Diablo Cody

Diablo Cody is an American writer, journalist, and producer. She was famous for being a stripper in one other blog. She gained huge fame and success in 2007. Her debut film was Juno which was released in 2007. Diablo Cody also won Best First Screenplay and many other awards.

Diablo Cody

Who is Diablo Cody?

Name Diablo Cody
Real Name Brook Busey
Age 44
Born June 14, 1978,
Birthplace Lemont, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation Writer, producer
Spouse(s) Jon Hunt, Dan Maurio ​
Children 3
Years active 2003–present

Diablo Cody (born Brook Maurio Busey, June 14, 1978) is an American screenwriter and producer. Candy Girl, her frank blog, and her later memoir received attention (2005). Several awards and accolades were bestowed upon Cody’s screenwriting debut, Juno (2007).

United States of Tara (2009–2011) was a Showtime comedy-drama series developed, written, and produced by Cody. She made her debut with the comedy-drama Paradise she wrote, produced, and starred in (2013).

Jennifer’s Body (2009), Young Adult (2011), Ricki and the Flash (2015), and Tully (2017) were all written and produced by Cody, as well as her second nomination for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay (2018).


She was named Best Original Screenplay winner of the Academy Awards and Best Original Screenplay at the BAFTAs and the Independent Spirit Awards, and Best First Screenplay at the Writers Guild of Americas. Jagged Little Pill, Cody’s debut musical, garnered her a Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical.

Personal Life of Diablo Cody

Throughout Cody’s narrative, she expresses her admiration for “Jonny” (Jon Hunt). She went by the name Brook Busey-Hunt while they were married, which lasted from 2004 until 2007.

After announcing her pregnancy on April 6, 2010, Cody revealed that she and her husband, Dan Maurio, were expecting their first child. Mario works on Chelsea Lately, where Cody regularly appeared as a “roundtable” guest.

In the summer of 2009, the pair exchanged vows. In the year of 2010, their first child was born. In 2012, Cody gave birth to her second kid. There are three children in the home of Cody and Maurio as of this year.

Cody has been a Los Angeles resident since 2008. Dana Fox (What Happens in Vegas, Couples Retreat) and Lorene Scafaria (Hustlers) are both friends of Cody’s, and the two frequently collaborate on their scripts to share ideas and gain feedback.

Note: She regretted creating Juno because Georgia’s anti-abortion law has been interpreted as anti-choice. Her right arm has a tattoo of the Giant Dipper at Belmont Park in San Diego, where Cody has been riding roller coasters for much of her adult life.

Early Life of Diablo Cody

Brook Busey was given the name Diablo Cody on June 14, 1978, and she was born in Lemont, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It was there that she and her elder brother Marc were brought up.

  1. She is Pam and Greg Busey’s daughter. Her mother’s maiden name was Busey. Her mother is of Italian origin, while her father is of German ancestry. Neither of their parents had any children.

  2. Cody was brought up in the Apostolic Christian faith and had his education at Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois, a Roman Catholic institution. She used to go by her birth name, Brook, throughout this period.

  3. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Media from the University of Iowa in 2000 and graduated with honors.

  4. She held a job in the acquisitions section of the main university library when she was a student at the University of Iowa.

  5. Her debut job was as a secretary at a law office in Chicago, and then she reviewed advertisements that were broadcast on radio stations in the Twin Cities.

Diablo Cody About Madonna Biopic

According to Universal Studios source, the film’s parent company, and EW’s sources, the rumors of Diablo Cody’s “leave” from the Oscar-winning film Juno were greatly overblown, and the writer merely completed her job and went on to other projects.

While it is unclear whether the version the women submitted will need more revisions, it is standard for expensive productions to go through many rounds of script corrections, treatment changes, and polishing before shooting starts.

Since then, fans have speculated about who would play Madonna in the movie. Unsubstantiated rumors were circulating that Florence Pugh, nominated for an Oscar, and Julia Garner, who starred in Ozark, were both considered for the role.

