of the this all, they believe they are the well prepared to the take the competative exam. But on the the fianl exam day, often everything once learned is the forgotten within the flash of the the second. This happens because of the tendency to the underestimate the toughness of the questions or the scope of the syllabus within the combined way.

• Mock tests are the important because of the the practice they provide. Practice makes the man perfect. for the competative exam revision is the key to the remembering all this you have studied. Multiple attempt of the Mock Test help students revise the entire syllabus within the the simulated setting of the actual exam. This way they remember what they have learned or perform well within the actual exam.

Mock tests make students familiar with the style or scope of the the question paper. Managing to the finish the exam on the time is the really challenging. Mock tests help them with the time management which, within the itself, is the half the work done. The candidate is the given the chance to the work on the this problem or turn this into one of the their strengths. After taking several mock tests, the student is the within the position to the work on the his weaknesses or to the chalk out the plan to the overcome them.

Mock Tests are practice exams before your real exams. For aspirants who enthusiastic about their exams, Mock Tests are the best solution for them. Mock Tests help them to know what position will achieve in the exams and analysis show you that how much more effort you must do to stand up.

Why Mock Tests?

• They are as similar pattern and syllabus as your respective exams.
• To assess your preparation.
• You could practice your learning many times by Mock Tests, resulting in perfection on your subject.
• More practice would be able to finish your exam in time.
Aspirants Take Mock Tests for Categories:
We can say that Mock Tests is a huge industry. We could not sum it up for few categories. We all know that knowledge has no endpoint. There are several exams we must prepare for stand-up. Someone prefers:
• CAT exams,
• IELTS exams,
• SAT exams
• CSS, GRE, GMAT, etc.
One who to be successful in his/her competitive exams, Mock Tests play a vital role for him/her. Mock Tests are held for every category of exams so that everyone could achieve benefit from these tests.

Benefits of Mock Tests:


When you appear in Mock Tests, it gives you feedback immediately. By this feedback you can analyze that was,

• Are you weaker?
• And stronger
• Which type of questions you must prepare more hardly?

Understand Exam Techniques.

Mock Tests help you to know about the exam format, types of tasks you will be asked for.
Mock Tests give you model answers so that you could know how to give answers more accurately. once you understood the answer technique then you can give your best.

Manage your Time.

During exams, time management is the worst thing that students have to overcome. Mock Tests give you limited time to solve any question. By practicing Mock again and again you can get acquainted with the questions and can perform best in your real exams in the given time.

Revise the Entire Syllabus.

Students while studying, and moving forward to new chapters continuously, may forget the initial one. because it is a fact that, if you do not pay attention to the whole syllabus equally, you may forget what you have learned previously. It is a big loss for a student who has learned but could not revise the whole syllabus before exams. Mock Tests are helpful in this situation as students appearing in the Mock Tests are practicing from the whole syllabus at a time.


Mock Tests are the tests in which everyone can appear for his/her practice before real exams. Now online Mock Tests allow revising your learning before exams. Mock Tests are like magic for candidates who are aspirants for their exams and carrier. You get acquainted with the real exam pattern after appearing in Mock Tests. Online Mock Tests give feedback about your performance at a time. This helps you to learn from the given explanation.


Here are some of the questions one may want to know about Mock Tests:

  1. Are Mock Tests helpful to excel in exams?
    Absolutely practice before your real exam according to your syllabus and pattern is helpful you to excel in your real exams.
  2. How many times may I appear in Mock Tests?
    You may appear as many times as possible. If you want to practice more, you could apply again and again for Mock Tests before your exams. This increases your confidence to do the best in your real exams.
  3. How could I prepare for Mock Tests?
    Revise all your syllabus, past papers, take a deep breath then apply for Mock Tests. Do focus to your paper and start answering.