Difference Between Nutramigen And Nutramigen Toddler

What is the Difference Between Nutramigen and Nutramigen Toddler? nutramigen LGG 1 is for infants aged 0 to 6 months, and nutramigen toddler is for treating mild to moderate CMA (cow’s milk allergy). Nuramigen LGG 1 is just used as sole nutrition, while nutramigen LGG 2 can be used as complete nutrition and in varied food (juice and solids) as a substitute for cow milk. Nutramigen 1 is sugar-free, while nutramigen toddler is good for stomach.

What Is Nutramigen:

Nutramigen is a UK-brand hypoallergenic formula designed to maintain cow milk allergy dietary management. Some babies have naturally allergic to cow-based formula; under this condition, nutramigen is given to those babies after a pediatrician consultancy. Preparing nutramigen or any other hypoallergenic formula precisely according to the instructions is crucial. Otherwise, it can harm your young ones. The hypoallergenic formula helps the baby provide sufficient nutrition when it is hard to digest cow base milk formula.

Hypoallergenic Formula:

Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic formula, but do we know what hypoallergenic formula means,The hypoallergenic formula hydrolyzed complex protein into tiny pieces. It makes the protein easily digestible.

How Do I Know If My Baby Needs Special Formula Milk Like Nutramigen?

There are some symptoms through which you quickly know your baby is allergic to cow milk. However, other reasons might cause the same symptoms, so a confirmation doctor’s visit is necessary.

1. Vomiting And Diarrhea:

Babies generally spit out some milk after feeding, but excessive spitting or frequent spitting needs are highlighted.
Vomiting with loose motion is a symptom of diarrhea. Before giving nutramigen, ask the doctor first.

2. Gas:

Gas is again a primary problem in almost all babies but is a sign that your baby needs hypoallergenic formula milk like nutramigen.

If you notice the following symptoms, immediately call your paediatrician or visit directly.

3. Respiratory Problem:

After feeding, if you notice a cough, runny nose, or even wheezing go to your health care physician immediately. It might be

6. Reflux:

In simple words, reflux is spitting milk after or while burping. It is normal, but if you notice excessive spitting like vomiting might be a possibility of the undigestable protein found in cow’s milk, which is a reason for allergy.

Some other symptoms come under this category.

  • Poor weight gain
  • Chocking or gagging
  • Irritable feeding
  • Arching away from a bottle or
  • Spitting lots of liquid
7. Blood In Stool:

When the infection goes on to the next stage without treatment, a symptom appears, stool. It might be scary for parents, but panic never cures your baby.

When a baby is feed milk that is allergic or intolerant, it creates [ulcers in the gastric I, resulting in blood in the stool.


Soya milk and cow milk protein can cause allergies in babies. Symptoms of an allergy include reflux, blood in stool, respiratory issue, vomiting, diarrhoea, and gasses. Hypoallergenic formula milk like nutramigen can ease your baby under these conditions.


Nutramigen And Nutramigen Toddler:

Nutramigen is a unique formula for treating particular medical conditions for infants, toddlers, and young children. It comes in 3 types.

  1. Nutramigen LGG 1, 2 and 3
  2. Nutramigen pregestimil LIPIL
  3. Nutramigen puramino.

Nutramigen LGG:

Nitrogen with LGG mark is a unique hypoallergenic formula for infants, toddlers, and children above one year. It is a casein-based extensively hydrolyzed formula (HCF), suitable for mild to moderate CMA.

Children suffer from allergies due to cow’s milk; this formula provides nutrition. See the method of preparation before making nutramigen for your baby.

Nutramigen LGG comes in three range

  • Nutramigen LGG 1
  • Nutramigen LGG 2
  • Nutramigen LGG 3

Nutramigen LGG 1:

Nutramigen LGG 1 is for infants aged (0 to 6) months. These aged kids depend on milk, so people use it as a source of nutrition, suitable for mild to moderate CMA.

Benefits: This product does not contain edible sugar like sucrose and fructose. Healthy for infants.

Nutramigen LGG 2:

Nutramigen LGG 2 is for toddlers aged ( 6 to 12 months). At this age, kids depend not only on milk but can also be used in drinks and cooked food to replace cow’s milk. Other than that nutramigen 2 is a milk source too.

Benefits: Specially developed for toddlers’ acceptance.

Nutramigen LGG 3:

Nutramigen LGG 3 is for children above 1 year onwards. It can be added to their drinks and food as a substitute for cow milk. Other than that, nutramigen three can be drunk in cow’s milk replacement.

Benefits: specially developed in vanilla flavour for young children’s acceptance.

Symptoms Of Cow Milk Allergy In Children:

Below are the symptoms of cow’s milk allergy in infants, toddlers, and young children. Nutramigen LGG range can help, but before consulting a medical physician first.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Colic
  • Iron deficiency
  • Blood stool
  • Wheezing
  • Persistent distress
  • Chronic cough
  • Runny nose
  • Angioedema
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Urticaria unrelated to acute infection
  • Regurgitation

Nutramigen LGG Features:

The best feature of nutramigen LGG is that it is age adapted. Under this brand, you can find milk formulas for infants, toddlers, and young children.


