Chick Fil A Gift Cards Online

Chick-fil-A gift cards online available at most Chick-fil-A restaurants that may be purchased online for any amount between $5 and $100. You may also buy Chick-fil-A gift cards from grocery shops, pharmacies, and other big merchants.

chick fil a gift cards online

What is Chick Fil A Gift Card?

If you know someone who is a Chick-fil-A aficionado, you may give them a gift card to the fast-food chain. But where can you get one, and how can you utilize it without traveling to a restaurant?

In addition to purchasing Chick-fil-A gift cards at a Chick-fil-A location or online, you may also purchase them through shops such as Kroger, Walgreens, and Sam’s Club. Gift cards to Chick-fil-A are not available on Amazon. After being uploaded to a Chick-fil-A One membership account, gift cards from Chick-fil-A never expire and may be used at any of the chain’s restaurants or online.

It’s simple to give money and earn points for Chick-fil-A menu items by purchasing gift cards from Chick-fil-A. You’ll learn all you need to know about Chick-fil-A gift cards in this post!

Where Can You Purchase Chick-fil-A Gift Cards?

Chick-fil-A gift cards are available in both physical and electronic forms. The website or the app of Chick-fil-A allows customers to buy gift cards. In addition, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Walgreens, and Walmart shops and online sell actual Chick-fil-A gift cards.

Store Name Availability of Chick Fill A Gift Card
Amazon Not Available
CVS Available
Dollar General Not Available
Giant Eagle Available
Kroger Available
Safeway Not Available
Sam’s Club Available
Target Available
Walgreens Available
Walmart Available

Depending on where you buy them, $5 to $100 in gift cards may be bought from Chick-fil-A online or at a restaurant. There are various designs to pick from for Chick-fil-A e-gift cards as well as traditional gift cards that can be bought straight from Chick-fil-A.

You may set the amount of a Chick-fil-A gift card in $1 increments, whether you buy a physical gift card or an electronic gift card. In addition, Kroger locations and provide real Chick-fil-A gift cards. Kroger sells Chick-fil-A gift cards with a $10 value that can only be picked up in-store.

At Sam’s Club, you may purchase a Chick-fil-A gift card in person or online. Sam’s Club sells Chick-fil-A gift cards with a $10 value, however, three cards are offered in a bundle for a $30 total value. Depending on where you reside, Sam’s Club may provide shipping, pick-up, or delivery options for Chick-fil-A gift cards.

In addition, Walmart locations and provide actual Chick-fil-A gift cards. Walmart sells Chick-fil-A gift cards with a $10 value that may be picked up in-store or delivered. For the last time, you may purchase a Chick-fil-A gift card in Walgreens stores or online.

Gift cards for Chick-fil-A offered at Walgreens have a $10 value and may only be picked up in-store. Chick-fil-A gift cards are sold by other merchants and grocery stores as well, so check with your local store if you don’t often buy at any of the ones listed above.

However, not all major stores sell Chick-fil-A gift cards. The following retailers do not provide Chick-fil-A gift cards:

  1. Amazon

  2. Dollar General

  3. Safeway

Using a Chick-fil-A Gift Card Online

Gift cards may be used to buy online at Chick-fil-A, either via the website or the mobile app. Using a Chick-fil-A One membership account, customers may utilize gift cards to pay for online purchases.

Using a Chick-fil-A gift card online is the next step. Chick-fil-A gift cards may be used on the Chick-fil-A app as well as the Chick-fil-A website, and the procedure is the same.

  1. Register for a Chick-fil-A One account on the Chick-fil-A website or mobile app and start earning rewards. A user’s name, email address, and phone number are required to create an account. Your Chick-fil-A gift card can only be used if you have an account.

  2. Ordering for pickup or delivery may be done at this point in the process. It’s easy to see your purchase history by clicking on “My Order” in either of the app’s corners or the website’s top right corner.

  3. Re-read your order and make any necessary changes. At the very bottom of the screen, you’ll see your final tally. If everything seems to be right, click on “Continue to checkout” in the app or “Checkout” on the website to proceed to the checkout process.

