Cyberthum Bhutani Noida — the luckiest luxurious retail arcade for you

The selection to book your specific office space or for the retail shop at a prime location – aside from Noida expressway thirty minutes away from the nearby city of Wave City and the forty minutes away from the airport – under Cyberthum Bhutani Noida project is not a tough task to come by.

You can invest money over here as you like – Direct investment and indirect investment.

Direct investment — it relates to your direct investment of money for the additional monetary interest. According to the norms of their policy you are being benefitted to bring back your money with assured return money back policy @12% instantly.

Indirect investment –

• Take the assured lease holding opportunity for the nine years — you can take your money back. Either adjust your money for the specific shop or office space allotment.

• Do invest money against the allotment of office space of the space for the show ownership as well.

• You can select your space to book by investing your valuable money for their allotted space for the ‘kids play zone’ in exchange for an assured rental system.

Before going for the final selection you can try by booking a free visit slot over there and then select at your best whether you would like to invest or not. The official Cyberthum Price List on their official site might guide you to the best.

Book your spot for office/shop at a prime location

As per their recent past projects, the authority of the Bhutani Cyberthum does maintain their reputation quite intact over here in this sky-rising building. This project is part of the total of 26.8 acres of mixed arrested land.

There is a lot of forthcoming plan might come step by step. Therefore, this place might be getting more valuable in the nearing future, you know. Be lucky to book to get a piece of room over there as early as possible. Someday it seems not to get any space even investing money as well. Are you?

The project – Cyberthum Noida – is specified with two ways of facilities — inside the building, inside the campus. Inside the building, you can get these kinds of facilities as

• Luxurious office room and suit,

• Retail shop,

• Restaurant and relating dining space,

• GYM,

• The largest musical fountains for entertainment,

• Shopping place at the top of the building,

• Helipad at the building top and parking pace for 10,000 cars, etc.

On the other hand, you can get other essential facilities within the campus here to follow —

• Power service and water service at 24×7,

• Fire security, and other SOS services, and

• Full-proof security.

By maintaining all such rules and agendas of the environment they make this project – Cyberthum Bhutani Noida – one of the finest the tallest industrial campuses (providing all the modern-day essential facilities by any means) in Northern India. And that supposed to be making in a flourish as one of the best business ■■■ office points in this Southern Asia pacific region and rest.