Anne Winters, who plays Hannah on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, put in a public request for the part before the end of 2017, posting a series of Instagram photos of herself dressed as Madonna.

Keep in mind: The film is currently in the developmental stages at Universal. Cody and Madonna only just handed over a finished draught of the movie to the studio, which is currently looking at developing the version they have before beginning production.

The Success of Diablo Cody

Meg is involved in the ‘confluence’ world, attending power mother dinner clubs, indulging in sophisticated health routines, and basking in the external praise she gets from her thousands of daily followers.

Meg understands she must find a way out of this fantasy world to return to her actual life. However, she must first define “real.” Our generation’s most famous and distinctive female voice is Diablo Cody. Every one of her endeavors, from Juno to Jagged, has a level of genuineness that is unrivaled.

As someone whose work has influenced me throughout my career, I couldn’t be more excited and honored to partner with her on this very personal project, " stated Mollen.

A literary manager “discovered” Cody while perusing the Internet, following in the history of Hollywood discovery stories, such as Lana Turner’s meteoric rise from a fountain seat at Schwab’s Drugstore in Hollywood.

Emailed Cody, encouraged her to write a memoir, sold it, convinced her to write an adaptation for the cinema, sold the script, and in the process, released one of the most creative voices that Hollywood had heard in a long time. The ■■■■■ Ranch


1 - When did Diablo Cody win her first Oscar?

In 2008, when Diablo Cody, then 29, won an Oscar for her screenplay for Juno, you would have the impression of a rockabilly sexpot with love for wordplay from the commotion around her.

2 - Why did Diablo Cody change her name?

To keep her parents from discovering what she was up to, Cody renamed herself Brook Busey in her early 20s when she began writing about her stripping escapades. Even though her unusual nickname has aided her public awareness, she regrets it today.

3 - How did Diablo Cody get his name?

The village of Lemont is a suburb of Chicago in the U.S. state of Illinois and is located in the Cook County metropolitan area. As of the 2020 census, the population was 17,629 people. There is a large European immigrant community in Lemont, home to Argonne National Laboratory and other heavy industrial locations.

4 - What happened with Madonna and Diablo Cody?

Diablo Cody has been replaced by Girl On The Train screenwriter Erin Wilson to write Madonna’s biography. Madonna has revealed that she has replaced Diablo Cody in writing her impending biography.

5 - Why did Diablo Cody write Jennifer’s Body?

As a fan of horror, I can’t get enough. The idea of a horror film with a female protagonist and female antagonist has long appealed to me. That’s what I came up with as well.

6 - Who is writing Madonna’s biopic?

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the singer would be directing and co-writing a biography for Universal Pictures in 2020. Wilson took on co-writing responsibilities later on. Ozark, a Netflix criminal drama series starring Garner, has been nominated for two Emmy Awards.

7 - Is Madonna doing a biopic?

According to Madonna’s 2020 confirmation, a biopic about her life will be co-written and co-directed by her because males had done prior projects about her life.

8 - Is Madonna a perfectionist?

People and photographers gathered in Central Park in New York City to witness two teenage actors, Abbie Cornish and Andrea Riseborough, play an intimate scene.

9 - How much did Jennifer Garner get paid for Juno?

$3 million was Jennifer’s pay in “13 Going on 30” from 2004. Garner received $7 million for his “The Kingdom” role in 2007. “Juno” was released that year, and she took a little advance payment in exchange for a share of the movie’s final income.

10 - Where does Juno take place?

“Juno,” a film directed by Diablo Cody, has been nominated for many Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The plot is about a pregnant high school student in Minnesota who chooses to have her baby and then place it for adoption. The setting of the narrative is Minnesota.


The blogosphere, of all places, marked the beginning of Diablo Cody’s meteoric ascension to the top of the pop-cultural stratosphere. After the release of her first feature film, “Juno” (2007), which received widespread critical acclaim and huge box office receipts, Cody rose to prominence as one of the most sought-after screenwriters on the planet. She began her career as a blogger on the Internet, if “modestly” is the appropriate word for an online diary chronicling Cody’s exploits as a professional stripper.