Client Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is perhaps the most widely celebrated festival in the world, in the religious context. There are so many exciting features of the festival.

Children are marveled at the idea of Santa Clause coming down from the chimney and placing gifts in their socks, which they have tied up in this expectation.

In more practical terms, the holiday season is the most awaited time throughout the year. We visit our relatives, friends and so during this period. Also, celebrating the festival means a lot of preparation like ornamenting the Christmas tree, decorating the house, etc.

However, the most exciting of all things is giving and receiving gifts. One can only imagine the excitement of unboxing a gift and find surprises. Also, Christmas is the occasion when gifting makes complete sense.

Many firms have started giving branded Christmas gifts for clients during the occasion. They intend to keep up the celebration of the event and increase the professional relationship. Thus, the presents have to maintain both these aspects to be effective and fulfilling.

Here are eight ideas for client x-mas' gifts that are surprising.

1 Public Relation Tips Card Set

One way to maintain the professionality while gifting on occasions like Christmas is to give a pack of PR cards. Each of these cards can carry a quote, picture, message, or other things that encourage the reader and persuade them to better their business interest.

The cards can be of varying color and variegated to make them look different from each other.

2 Schedule Diary And Planner

Employers often crib about their employees' absenteeism; however, not all of them have options of encouraging their employees to avoid it altogether. Finding an option that will help employees plan their year is an excellent way to reduce absenteeism if not put an end to it.

Gifting a schedule diary and planner can be the right way of reducing the instances of absenteeism. It can also be a good gift.

3 Watches

One way to ensure to keep up with productivity is the timeliness of the employees. People who value time are productive for a firm. Wearing watches signifies the value of time and being punctual.

Gifting watches with the company logo or a punchline emphasizing timeliness can be a good gift for employees.

4 Small Bags

Employees, especially females, prefer carrying a lot of stuff on their pods. Many of these are makeup items. Things like lipsticks, face washes, face creams, and talcum powders are commonly found in their handbags.

A small handbag can also be useful to carry other essential items like sanitary towels, hand sanitizers, etc. One with the company logo can be an excellent way to advertise the firm as well.

5 Sweets

Christmas is an occasion of celebration, which is not possible without eating sweets. Gifting a pack of sweets like chocolates with the company's logo on the box can be a great way to express your gratitude to the employees.

6 Hoodies

Workplaces have air conditioners and heaters to keep the environmental temperature at a level that facilitates their work. However, not all employees can adjust to the seemingly fine temperature.

A sweatshirt or hoodie can be the best way for an employee to keep themselves warm when the temperature is less than the bearable limits.

7 Pens

Writing is regarded as outdated, given the use of computers at the workplace. Besides, many companies also practice paperless policy; employees cannot carry pens and papers at their pods. It is a measure to avoid data leakage for the firm.

However, the use of pens is not completely outdone; one would need them in extra-professional activities. Also, a pen with the company's name and emblem can help spread the firm's brand name in the market. It is also one of the best branded Christmas gifts for clients.

8 Sippers

Everyone likes to have a personal option for drinking water; it also helps them maintain hygiene. A sipper is the best way of ensuring such a unique method of drinking.


These were ideas for giving branded Christmas gifts for clients or their employees.