Dale Brisby Net Worth

Dale Brisby’s Net Worth is more than $1 million. The role of Dale Brisby as a prominent cast member on the Netflix series brought him to widespread attention. He started his business, Rodeo Time, in 2013.

Who Is Dale Brisby?

Quick Facts

Full Name Dale Brisby
Birth Place United States
Net Worth $1 million
Date of Birth May 21, 1987
Age 35
Profession Rancher, Cowboy, YouTuber
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Birth Place Texas
Zodiac Sign Saggitaurus
Education Qualification Graduate

An American ranch owner, rancher, and internet celebrity, Clint Hopping, goes by the name Dale Brisby online. He started his business, Rodeo Time, in 2013. Brisby oversees both Radiator Ranch and the Radiator Ranch Cattle Company.

The six-episode first season of the Netflix show began on September 1, 2021. Dale Brisby’s private life has been a topic of little discussion. He has been mum on the topic of his current dating status. Dale may be reached through his 719k Instagram followers. He hasn’t been very forthcoming about his personal life on Instagram, preferring to share only images relating to his work.

Dale Brisby’s Net Worth

In July of 1967, Brisby jumped into a bull riding competition. He was taking part in PCRA competitions. The following year, in 2004, he was promoted to Radiator Ranch Cattle Company manager. Since then, he’s been well-known for his skill in tending to and herding cattle. 2013 saw the beginning of his video sharing on several social media sites.

On July 2, 2013, Brisby started posting videos on YouTube. As he uploaded additional videos, his channel’s subscriber base exploded rapidly. He currently has over 306,000 subscribers on YouTube. On June 18, 2021, Drisby debuted the official Rodeo Time channel on YouTube. On June 18, 2021, he published his debut video with the headline, "Coyote almost swallows young calf! A segment from Rodeo Time 231

As his online fame grew, Netflix offered him a role in their upcoming Western comedy “How to Be a Cowboy.” On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the premiere of the original Netflix series began. Brisby and his team have introduced audiences to cowboy culture and customs.

Note: The Netflix show centers on typical cowboy activities, including rodeos and cattle tending. In the show, he worked with Leroy, Donnie, Joe the Intern, and Jorden Halvorsen, a female bull rider. In the show, Jorden had a significant knee injury after receiving bull riding lessons from Dale.

How Exactly Does Dale Make His Living?

According to Idaho Press, a professional cowboy can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $170,000 yearly from victories. Growing up on a ranch immersed in the rodeo culture might have provided Dale with a substantial financial advantage throughout the years.

Dale has a sizable social media following, with 705k Instagram followers and 304k YouTube subscribers.

Dale’s net worth is estimated at $130,000, with YouTube being his primary social media platform due to his prolific posting there. The channel went live in July 2013 and has already amassed 57.9 million views.

Also, Dale is the proud owner of Radiator Ranch Cattle Company, an online shop where you can purchase various items of apparel and other goods for costs ranging from $26 up to $550.

Relationships and Family

He is reluctant to talk about himself and prefers to keep to himself. We also have no idea where he went to high school or about his parents and siblings. We also have no idea where he spent his youth or where he was born. Not even his degree or alma mater have been disclosed.

Despite his reputation as a man of few words, Dale Brisby would rather keep his private life out of the spotlight. Neither his loved ones nor the press is allowed to pry into his life without his express permission.

To avoid unnecessary gossip, he ensures no negative stories are spread. The details of Clint Hopping’s private life have been kept hidden. This has led to a severe lack of data being made public. But despite this, he is a married guy. Clinic Hopping married Macy Hopping in 2014.

Macy, unlike her husband, does not enjoy the spotlight. It has been said that they met while they were both students at Texas A&M. He claimed to have dated Miss Rodeo California, Kadee Coffman, in a video uploaded to his YouTube page on February 18, 2021.

Note: Their relationship had ended. Therefore he referred to her as his ex-girlfriend. He further said that she was the one who asked him out on a date. Since Kadee arrived for the date wearing her Miss Rodeo California sash, Hopping said, he should have ended things immediately. However, her claims are merely another one of his fabricated love stories, and Kadee Coffman has never reacted to the YouTuber’s comments.

Early life

Dale Brisby has American roots because he was born here. There is a lack of information on his childhood, family, and educational history. However, a scant handful has only reported his birthday on February 12. He’s probably between the ages of 35 and 40. Dale holds a Master of Science in General Agriculture (2011) from Texas A&M University.