  4. Verify the accuracy of your order information. Afterward, click on the “Change” button next to the payment method you’ve chosen.

  5. To use your Chick-fil-A One account to purchase an online gift card, you must first transfer the value of your card to your Chick-fil-A One account. Click “Transfer a gift card” to add funds to your existing account.

  6. Your gift card number and the PIN found underneath the scratch-off will be required on the next page. Up to $100 may be transferred from a gift card. The card’s balance will be decreased to 0 dollars, allowing you to access your money directly from your bank account.

  7. Chick-fil-A One is the preferred method of payment after the money has been transferred. The order total will be deducted from your available balance, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, you may add the remainder of your Chick-fil-A gift card before you place your purchase. At the bottom of the app, select “Scan” and scan the QR code on your Chick-fil-A One gift card. A gift card may be deposited into your account by selecting “Add money.” Then, choose “Transfer a gift card.”

To add money to your account, go to the “Add funds” option in the app’s account menu and input your gift card number. Third-party delivery apps such as DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Postmates all allow customers to order Chick-fil-A, however, gift cards from Chick-fil-A cannot be used to pay for these orders.

For the time being, Chick-fil-A gift cards may only be redeemed in-store or online. Gift card balances must be transferred to a Chick-fil-A One account to utilize them online.

Check the Balance on a Chick-fil-A Gift Card!

With the Chick-fil-A app, you may check your gift card balance by calling 1-888-232-1864 or in person at a Chick fil A. Remaining amount of the Chick-fil-A gift card used to make payment will also be noted on the bottom of the receipt. To view the remaining balance on your Chick-fil-A gift card, go to “Account” in the app’s bottom menu.

You may then see your account balance by clicking on “Add money”. At the very bottom of the page, you’ll see your entire account amount. Keep in mind that after the money on your Chick-fil-A gift card has been depleted, you may reload it.

A Chick-fil-A gift card may be reloaded by asking an employee at a participating location. While gift cards bought at other vendors are not reloadable, Chick-fil-A gift cards purchased here are.

E-gift cards can’t be reloaded, but you can add dollars to your account in the Chick-fil-A app by browsing your account and tapping on “Add funds” in the menu. By using a credit or debit card, Google Pay, or PayPal, you may fund your Chick-fil-A One account.

Steps to Check the Balance of Your Chick-fil-A Gift Card

You can find out how much money is left on your gift card in several ways:

  1. Chick-fil-A burger restaurant

  2. Using a telephone

  3. The app may be used for this purpose.

  4. Make a Chick-fil-A run to a nearby restaurant.

Checking the Balance on a Gift Card

The cashier at the Chick-fil-A that takes gift cards will be able to tell you how much money is left on your card. Check your receipt after you’ve paid for your meal if you’ve already arrived at the restaurant. The final tally will appear at the very bottom.

Call Chick-fil-A to Verify Your Card’s Credit Limit

Customer service at 1-888-232-1864 can tell you how much money is left on your gift card by taking a few minutes to take a call. They’ll be able to supply the information you need right away.

Check the Balance Via App

If you haven’t already, download the Chick-fil-A app. Click Submit once you’ve entered your gift card number and the rest of the needed information in the “balance check” box. Using the app, you will be able to see how much money you have left on your credit card.


You may also call 1-888-232-1864 to check the balance of a Chick-fil-A gift card. Upon selecting a language of preference and pressing “1,” input the 16-digit gift card number. You may also check the balance of your Chick-fil-A gift card at the restaurant. Simply request a check for your bank account from the person assisting you. The leftover balance of your gift card will be noted at the bottom of your order receipt if the value of your gift card exceeds the cost of your purchase.

How to Deliver a Chick-fil-A Gift Card

Chick-fil-A gift cards are available in both physical and electronic forms. It’s possible to buy and send Chick Fil A eGift Cards to someone else using the Chick Fil A website or app. Gift cards from partner businesses may now be bought online and sent to your recipient.

