Construction workers

How much does construction workers make?

The answer of this question totally depends upon education, experience, as well as location. The data provided by the Bureau of Labour static shows, the average median salary falls around $37,080 than hourly wage of $17.83. These ratios or numbers would be changed over the next few years.

The BLS predicts the job market of construction workers will experience significant job growth betwen 2016 and 2026, as compared to the national average.

According to a survey that was conducted by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), Out of hundred 66 percent of construction firms have increased base pay rates for workers. Another 29 percent have begun providing bonuses to attract new workers. The more demand for skilled labours, the more money construction workers requires to make.

Other factors that helps to estimate the construction worker salaries in the united states include education,area of interest.and experience. keep reading for more acurate knowledge.


Although not all positions and ranks doesn’t demand an education, Only few formal training can help for higher construction worker salary. Many institutes also provides hands-on experiences like New England Tech provides graduates with skills. And these skills and abilities are rewarded with a higher wage.

Experience Level

The salaries of the worker depend upon the experience of the worker. According to a report conducted by Career Explorer, a newbie construction worker earns just over $21,000 per year. And a average level construction worker make $32,000. Meanwhile, a top-level construction worker makes slightly more than average worker like $47,000 per year.

Area of interest

Construction rely upon the umberela of labour. Although most of the work revolves around performing physical tasks on a job site, there are lots of specialities that offer more greatful compensation. Most well-paid positions in the industry are construction managers, elevator installers, and boilmakers.


When we comes to construction industry, urban areas typically offer higher wages than rular areas. And it shows the fact that big cities provide a much higher volume of work, than the rular areas. Cost of living also higher in urban areas than in rular areas, meaning workers can demand more out of their salaries.

Best Paying States for Construction Workers

A skilled and talented laborers can find work anywhere in the United States, but compensation will vary from state to state.Different employment opportunities , depending upon the construction projects the area experiences.

According to the top paying states, average annual salaries, include:

Alaska: $66,430

lllinois: $68,940

New York: $66,390

There are also those organizations those has lowest paying rates:

Florida : $42,930

South Dakota: $41,030

Arkansas: $39,630

Survey results

A total of 208 construction workers accepted the invitation and participated in the survey. The three quality checks were implemented to the data: (1) distraction elimination, where respondents were asked to write a specific word in one of the check questions as an answer: (2) straight liner elimination, where those who answeredmultiple questions with the same value are rejected: (3) speeders elimination, where re-spondents who answered in the third of the median response time or less were also rejected.

Here, some questions arose about construction workers make?

Question 1: What do construction workers want?

Workers want those rewards what they deem to be important are examined. There are two rewards that actually workers want, the first most important reward is financial, and the least important reward is so-cial. A financial reward satisfies the first level of physical needs, and when survey team asked construction workers to indicate whether they receive financial rewards or not, a huge portion of them did not feel they get financial rewards.


New England Institutes of Technology offered associate, bachelor and master degree programs that can help students prepare for successful careers in construction.

Oue hands-on experiences introduces the concepts of building systems, and expanding construction’s problem- solving, critical thinking, an management skills.