Cheapest auto insurance in arizona

For Arizona, which has clean driving and credit records, the cheapest companies and their average rates for full coverage are:
Jako: year 894 every year
Suffolk: 1,141 per year.
American family: 1,315 per year
Passengers: 1,334 per year
CSAA: 1,398 per year.

Cheapest auto insurance in arizona

Driverswith recent accidents or violations can get good car insurance rates for good credit. For this calculation, Dred Wallet has averaged rates for men and women over the age of 40 with clean driving records and good credit.

In terms of driving and Credit history a large proportion of drivers are closer to this profile, which includes standard “full coverage” insurance, including comprehensive and collision.
The cheapest for minimal coverage in Arizona
For bare bones coverage, these are the cheapest companies and the average rate and clean driving history for a good reputable driver, to buy

Arizona’s minimum required car insurance:

Jako: year 330 every year
Suffolk: year 358 every year.
CSAA: 7,447 every year
Hartford: year 537 each year.
Passengers: 7,597 every year
We calculated the Figure basedon the average rates for good 40-year-old drivers (discounted if offered by an insurance company) who have only the minimum required insurance in the state.

What is the average cost of car insurance in Arizona?

24 1,247
The average cost of Insurance in arizona is 24 1,247 per year - 12.6% lower than the US average. Your auto insurance premium is affected more than just your location

Is Car Insurance Cheap in Arizona?

California vs Arizona Car Insurance - Average Premium. … The average annual car insurance rate in Arizona is 9 349 less than the average cost in California. Depending on your coverage level, driving and insurance history, and your auto insurance company, the exact price may vary.