Dale was inspired to become a rancher since he grew up in a community where both ranchers and rodeos thrived. During the summers, he would spend his time in open fields with experts and mentors who taught him what he knew. After that, he pursued his studies and skills in the trades.

Since Brisby prefers to remain in the background, not much is known about him. However, we can tell you that he has admitted that Dale was born on February 2 (though the exact year of his birth is unknown) and that Dale is currently 35–40 years old. Having spent his childhood around ranchers and rodeos, he naturally developed an appreciation for the industry.

Career & Education

Dale Brisby has a stellar reputation for his skill with cows. The rodeo and YouTube scenes both include him. A new Netflix series starring Dale Brisby, titled “How to Be a Cowboy,” will shortly debut. For Dale Brisby, his rodeo career began in earnest in July of 1987 when he posted a video of himself bull-riding while dressed as a gypsy on the video-sharing website YouTube.

As well as being a bull rider, Dale Brisby has a YouTube account. He also uploads videos to the video-sharing website YouTube. For some reason, fixing radiators is something he likes doing. He views bulls as his totems, so much so that he has made bull riding his career. It’s his day job and his lifelong interest.


Bull riding is the most exciting way to spend 8 seconds in the United States due to how risky it is. This might be quite dangerous. The “Radiator Ranch Cattle Company” he founded provides the bulk of his annual salary. He’s been in his role as branch manager for the organization for a long time. He runs a business selling t-shirts, hats, and another cowboy garb.


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1 - What is Dale Brisby’s net worth?

How to Be a Cowboy, Brisby’s new Netflix series will debut shortly. Dale Brisby started in the rodeo industry in July 1987. In 2013, Dale posted a video of himself on YouTube riding a bull in a gypsy style, which launched his career. The current value of Brisby’s possessions is $169,000.

2 - Is Dale Brisby a professional?

If anyone knows who Dale Brisby is, please tell me. Radiator Ranch Cattle Company is run by the professional bull rider and stand-up comedian Dale Brisby of Texas.

3 - Can you tell me how old Dale is on the Cowboys?

Evans passed away in Apple Valley, California, on February 7, 2001, at 88, from congestive heart failure.

4 - Is there such a thing as a radiator ranch?

The city of Winnebago, Texas, is home to Radiator Ranch. While it would be nice, Winnebago, Texas, does not exist. Winnebago is mentioned frequently on the cowboy goods sold by Brisby. As the play progresses, we notice a town sign for Winnebago, indicating its population is 17.

5 - How to become an intern for Dale Brisby?

You can apply for an internship by sending the word “Intern” to the number (940)353-0890. Learn about Kevin, one of our most recent interns, and his experience here. Many of the questions asked by the audience are addressed as well.

6 - How many cows does the radiator ranch have?

There’s plenty of company at the ranch thanks to the three dogs (one of whom is a rescue), two cats, six horses, three bulls, and many cow calves. Dale’s 21-year-old horse Boone has earned himself an Instagram account.

7 - Where can you find Texas’s largest ranch?

The King Ranch in southeast Texas consists of four separate parcels of property and is the largest ranch in the United States, covering an area of around 825,000 acres (333,800 hectares). Richard King, a riverboat captain born in Orange County, New York, in 1825, founded the King Ranch.

8 - What was Roy Rogers’s estate worth?

When he died in 1998, American actor and singer Roy Rogers were worth an estimated $80 million. If we compensate for inflation, that sum is equivalent to $150 million. Roy Rogers was up there with the best Western movie performers of his day.

9 - How old was Trigger at his peak?

He was so well-liked that he once had his international fan club. Trigger, who was 30 years old when he died on July 3, 1965, went away at the Rogers ranch in Hidden Valley, California.

10 - Who is the well-known ranch owner in Texas?

Tommy Lee Jones, the actor, is as Texan as it comes. The Oscar winner’s grizzled demeanor and natural ability to portray humor and drama have made him a Hollywood star.


In 2022, Dale Brisby is expected to have accumulated about $1 million in personal wealth. His time spent working on ranches must have given him the means to amass such a significant sum. Brisby has over 58 million views and 306,000 followers on YouTube, so he may also be making a tidy lot there. According to his 2021 tax return, Dale, the pious cowboy, has a net worth that he has chosen to keep secret. There are, however, signs that his total wealth exceeds $1 million.

Dale’s collection of over 20 animals includes six horses, and he may be spending tens of thousands of dollars annually on their care, on top of any profit they bring in. Dale studied outside the confines of his profession, spending his summers in open fields learning every conceivable skill set at different levels from specialists and his mentors.

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