Costco Oil Change Price

Costco Oil Change Price is between $65 and $120. It would be best if you looked in the manual to determine how often you change your oil and what is best for your car. When they first became available, traditional oil changes cost $29.99 at Costco, while synthetic oil changes cost $39.99.

Oil is Changed at Costco

Costco only sells food, electronics, and home items to its members. Members get discounts on car services through the Costco Car Program. What about changing the oil? Costco doesn’t change your oil. Costco Auto Program provides services for car maintenance.

At some places, you can get 15% off services and parts. The Costco Vehicle Program gives discounts on car repairs and maintenance, but the limited number of oil changes may turn some people off. Before 2016, customers of Costco could get oil changes at a lower price. Costco also stopped selling new tires and airbags.

Why Did Costco Stop Doing Oil Changes?

Oil changes are often less than the usual Service Center charges, therefore Costco decided to leave them out of the parts, service, and accessories program. Offering price cuts on already low-priced services made little sense.

  • According to the Costco website, further savings on parts, services, and accessories are not available for previously reduced services.

  • The primary focus of Costco’s business strategy is the sale of items in bulk at low rates rather than the provision of services.

  • Some shoppers may be dismayed by this development, but rest assured: Costco still has plenty of advantages.

  • The organization provides a comprehensive catalog of goods and services at reasonable costs.

  • In addition to these savings and privileges, membership grants access to a wealth of other resources.

No more oil changes at Costco

Costco’s parts, service, and accessories program didn’t include oil changes because they were cheap. Price cuts for services that were already cheap didn’t make much sense. On the Costco website, you can get discounts on parts, services, and accessories, but not on services that are already cheap.

Costco’s primary goal is to sell things, not to assist. Some customers may be disappointed, but shopping at Costco has many benefits that make up for it. All of the prices for the organization’s goods and services are fair. A membership gives you access to products and services, as well as discounts and other benefits.

Cost of Changing Oil

Oil changes cost $35 to $75. Different car brands and models need different kinds of oil, which affects the price. It costs between $65 and $120 to change synthetic oil. For vehicles, see the owner’s handbook. How frequently should you replace it, and what kind of oil works best?

Costco charged $29.99 for regular oil changes and $39.99 for synthetic oil changes. The company went from charging $59.99 to charging $69.99. Contrary to what most people think, the prices were similar to those of similar services.

Oil change instead

Oil is changed in many places. This is available at the area’s car shops, gas stations, and service stations. Some options for an oil change at Costco are:

  • Lubed-Rite

  • Walmart

  • Midas \sMeineke


Jiffy Lubed oil changes cost $39.99-$99.99. Walmart costs between $19.88 and $49.88. Oil changes at Firestone start at $39.99, while they cost anywhere from $19.99 to $79.99 at Midas. Oil changes at Pep Boys cost between $31.99 and $74.99.

The Engine Oil Sold at Costco

Costco sells both synthetic and regular motor oils. There is diesel and fully synthetic. Diesel oil costs $39.99. Total artificial oil costs between $38.99 and $46.99. The engine oil price depends on the type, brand, and amount.

Kirkland Signature 0W-20 full synthetic engine oil comes in 2-packs for $38.99 each. Six bottles of Mobil 1 full synthetic 1-quart motor oil cost $41.99. At Costco, you can buy Kirkland and Mobil 1. Kirkland is a store brand, while Mobil 1 is a well-known engine oil brand. Both are good and not too expensive.


Synthetic oil changes cost from $65 to $120. The manual tells you how often to change the oil in your car. When Costco used to offer synthetic oil changes, they cost $39.99. People buy food, electronics, and things for their homes at Costco. Members of Costco Car can save money on car service. Lubed? Costco no. Costco Auto maintains automobiles. At many sites, you can save 15%. Costco’s Vehicle Program cuts down on repairs and maintenance, but there aren’t as many options for oil changes.

Before 2016, oil changes at Costco were less expensive. Tires and airbags are no longer sold at Costco.

The Rest of Costco’s Auto Services

At Costco’s Tire Centers, you can get repairs and maintenance. Only tire installation is available at Costco.

  • Repair\sUpkeep

  • Life-balance

  • Mounting

  • Putting on tires

  • New valve hazard coverage

  • Lifetime checks

Costco members get access to these services. To learn more, contact Costco Customer Service. Every weekday between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. P.T., and every Saturday morning and afternoon until the early evening. P.T.

