Dermaplane is a process in which we exfoliate out skin by surgical blade, the upper most skin stimulated through this process which gives the instant result by removing dead skin from face.
Apparently this is quite simple process that one can do at home, but it is not suggested because in dermaplanning process we AHA cleanser is used which is glycolic in nature and nourishes the skin.

Surgical blade 14 is used for refinish and refining skin from dead gives instant results of Extra glowy and clear skin. Your make up finish will be good after this procedure.

Popularity of dermaplane

From last decade the dermaplane is getting popular because of its certain benefits. Mostly actresses and model use this frequently because of excessive use of make up makes their skin dull and issues of hyper pigmentation rise. Here are some of the benefits of it

1:clear skin

Who don’t wants the clear skin with out any bums,marks ,and scales??this unique quality makes dermaplane very effective to use.

2:skin hydration

Skin remains hydrated because of AHA cleanser and BHA solution afterwards.dry and damage skin wants more moisturizers then the normal and even skin.

3: Even skin

This process is perfect for those who want to attain even skin,skin bums and marks make skin unattractive,the beauty of skin lies on even skin.

4: exfoliation

Normally scrubbing method is used for exfoliating skin,but this process also gives exfoliation results.

5: Instant bright look

This is a quick process in which you can brighten your skin in 30 minutes,other beauty treatments required lot of things.such as spa and facial required more time and results are visible after two days.

6:Removal of peach fuzz hairs

Peach fuzz hairs are those hairs that are present in around our jaw line and some times the area below ear such type of hairs found.these hairs are rigid and have no growth,by bleaching process they may even more prominent if your complexion is dark.Tge dermaplane process allows to get rid of them instantly.

7:pain free process

This process is itching free and pain free,and as simple as scrubbing.All you need is a surgical blade and some AHA and BHA solutions.

8: pigmentation treatment

Through this process the pigmentation can be stimulation gives skin to repair itself.

9:Step by step process of dermaplaning

It’s a very simple process but some necessary steps we have to follow,these process make the process risk free and with maximum results.

Step 1:Deep cleansing with AHA cleanser solution

Above we told you about AHA soultion that is glycolic in nature,it means it cleans the pores thoroughly and suck out the dust and dirt from skin, moreover it makes skin soft and the we will clear skin with cotton.

Step 2: preparing skin for the step of dehydration

In first step we hydrated our skin with cleanser,now we will apply the BHA solution that will make the skin dehydrated reason behind this is,a smooth skin may experience cut through blade.and a dehydrated skin will easily allow to remove upper dead layer of skin easily.

Step 3: procedure of dermaplaning

The third and the main procedure is of dermaplaning,we will take a surgical blade of 14 no and will remove upper dead skin layer,scales of dry pimples,peachy fuzz.Keep in mind that we will come lower to hight part of face for example we will start from chin and we will move on upper parts like sides and jaw lines,cheeks,under eye area, nose and then forehead.

Make slow movement and don’t be in haste,and don’t rub blade too much in skin,make fine movement along with the growth pattern of hairs.remove the pimple scales with great care,
Tighten the skin area where you are using surgical blades.and afterwards lose it.with extra care treat the nose area because it’s uneven and white and black heads are present there.through this process the treatment of milia is also possible if they once clean they don’t appear again.

How long does dermaplaning effective…???

Normally after first week the skin starts growth of tiny hairs that remain invisible for two weeks,from third week they start to grow growth ratio ma be different.But about after four weeks one should repeat this process.

Is dermaplaning safe???

This is a frequently asked question,and athe answer is to some extent we can say that it is safe if we consider it medical equipment point of view.Many attractive ads also show it completely safe and nessesity of time.But actually once you started this ,you have to keep this continuously and many people find it unsafe and describe certain demirits.


Demerits are as below
Surgical blade may harm your skin
Since surgical blade is involve in this process.A minor mistake can cause cut or blessing.Moreover because of uneven skin blade may slide and you can have a cut of face.

Side burns can back in two weeks

Side burns have a tendency to grow faster than other facial hairs that’s why they start to grow even in next week of dermaplaning.

Peachy fuzz may doubled

These tiny hairs are easy to remove but with the help of dermaplaning it’s growth may be double within literally can experience a women beard.

Skin texture goes rough

From very first use of this process gives awesome results,but if you continue this process again and again.your skin get rough and all natural shine will go.

Darker skin tone

Again from a very first experience, you might have Glow and shine on your skin but afterwards your skin tone may go darker.definitly that will not be your choice at all.

What is cost of dermaplaning???

Approximately it’s cost round about $150 to 250 each means that it’s really a costly procedure.Every time paying 150 is not economical and it’s timing is only four choice is yours.

Is dermaplaning really stimulate the skin

Yes the mini blades really stimulates the skin but one draw back is that they also stimulate the hair growth too.thats why first natural hair that present on skin are light in color and very time and somehow invisible.

After the process they became darker and with strong roots and in some cases they remain present under the upper skin,and very difficult to remove.

In first experience your skin is ready for make up in plain surface but afterwards it’s really difficult to cover greyish look because of darker hair color.

Is laser treatment is more effective and long lasting than dermaplaning???

Laser treatment is more effective but with high rates as the rates can vary from $350 to $650.but it’s enough for two years with some session to stop hairs is many time effective,you can estimate the pros and cons of both procedures.

Can dermaplane be a DIY process

Never do this by DIY because many complications are involved.first of all they prepare skin according to it’s need.then they use high quality medicated solutions to keep skin first hydrated and then dehydrated.

Surgical blades on face, without guidance of any expert may be harmful in long run too.
The hair growth pattern is different on different skins.


First of all we have the introduction of dermaplaning process that what is this? Why there is need?what are it’s features.

Then we discussed the benefits of this process such like it’s easy to do,no time required,instant glow,remedy of malnin and hyperpigmentation.
By using this process we can use the damaged and dead skin layer with the help of surgical blade by the cosmetic surgeon.

It is the remedy of peachy fuzz hairs,glows your skin, brighten the skin ,makes the skin even and ready for the make up setting.

Then we discussed the step by step process of dermaplaning in which first step was hydration of skin by special cleanser.second step was to dehydration of skin through special BHA solution for further treatment.the third step was main in which through a surgical blade dead skin layer is removed in upward motion.

Then we saw what are demerits of this process such as it’s not a long lasting process,it only last for four weeks,it makes the skin dry and dull and sucks the natural shine.It also increases the hair growth, doubled the peachy fuzz be and skin burns.

You are not able for close ups and irritation starts when hair start to grow,it also darkens your skin tone.

Again and again it use make you frustrated with a high cost and non desired results.
The next topic was is it safe to skin and the answer was no.

Then we compared the dermaplaning and laser hair removal treatment and saw cost of both.
The laser treatment last for two years and it last for only four weeks.and the rate of laser treatment is twice than dermaplaning.


We conclude by saying that to some extent it is good but it continuous use will make to dull.its not cost effective and less benefits than price.moreover beauty treatments advertise really good.,one can easily be spell bounded by them.Natural skin treatments and packs are good for your skin and long lasting.