Christmas Staycation Tips 2020

Christmas Staycation Tips 2020

If your family’s Christmas tradition involves going out of town, visiting crowded festive Christmas markets, and building a snowman in a wintry destination far from home, then 2020 isn’t the best year for you. The pandemic left us with no choice but to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions at home. And even if the travel industry is slowly reopening and the vaccine is on the horizon, a couple of attractions remain closed for tourists and locals alike.

Christmas in 2020

But hey, don’t let this put your Christmas spirits down. You and your loved ones can still have a great Christmas celebration this year. Perhaps, having a holiday in your local area or hometown sounds good? You just need to be creative when planning your staycation this holiday season.

End this not-so-pleasant year with a ■■■■ with these15 Christmas staycation ideas and turn your hometown into a lovely holiday destination.

1. Find the best accommodation

You don’t need to travel to Belgium and book a lovely hotel in Bruges just to feel like you’re in a Christmas wonderland. Booking a hotel in a destination you can drive to might be enough to scratch the itch of traveling. After a few months of being locked up at home, staying in a hotel will feel like bliss — a breath of fresh air.

You can look for a unique Airbnb that has everything you’ve ever dreamed of — a hot spa, rural views, excellent food choices, and bar options. You may also book beachfront accommodation and reap the healing benefits of the sea.

But don’t let your guard down. Patronize hotels and accommodation properties that have strict health and safety protocols, contactless transactions, firm disinfecting measures, and flexible cancellation policies. To make the most out of your trip, book a hotel near restaurants, attractions, sightseeing opportunities, and parks that are open on Christmas.

2. Stay in a FIVE-STAR hotel

You know what? Forget about saving up. Splurge yourself — you deserve the best year-ender after all the ■■■■ that we’ve been through. And besides, the money you could’ve saved for airfares and international travels can go towards luxury accommodation.

3. Tour the historical places in your area

Are you a tourist in your own hometown or country? Now might be the best time to discover the amazing local attractions your place is known for. Domestic travel isn’t just safe and cheap — it also allows you to support the local tourism sector and boost your local economy, which is currently trying to recover from the impact of the pandemic.

Visit historical places in your town and nearby towns. Go to churches, temples, and other sacred places. Explore natural landscapes and national parks.

4. Enjoy a street adventure

Bring a camera with you and visit the statues and street art in your town. If you and your loved one are into photography, you can even have a street photography competition. Who’s going to take better photos?

5. Go on a road trip

Sometimes all you need to do is to get inside of your car with good food, good music, and good company, and just drive. Plan a road trip with scenic places and dining spots in between. It’s one of the best ways to see the beauty of your local area, including the places you’ve never seen before.

If possible, go on a weekday, when congested traffic situations are rare. Take things at your own pace and stop when you want.

6. Camping sounds like a great idea

Do you know a campsite that’s just under the radar? Camping is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature without spending a lot. Plus, you won’t have to interact with strangers — just bring your own tent and camping essentials, and enjoy. Alternatively, you could also try glamping or camping with luxurious accommodation, if you have the budget.

7. Indulge with drinks and food

What’s a Christmas celebration without a hint of ■■■■■? Whether it’s at the hotel bar, nearby bar, or simply in your own backyard, you can end the year with high spirits with great drinks. Skip the cheap beers you always settle for and take it up a notch with delicious ■■■■■■■■■■ fine wine and champagne, and exceptional liquors.

8. Treat yourself to a fine restaurant in town

If there’s one lesson we can take from this pandemic, it’s the realization that “life is short and unpredictable”. Stop restraining yourself - reserve a table in the elegant restaurant you’ve always dreamed of. Get dressed up for the occasion and make the most out of your date.

9. Celebrate at home…with a twist

If it’s impossible to travel, then just be creative at home and transform your humble abode into an amazing holiday destination.

Decorate to the max. Plan the food and drinks you’ll prepare and the movies you’ll watch. Have a feast. Pitch a tent at your backyard. Sing karaoke. Make homemade ■■■■■■■■■■ Play games. Be merry!


Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a free-spirited writer who loves to eat and go on fun adventures. She’s got a lot to say about travel, dining, cultural enjoyment, and lifestyle. To know more about hotels and travel tips, you may visit Green Park Hotel Bruges.