Dates and venues for invitationals competing in the 2022 Nastia Liukin Cup Series have been announced by USA Gymnastics.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIA, 21 SEPTEMBER 2021 - The 20 invitational meetings that will make up the Nastia Liukin Cup Series in 2022 have been determined. Some of the top USA Gymnastics Women’s Development Program Level 10 gymnasts from around the country will fight for a place in the 13th annual Nastia Liukin Cup at these competitions.

Who will expand the Cup field to 40 gymnasts in 2022? These athletes will be chosen based on their results in the series’ invitationals, with a total of 20 junior and senior gymnasts advancing - one from each invitational. Athletes must be 16 years old or older to compete, while junior athletes must be 15 years old or younger.

The following is a list of the invitationals that will compete in the 2022 Nastia Liukin Cup Series. Should any of these events be canceled due to the continuing pandemic, who will give the allocated qualifying places to the next closest participating invitational on the schedule?
Coaches Spectacular, Covington, ■■., Jan. 14-16 Brestyan’s Invitational, Boston, Mass., Jan. 7-9 California Grand Invitational, Anaheim, Calif., Jan. 7-9 Chow’s Winter Classic Invitational, Des Moines, Iowa, Jan. 13-16
Lady Luck Invitational, Las Vegas, Nev., Jan. 14-16 Star Struck Invitational, Atlantic City, N.J., Jan. 14-16 Kim Zmeskal’s Texas Prime Meet, Irving, Texas, Jan. 14-16
Tampa Bay Turners Invitational, Palmetto, Fla., Jan. 14-16; Circle of Stars, Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 21-23; Tampa Bay Turners Invitational, Palmetto, Fla., Jan. 14-16; Tampa Bay Turners Invitational, Palmetto, Fla., Jan. 14-16;
Houston National Invitational, Galveston, Texas, Jan. 20-23; UGA Invitational, Tinley Park, Ill., Jan. 21-24; Alamo Classic, San Antonio, Texas, Jan. 28-30; Atlanta Centennial Classic, Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 28-30; Houston National Invitational, Galveston, Texas, Jan. 20-23; Houston National Invitational, Galveston, Texas, Jan. 20-23; Houston National Invitational, Galveston, Texas, Jan.
WOGA Classic, Frisco, Texas, Feb. 11-13 Elevate the Stage, Toledo, Ohio, Feb. 18-20 Arizona Sunrays Classic Rock Invitational, Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. 4-6 Classic Spectacular, St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 4-6 Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational, Greensboro, N.C., Feb. 4-6 Pikes Peak Cup, Colorado Springs, Colo., Feb. 4-6
Orlando, Fla., Feb. 19-20, Magical Classic
The Nastia Liukin Cup will be held in 2022, who will confirm the date and venue individually. Indianapolis, Ind., 2021; Milwaukee, Wis., 2020; Greensboro, N.C., 2014 and 2019; Hoffman Estates, Ill., 2016 and 2017, Newark, N.J.; Arlington, Texas, 2010 and 2013, Worcester, Mass.; New York City, 2012; and Jacksonville, Fla., 2011.

Nastia Liukin, the 2008 Olympic all-around gold winner, founded the Nastia Liukin Cup Series in 2010. Gymnasts competing in the 2022 Nastia Liukin Cup will get a Nastia Liukin-designed warm-up and competition leotard, as well as a G.K. Elite warm-up, and will have the chance to meet Liukin on-site.

Information about the background
Nastia Liukin is a Russian actress. Liukin’s five medals in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing matched the U.S. gymnastics record for most awards in a single Olympic Games. Gold in all-around, silver in the team, balancing beam, uneven bars, and bronze in floor exercise are Liukin’s Olympic medals. Liukin was the third of five American women to win the all-around gold in the Olympics. During her career, she also won nine World medals. She was selected to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame in 2019 after being inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2018. Liukin has featured on programs such as “Gossip Girl,” “Make It or Break It,” and the feature film “Stick It” and has adorned numerous magazine covers. Liukin was a competitor on “Dancing with the Stars” in the spring of 2015 and served as the grand marshal for the 2015 Indianapolis 500. She is now an NBC Sports gymnastics commentator and the creator of Grander, a worldwide network for the next generation of female athletes that connects them with individuals who inspire them, tools to help them accomplish their goals, and communities of like-minded people with similar destinations. Valeri Liukin, Liukin’s father, is a four-time Olympic medalist from 1988, including two gold medals.
Gymnastics in the United States of America. USA Gymnastics is the United States’ national governing organization for gymnastics, covering seven disciplines: women’s gymnastics, men’s gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, gymnastics for everyone (a.k.a. group gymnastics), and, most recently, parkour. USA Gymnastics establishes the rules and policies that govern the sport of gymnastics, including supporting the U.S. Gymnastics Teams at the Olympics and World Championships; promoting and developing gymnastics at the grassroots and national levels, as well as a safe, empowered, and positive training environment; and serving as a resource and educational center for the more than 200,000 members, clubs, and families who participate in the sport. The organization is dedicated to cultivating a culture that promotes and supports its athletes, primarily emphasizing the athletes’ and community’s safety and well-being.

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