Nutramigen LGG comes in three ranges 1, 2, and 3. 1 is for infants aged 0 to 6 months, two is for toddlers aged 6 to 12 months, and three is for young children aged 1 year onwards. All of them are extensively hydrolyzed formulas with mild to moderate CMA.

2. Nutramigen Pregestimil LIPIL

Pregestimil is a nutramigen product for infants and young children having malabsorption problems. It contains an extensively hydrolyzed formula with MTC oil that helps in fat digestion and is suitable for treating food allergies.

Mothers give it to toddlers and young children (ages 0 to onwards) for treating mild to moderate CMA with fat malabsorption.

People use Pregestimil as the sole infant nutrition, varied with foods as a substitute for cow’s milk for toddlers and young children.


Under which nutramigen pregestimil LIPIL is suitable are given below:

  • Pancreatic insufficiency
  • Bile deficiency
  • Protracted diarrhoea


Nutramigen pregestimil LIPIL is a casein-based extensively hydrolyzed formula (eHCF) including a high level of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil.


Nutramigen pregestimil LIPIL is a formula suitable for infants, toddlers, and young children (1 year above). Pregetimil is a casein-based extensively hydrolyzed formula (eHCF) including a high level of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil used to treat allergy and fat malabsorption.

Nutramigen Puramino:

Nutramigen pure amino is an amino acid-based hypoallergenic formula with a high level of MCT oil used to treat severe CMA (cow milk allergy).

It is suitable for infants as a sole source of nutrition, toddlers and young children as a varied diet (drinks and food) as a substitute for cow’s milk.


Symptoms under which nutramigen puramino for the treatment are given below.

  • Severe atopic asthma/ dermatitis
  • Milk induces severe pulmonary disease
  • Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome
  • Allergic eosinophilic oesophagitis
  • Flattering growth
  • Anaphylaxis

Benefits Of Nutramigen Puramino:

  1. It is a fast, effective formula that helps manage severe CMA.
  2. Helps to support average growth
  3. It is a kosher and halal product.
  4. Provide energy in case of fat malabsorption.


Nutramigen pure amino is a hypoallergenic formula with amino acids and a high level of MCT oil ideal for severe cow milk allergy. It is suitable for children of all categories (infant, toddler, young children age 1 +).

Nutramigen A Powder Or Supplement:

Nutramigen is ideal for children with cow milk allergy and fat malabsorption. Now the question is, “nutramigen is a milk powder or supplement”?

As you can see in the nutramigen LGG container, there is just written nutramigen powder. This means that nutramigen LGG is a supplement with all the nutrition needed for children. It is a medicated formula powder that helps relieve cow milk allergies.

What is the difference between milk powder and supplement:

Powder milk Supplement powder
Powder milk is a pasteurized dry milk powder made from evaporated milk in the dairy manufacturing industries.
The purpose of making dry milk is to preserve it for longer. The purpose of supplements is to fully fill the nutritional requirement that would not cover through natural food. People give it in any medical condition.
The shelf life of powder milk is more than liquid milk. Powder supplement shelf life is like powder milk. It depends on the product as well.


Powder milk and supplements powder are not the same. Powder milk is s dry milk after evaporation. Its shelf life is more than liquid milk. Supplement powder is a pack of nutrition that can be taken in case of a lack of food.

Quantity Of Nutramigen:

In the above topic, the difference between nutramigen and nutramigen toddlers, we discuss all the possibilities of the given hypoallergenic formula. But what quantity should we provide our infant, toddler, and young child?

Instruction Of Preparation For Nutramigen LGG 1:

See the chart below to see the quantity and method of preparation.

Age kg lbs ---- ml fl.oz
0-2 weeks <3-3.5 6.5-7.5 6 90 3 3
2-4 weeks 3.5-4 7.5-8.5 5-6 120 4 4
1-2 months 4-5 8.5-11 5 150 5 5
2-4 months 5-6.5 11-14 4-5 180 6 6
4-6 months >6.5 >14 4 210 7 7

Nutramigen LGG 2 (Feeding Guidance):

Below the chart, give the feeding guidelines for your young ones.

Age Bottle/24hrs Water (ml) +Scope Avg ml of feeding
6-12 months 2-3 210 7 230
>1year 2 210 7 230

Nutramigen LGG 3 (Feeding Guidance):

Below, the chart shows the feeding guidance of nutramigen LGG 3.

Age Bottle/24hrs Water (ml) +Scope Avg ml of feeding
>1year 2 210 7 230

Nutramigen Pregestimil LIPIL (Feeding Guidance):

Below, the table shows feeding guidance according to the weight and age of the baby.

Age Approx weight Bottle/24hrs Water (ml) +Scope
0-2 weeks <3-3.5 6 90 3
2-4 weeks 3.5-4 5-6 120 4
1-2 months 4-5 5 150 5
2-4 months 5-6.5 4-5 180 6
4-6 months >6.5 4 210 7

Nutramigen Puramino:

Below, the table shows the feeding guideline for nutramigen puramino.