Program for Automobiles Sold at Costco

With the help of Costco’s Auto Program, it’s never been easier to buy a car. Fair prices are worked out through the program with more than 3000 licensed car dealerships. The goal of the Costco Auto Program is to make it easy for Costco customers to buy cars.

Members can talk to customer service if they have questions and get more information to help them decide. You can compare different vehicles side-by-side, find out about their safety features, apply for financing, etc. A car can also be bought online.

Motives for the Halt

Costco no longer makes oil changes, and there is no official reason. This leaves the public to guess.

1. This company focuses more on mass distribution than personalized service for each client.

2. Costco Tire Centers has had a bad name since before the oil changes.

3. At a Costco warehouse, space is hard to come by.

4. Customers were annoyed that the service they got at different places was not the same.

Forums and Costco groups talked about this difference. You have to make an appointment to get your tires changed at some places, while at others, you have to wait in line at 8 a.m. if you don’t get there early. Some Costco customers have said that the people who work there are rude.

Comments From Our Clients

Reviews of the wholesaler were mostly negative. Examples:

1. Great. Essential clientele. Genuine tires are more expensive.

2. Delivers. Well-researched. Again.

3. The oil in my SUV was just replaced. The gathering starts at 7 a.m. Because Mr. put me in line behind two other people at Costco, I had to wait. A few customers caused a delay in service when they needed to have their SUV tires fixed.

4. Many shoppers felt duped by Costco’s oil change appointment system.

5. Consumer Reports gave Costco Tire a 2.5 out of 5 stars. The rating was low because of delays in scheduling, tires, service, and employees’ lack of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

There are some questions about Costco’s oil change price.

Q1:Does Costco provide oil changes?

Can you get an oil change at Costco? Costco doesn’t do oil changes anymore. In contrast, the shops stock the industry-standard motor oil brands Kirkland, Mobil, and Castrol. Plus, they have a wide variety of vehicle parts and accessories for your every need.

Q2How much do you charge for lubrication services like oil changes?

An oil change may cost anywhere from $25 to $50, depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the kind of oil that the vehicle needs, the cost of labor, and the price of the oil change itself.

Q3:Just how much does Costco charge for oil?

Both synthetic and traditional motor oils are available at Costco. Diesel and Full synthetic are the two kinds of oil readily accessible. Typically, one may expect to pay $39.99 for a gallon of diesel engine oil. The typical price range for full synthetic motor oil is $38.99–$46.99.

Q4:When did Costco no longer do oil changes?

Oil changes at the Costco car centers seem to have been discontinued sometime in 2016 or 2017, depending on location.

Q5:Where does Costco get its car oil?

Kirkland heavy-duty motor oil is made by the same company that sells the Super Tech brand at Walmart. Mag 1 oil is a brand of motor oil made by Warren distribution. Warren distribution also makes motor oils for Meijer and AmazonBasic.

Q6:What about 0W-20 oil? Is that synthetic?

A motor oil filter can’t be used with traditional or mineral oils, so 0W-20 motor oils are synthetic and mineral oils. Also, the additives need to be light enough to be easy to transport while still protecting these modern high-tech engines adequately.

Q7: What is the rate for a complete synthetic oil change?

At -approved garages, a conventional oil change costs about $36, while a synthetic oil change costs about $70.

Q8:When is the recommended interval for changing the oil?

Mileage range: 5,000–7,500
Oil changes every 3,000 miles were commonplace in the past, but newer lubricants allow most engines to go longer between maintenance intervals.

Q9:Why is synthetic oil better?

Is synthetic oil indeed better for your car than regular oil? Synthetic oil is the best way to keep your engine in good shape. Conventional oil, also called mineral oil, may lubricate engines well enough, but it can’t compare to synthetic oils in terms of overall performance and protection.

Q10:Is it worthwhile to use high-mileage oil?

Lower oil use: worn engine seals in older automobiles cause oil to seep out and burn faster than in newer vehicles. Restoring worn seals with high-mileage oil reduces oil consumption and wear. The sludge that other motor oils leave behind in older engines is reduced.


$65-$220 for synthetic oil changes. Manuals tell when to replace oil. $39.99 synthetic oil changes at Costco. Costco sells food, gadgets, and homewares. Members save on Costco Auto repairs. Lubed? No. Costco repairs cars. 15% off websites. Costco’s Vehicle Program discounts repairs, not oil changes.

Others show Canadian offices stopped doing oil changes in 2016: warehouses balance and repair tires. Costco sells motor components, oil, and tires. $74.99 for $50 gift cards. (USA) 15% off Costco parts, services, and accessories. $500/trip Personalized client service.

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