Christian symbols

Christian symbols: Over thousands of years the religion Christianity has been represented by lowercase “t” which is also known as a cross sign for Christians. But several other symbols and pictures show different meanings in the Christianity religion.

Christian symbolism

The Latin cross along with other markings and symbols are the representatives of the faith and meanings of religious writings. All these different symbols and identifiers are created for the remembrance of great events surrounding their religion or as an easier way to describe their belief in the system through symbols.

There was a time when all the great religious events took place and Christians and other followers used to have enemies that were known to harm them in different ways. And because of that, the concept of Christian symbols took form, and the secrecy of messages for the followers was given.

Through these symbols, the Christians kept their ways of learning and preaching without making an appearance that could cause the enemies to restrain them. And from that, the Christian symbols became a thing that represents Christianity widely among the different areas of the world.

The Christian cross

The cross sign that represents a Christian is widely known and the most recognizable symbol for the Christian community. The cross sign was made as to the structure in which Jesus Christ was crucified. It consisted of two wooden sticks making four right angles and crossing each other.

The sign now represents how Jesus sacrificed his life against sins and evil. The Christian cross represents the victory against evil and the sacrifices of our bodies made in this world for the better hereafter. This is the reason why the cross sign is believed to make all the evil go away in its surroundings and Christians religiously believe in the cross sign and its importance.

The Roman Catholics believe and represent Jesus Christ as the resurrected and risen and still having signs of his body on the cross. The verse in Bible shows the importance of the cross symbol which says that if someone wants to be his follower then they have to let go of all the sins and take their cross and follow him.

Christian symbols

Ichthys or the Christian fish

The Christian fish symbol or Jesus fish is a symbol used by the early ages of Christians as a secret symbol of Christianity. The Christian fish symbol was used because it could easily be sketched out on the sand with your fingers and can easily be scraped out as in earlier times every religion had its enemies so that is the reason why it was required to have a secret symbol to represent Christianity.

Also in the early years of Christianity, the fish was always been mentioned in the Bible as the most emphasized source of diet. The words also give meanings like people who obey Jesus Christ and follow him will be given the knowledge of fishing that will benefit them.

The Christian fish symbol is two intersecting arcs making an obvious outline of a fish swimming to the left. The ancient Greek word Ichthys also makes an acronym for Jesus Christ’s son the savior.

The Christian dove

The symbol of dove in Christianity represents a Holy Spirit or a Holy ghost. The Christian dove is not a regular spirit representation it is About the Holy Spirit that descendent upon Jesus Christ when he was baptized. The dove in Christianity means the message of peace and love. The symbol means to end all the war and hate between people.

Now the Christian symbol dove is widely used as a peace offering related to Christians. The importance of the Christian dove is proven in the genesis age after the flood when a dove appeared to Noah which started a new era of peace and prosperity for mankind.

The symbol of the crown of thorns

The Crown of thorns is usually represented as a crown of sins in Christianity. But when it comes to their belief that Jesus Christ was wearing that crown before the crucifix which tells that he was born all the sins of the world and sacrificed his body for the world and for the people to become his followers and avoid sins and preach after him.

The crown of thorns is used by the Christians to either represent sins or to represent the king who proved to be victorious and sacrifice his body against all the sins and evil for mankind and his follower.

Trinity symbol, The Borromean rings

The Borromean rings are structured in a way where three circles intertwine which makes a Trinity sign. This trinity symbol which is called the Borromean ring is a mathematical symbol. In Christianity, there are more than one Trinity symbol and this Borromean ring symbol represents that even if one ring is taken out the whole Trinity falls.

The word Trinity is a Latin name that means three are one. The concept behind the Trinity symbol of Borromean rings is that Jesus Christ has the spiritual communication of 3 individuals as described in the verses of the Bible.

The representation of the symbol also indicates that even if one ring is removed the whole Borromean rings fall apart and it gives the idea of the importance of those three individuals who make up the concept of Christianity.

Trinity, The triquetra symbol

Another Trinity symbol in the Christian community has three interlocking fish. The representation of importance and secrecy of the fish symbol and Trinity symbol combined makes a very powerful symbol for the Christian community.

The triquetra Is shaped as three times interlocked fish symbol which has been found written in the Celtic period as grave markers. It is an ancient Pagan symbol.

Christian symbols

The symbol as the light of the world

When it comes to Christianity and the Christian community, God has always been referred to as the light for mankind. The symbols like lamps, flames, and candles often become the representation of how God gets mankind out of darkness into light. So these types of pictures or symbols that show light have become the representation of Christianity.

The Christians believe that light is referred to as the presence of God. In fact, in the temple of Jerusalem, The presence of God was to be lit as for the people who had believed and it was their act of showing their faith in God. But there was a time when the oil that was burning the flame was not enough but miraculously the flames were burning even when there was no oil.