Chick-fil-A only sells e-gift cards online, but customers may still pick from the same variety of gift card designs. To give a Chick-fil-A e-gift card to someone, go to the Chick-fil-A website and choose a gift card value between $5 and $100. Then input your name, the recipient’s name and email address, and a personal note.

Add the card to your shopping cart if you want to send it right away or set a time for it to arrive later. It’s possible to get an actual, real Chick-fil-A gift card from a participating shop like Walmart or Sam’s Club by purchasing it online.

Delivery isn’t always possible for Chick-fil-A gift cards from all stores that offer them. Participating businesses provide in-store purchases of physical gift cards that may be mailed by USPS.

How Do You Replace a Lost or Damaged Chick-fil-A Gift Card?

If you’ve misplaced or damaged your Chick-fil-A gift card, you may obtain a new one by filling out this form. A copy of the gift card’s sales receipt or activation document is required for replacements. There are no guarantees when it comes to Chick-fil-A gift card replacements.

Fill out the Chick-fil-A Gift Card New Form to get a replacement gift card. Then, mail in the form and the necessary paperwork.

If your Chick-fil-A gift card has a residual balance, you may request a replacement; however, you can expect to wait 6-12 weeks for a response. If you’ve lost a Chick-fil-A gift card that you bought from a participating merchant, bring your receipt in to have it replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to Chick Fill A Gift cards online:

1. How do you send a Chick-fil-A app gift to someone?

Gift your rewards to loved ones this holiday season by accruing points with every qualified purchase. Redeem rewards in the Chick-fil-A App, then select “Gift to a friend” to send some happiness their way!

2. Does Chick-fil-A accept gift cards for online purchases?

It is not possible to utilize a Chick-fil-A gift card bought in a retail shop, grocery store or pharmacy outside of the United States. Chick-fil-A gift cards may only be purchased in person at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

3. Is it possible to send a gift card by text?

In addition to sending a gift card through text, you may also send a tangible gift or item to a recipient via text message, which they can later claim.

4. Is it possible to give electronic gift cards?

eGift cards may be sent much more quickly than actual gift cards since they are digital. To send a message, you don’t need to purchase stamps, print out any documents, or wait. If you do not specify a day or time for the card to be sent, it will be sent as soon as possible. Within a few minutes or hours at the most, most receivers get their digital presence.

5. What is the procedure for using an electronic gift card?

Egift cards and digital gift cards are interchangeable terms. You may send them straight to the recipient’s email address and use them online or at a shop, just as a traditional gift card would.

6. Are Chick-Fil-A gift cards available?

We’ve got some exciting news! Chick-fil-A eGift Cards are now available for purchase at, where customers may choose from a variety of traditional and holiday-themed designs.

7. Is it possible to check the amount of my gift card online?

Go to the website indicated on the back of the gift card to check the balance. Then, insert your credit card number and expiry date into the appropriate fields. Once you’ve clicked “Submit,” you’ll be sent to a new page where you can check your account amount.

8. Is it possible to use a mobile phone to deliver a gift card?

Text gift cards enable you to send a digital gift card directly to a recipient’s mobile phone through text message. Sending a text message to a family member is as easy as sending a gift card through the mail, email, or in-person delivery.

9. What if I don’t have the recipient’s address?

You can now send a gift to someone without knowing their address thanks to a new Amazon option. After finding something you wish to give, you choose the “add a gift receipt” option on the app. The recipient’s phone number or e-mail address may then be entered.

10. Which method of gift card delivery provides the most security?

Use a padded envelope if you can. Select a sturdy envelope or attach the gift card to a piece of cardboard that isn’t too thick. If the exterior label on the gift card is broken or falls off, place an additional label or note on the gift card with the delivery or return address.


Chick-fil-A gift cards are fantastic presents for anybody who regularly wants Chick-fil-A’s delectable sandwiches. It’s possible to store gift cards in a Chick-fil-A One membership account. Chick-fil-A also offers physical and electronic gift cards, both of which may be used to place orders in-store or online. To learn more about Chick-fil-A, check out the following connected articles.

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