Age Approx weight Bottle/24hrs Water (ml) +Scope Avg ml of feeding
0-2 weeks <3-3.5 6-7 90 3 100
2-4 weeks 35.-4 5-6 120 4 130
1-2 months 4-5 5 150 5 170
2-4 months 5-6.5 4-5 180 6 200
4-6 months 6.5-7.5 4 210 7 230
6-12 months 7.5-9.5 2-3 240 8 260
>1 year >9.5 2-3 240 8 260

Method Of Preparing Baby Feed:

The method is the same for all the above ranges of nutramigen.

  1. Wash your hands with soap.
  2. Boil the feeding bottle for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Boil water in which you make the nutramigen formula
  4. Cool it down until the mild temperature
  5. Add water and formula powder according to the above chart.
  6. Before giving your baby check on the wrist. It should feel mild and warm.


As the above topic is the difference between nutramigen and nutramigen toddlers, you get to know the difference in the chart of the nutramigen range mothers give to infants, toddlers, and young kids.


The above article’s difference between nutramigen and nutramigen toddlers gives all the necessary information. In this section, we further explore that topic and answer all possible questions from the user’s mind.

1. Who is the best competitor of nutramigen?

If we talk about competitors of nutramigen, Similac alimentum comes first to our mind. Both are hypoallergenic formulas with the same nutritional factors, exact cost, and lack f sweetness.

2. Is hypoallergenic formula safe?

Yes, it is safe for babies suffering from cow’s milk allergies. A baby suffering from this condition can create many other medical conditions. Hypoallergic formula act as a medicine.

3. What is dietary management?

Dietary management manages all the nutritional value in the body if a person is on a diet or suffering from any medical condition.

4. Where can you buy the nutramigen range?

You can easily find it online or store it near your residence. Just go to the browser the search where I can buy nutramigen. It gives many results in a second.

5. What is the price range of nutramigen?

Its price range varies, depending on where you live. At Walmart, a 12.6 oz tin of nutramigen is $33.32, and a nutramigen toddler is $32.98.

6. When to use hypoallergenic formula?

When a baby has a milk protein allergy indicating various symptoms, it means that it needs hypoallergenic formula. In Hypoallergenic formula, a complex milk protein is extensively hydrolyzed and broken down into tiny parts so it can be easily absorbable.

7. Nutramigen formula review?

Walmart’s website has 4.7 ratings out of 5. This means that nutramigen has good reviews and can be considered a top hypoallergenic product for your babies.

8. What are the safety precautions of feeding nutramigen?

  1. Do not use a microwave feeding bottle to warm the formula milk.
  2. Nutramigen or any top feed can spoil immediately, so don’t reuse it.
  3. You can keep the prepared formula for 1 hrs without the refrigerator and for 24 hours within the refrigerator.
  4. Discard immediately if the milk rests for over 1 hour at room temperature.

9. Is the hypoallergenic formula creating gas?

No, the hypoallergenic formula does not create gas. It is specially designed for babies having CMA (cow milk allergy). Moreover, it is one reason for gasses and discomfort in the tummy. Hypoallergenic formula is a treatment for gas problems.

10. Can nutramigen affect a baby’s health?

It is for the treatment of CMA. However, it can harm the baby’s health if instructions are not followed appropriately. See the tin and read all the instructions carefully and the feeding chart to avoid mishaps.


In the above topic," difference between nutramigen and nutramigen toddler," we have discussed what nutramigen is, its speciality, product range, and feeding guidelines. We also see how nutramigen product differs from each other and the difference between nutramigen and nutramigen toddler.

What is the difference between nutramigen and nutramigen toddler? Nutramigen is a formula for hydrolyzed or essential protein without lactose, which is low in protein and breaks down into small protein parts. Nutramigen is suitable for babies allergic to cow’s milk protein and soy protein. Another name for this type of formula is Alimentum Advance.

Nutramigen AA:

Nutramigen AA and Neocate are the same. Nutramigen AA is a non-allergenic amino acid formula. This formula is for babies severely allergic to cow’s milk and unable to digest neutrophils due to various proteins (soy, gluten, milk).

The advantage of Nutramigen AA is that it can be insured if the paediatrician deems it medically necessary.

The most significant change of 2 relates to the company’s name. Therefore, any formulation is used if the healthcare provider suspects the baby is susceptible to protein.

My child can take Nutramigen if there is no Alimentum. What is achieved will improve the child’s health until he becomes fit like normal children. My son got over it in nine months. Slowly we started promoting whole milk until we found out he could tolerate it. When you reach this level, you must eat baby food.
, For example,, if your child has a cow milk allergy, go to your paediatrician and ask for help from your medical advisor. I share my experience with you. My child suffered from a cow milk allergy when he was six months old. He cannot digest cow milk; I gave him nutramigen LGG 2. On some days, he starts recovering. I am glad that I know about it, and also I discussed it with my doctor about the quantity given.

Nutramigen is the best treatment formula for cow milk allergy in babies, including children above one year.