It was burned for eight days until new oil was purified to continue the process in the temple. So basically the light symbols represent the path shown by God.

The Christian star symbol

This is a symbol in Christianity structured as two interlocking triangles with one triangle pointing upward and the other pointing downward. This star symbol in Christianity represents King David which is also connected with the people of Judaism. The Christians also know the star symbol as The Star of David.

This star symbol in Christianity also represents the birth of Jesus Christ as he was named and was known for being a morning star after he was found in the arms of his mother and people bowed down to him accepting him as the king. The star symbol also represents the Power of leading the way and finding lost people.

The rainbow symbol

In Christianity, the symbol rainbow represents the glory and mercy of God after a hardship or specifically a storm and flood which caused a wipeout of the nonbelievers and people who were involved in constant sinning. the rainbow in Christianity represents the faith in God and his blessings after hardship and repentance of mankind.

When the believers look at the sky and see how after a storm they are reminded of God’s faithfulness and grace. It is often said in the Bible about the mercy of God and his promise that after the flood in Noah’s era the rainbow was the sign and symbol of prosperity and freedom from the floods and storms to mankind after them.

The Christian circle symbol

In Christianity, the symbol of the circle of eternity is represented as wedding rings for Christians. The unending circle or loop as a ring symbolizes the love and care of husband and wife for each other in this world and hereafter. The ring is a symbol of the promise to cherish and love each other for the rest of their lives and it also represents the relationship between God and his mankind which is eternal and does not end.

The Christian circle symbol is a promise where the husband shows responsibility and love while the bride also accepts the submission and responds with respect towards her husband. The Christian symbol is also the promise of the believers that they will follow their religion in an unending circle. The never-ending faithfulness and love for their God and religion are symbolized by the Christian symbol of a circle.

The Holy Bible as a symbol

As it is widely clear that the holy book of Christians is called the Holy Bible and it is the very first representation and symbolization of Christians. The importance of the Holy Bible for Christians is like the pillar of the religion and which contains all the verses and words of God which were the revelations for mankind to act according to his orders and prosper and to gain success in this world and hereafter.

Therefore the Holy Bible is a symbol of the complete presentation of Christians and the followers of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is the holy book just like all the other religions have and it carries the same importance for all the Christians in the world.

Christian symbols and their meaning

There are some clear symbols in Christianity where the meaning lies behind that specific picture or a reference from Bible.

Symbol Meaning
1. A flower or leaf A symbol of flower or leaf in Christianity represents life and growth.
2. Pine needles The symbol of pine needles show the message of youth and wealth in Christianity.
3. Horses and deer Horse and deer symbols represent prosperity and wealth for Christians.
4. Butterfly The butterflies are a symbol of resurrection and power of rising.
5. Ladders The ladders in Christianity are the representation for prayers.

The cross and crown symbol

The symbol that is the cross and crown is usually seen in churches of Christians and it carries meaning and represents the reward awaiting for the people who follow God’s commandment and have suffered a miserable life on earth. The cross and crown symbol is believed to have the meaning of reward for good people in this world who are going to be rewarded in the hereafter.

The Christian community has a very solid belief in the cross and crown symbol and all their life and actions are based on the fact that they believe in the judgment in the hereafter for which the symbol is a source of remembrance of their faith.

Alpha and Omega symbol

Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet which in Christianity represents the acceptance of God being the first and the last and therefore everything in between is in his control. The symbol emphasizes the fact that God has always been there and is always here.

The fusion of alpha and Omega creates a monogram for one of the names of Jesus Christ. For Christians, the symbols containing alpha and Omega are the representation of the eternal existence of God.

Chi-Rho the monogram of Jesus Christ

Chi-Rho is the most ancient and oldest monogram for Jesus Christ and was called the Christo gram during the Roman emperor Constantine era. The story behind the symbol is that Constantine saw the symbol in the sky which for him meant that they will win the battle.

Now the two Greek words that form Chi-Rho are usually written inside a circle And the two Greek words are overlaying each other to form the monogram which is also called the Christo gram.

The symbols of faith in Christianity

The symbols used in the Christian community are the remembrance and expression of their faith in their religion which makes them closer to God. These symbols are widely used to design the message of faith and God. These Christian symbols have different meanings behind their shapes and letters. Over thousands of years, the Christian people have a treasure of symbols and messages which have revealed extraordinary proof of events and revelations.

  • The anchor symbol Is their presentation of steadfastness and faith in the soul for being an anchor for that person or a situation. The anchor symbol and its design are usually carved into graves. The design is being used in many places and purposes of Christianity and faith in God. the anchor symbol is found in the Inscriptions of Roman Catacombs and the design is usually carved into the ancient writings and scrolls.

  • The Angel symbol is one of the symbols that represent the faith of Christians and the word Angel in Greek means Angelo the messenger. The meaning tells us the importance of that symbol as the angels are the communication link between the people on earth and God. The Angel symbol is used where they have to represent the work of an Angel is to bring the message of God. The angels are also believed by the Christians to bring the news like the birth of Jesus Christ and to provide protection and watch over the people of the world.

  • The butterfly symbol Is a very strong symbol of resurrection and It shows the concept of regeneration when a Caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly and relives. So the butterfly symbol is used as the faith in the concept of Jesus Christ being born by a woman and then being crucified to be only resurrected again and rise victoriously. The butterfly is easily the symbol that strongly represents the resurrection, as it was first a Caterpillar and went through the process of metamorphosis which is basically dying and then getting new life again.

  • The Daisy symbol is usually associated with the Virgin Mary And it symbolizes innocence, purity, and humility. In Spanish culture, the Margarita is known as the flower of innocence and representation of Christ’s child. The faith in innocence and purity of the hearts of people is represented by the Daisy symbol in Christianity. It also gives meaning to the purity of someone’s needs and how they protect their body from sins.

  • The heart symbol Indicates the concept of God having more preference on what’s inside a human than the outer appearance. The heart symbol in Christianity showcases the importance of love, warmth, and the feeling of joy inside a human heart. The spiritual determination of a person for courage, Devotion, and happiness are what matter when it comes to the religion of Christians. The symbol tells how god has a fair judgment regarding what’s inside people’s hearts and does not emphasize or give importance to the outer appearance as everyone is made different.

  • The tree of life symbol is a representation and a structure for the tree in the garden of Eden and it symbolizes the eternal life, rejuvenation, and growth of a person’s spiritual awakening. The Christian community uses the tree of life symbol to demonstrate or represent the concept of healing and growth after a disaster or trial. The tree of life carries a really warm and deep meaning behind its symbol as it reminds the Christians of Eden and the mighty tree that is known to have the fruit of eternity.

Religious symbols and their purpose

Christianity is known to have the most influential and symbolic representation of its religion. The religious symbols in Christianity often Show the purpose in different ways through showing pictures and references that have meanings of specific events regarding the religion. These symbols are mostly used to show their identity or give messages to the enemies of their religion.

All these symbols have taken form in ancient times thousands of years ago and now these symbols and pictures give light to the extraordinary events of the past and are used as a reminder of the following religion. In Christianity, there are Categories of symbols according to the purpose and meaning.

There are multiple symbols for faith, healing, life, and other concepts of resurrection and God’s judgment. All these symbols explain a lot about the roots of religions and the storytelling capability of these religious symbols. This process not only helps the followers of Christianity gain faith but also improve their life according to the religion.

Christian symbols

Frequently asked questions

Some related questions are answered below:

1. What are two common Christian symbols?

The cross and fish are two common Christian symbols. Greek letters alpha and omega are also used to conceal the religious believers.

2. What are the five main religions?

The five main religions are:

  • Islam.

  • Christianity.

  • Hinduism.

  • Buddhism.

  • Judaism.

3. What are the ten religions in the world?

The ten religions in the world are:

  1. Islam.

  2. Hinduism.

  3. Buddhism.

  4. Judaism.

  5. Christianity.

  6. Jainism.

  7. Confucianism.

  8. Sikhism.

  9. Bahai.

  10. Shinto.

4. How can I be a symbol of God’s love?

We can show our love towards God by praying for others You can pray for others on your own time with God.

5. What are the three main beliefs of Christianity?

The three main beliefs of Christianity are the father, the son, and the holy spirits.

6. What are some symbols in the Bible?

Some symbols in the Bible are:

  • Rock.

  • Olive branch/ olive leaf.

  • Honey and Curd.

  • Dove.

  • White hairs.

  • Rainbow.

  • Lamb.

  • Stairway.

7. What is the Baha’i place of worship called?

A Baha’i temple or Baha’i house of worship is the Bahai faith worship place.

8. Which is the oldest religion in the world?

Hinduism is called to be the oldest religion in the worldIt is also called a Sanskrit or Dharma religion.

9. What is a symbol of joy?

The symbol of joy is lightbecause it has life-giving power as darkness is destruction and death. So light is associated with power and immortality.

10. What’s a symbol of joy?

The Eagle is considered to be symbol of power through ancient times its a sign of courage, leadership and, strength.


Christian symbols have a history of recognition and popularity among mankind of all eras. The holy bible, the cross sign, the fish symbol, and others have very strong and deep meanings behind for the believers. The symbolization of messages from God and the religious events are all connected when it comes to those symbols. Especially the representation of resurrection which is symbolized by a butterfly and how the caterpillar goes through the process of metamorphosis to become alive again. This is just one example, to begin with. In conclusion, the Christian community has strong beliefs over their religious symbols and often uses them for the carvings on holy objects and in Church. The concept of carving these symbols in holy places is very common I’m Christianity and hold great meaning for the followers.

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