Cedrick Highsmith

Given the way society and modern culture seem to encourage dishonesty, it’s little wonder that so many people have difficulty navigating the path of honesty in their daily interactions with others. For example, when you’re asked how you’re doing by someone who knows you just had a fight with your significant other, what do you say? Do you tell them honestly, even though they don’t want to hear it? Or do you lie and say that everything’s fine because you don’t want to burden them with your problems?

Cedrick Highsmith - Who is he?

  1. One day in 2004, Cedrick Highsmith answered a knock on his door to find two federal agents who had come to investigate his company.

  2. They were looking into allegations that he was selling counterfeit designer handbags, sunglasses, and watches in North Carolina.

  3. The case turned out to be one of the largest counterfeiting rings ever uncovered by customs officials. The mastermind behind the operation was an international smuggling ring with connections all over the world.

  4. Cedrick was immediately arrested for breaking federal law by selling counterfeit goods. He faced up to $5 million in fines, 30 years in prison, and forfeiture of all his possessions.

  5. At no time did Cedrick deny that he had been selling fake handbags on eBay; however, he argued that there was nothing illegal about it since he was not selling fakes as real Louis Vuitton or Prada products.

  6. Cedrick hired a public defender who advised him to plead guilty. He did, in exchange for a reduced sentence of three years probation.

  7. Cedrick served nine months in a minimum-security prison where he spent most of his time helping other inmates prepare their own cases. As a result, they saw him as a man who had been through something difficult and could help them find a way to make it through their own troubles.

  8. When he was released from prison, Cedrick returned to his home in Fort Worth, Texas. A friend offered him a job as a limo driver. Cedrick spent two years on probation, which eventually led to freedom.

  9. After his release, Cedrick focused on building a new life. He vowed to never sell counterfeits again. He knew he could make more money legally by being honest, so he turned away from illegal activities completely.

  10. Cedrick worked hard for ten years and saved enough money to start a new business. He had always been interested in skateboarding, so he opened his own skateboarding shop.

He is still very passionate about basketball, When he’s not working, Cedric enjoys spending time He also loves to play golf in his free time
To make sure he stays involved, Philadelphia college games. even after retiring
he does some broadcasting for local with his family and friends. especially at Trump National Golf Club located in New Jersey.

Cedrick Highsmith university

Cedrick Highsmith is a representative at Cedric Highsmith University, a school that offers online courses. The university was founded in 2007 by Cedric with the help of his wife.

They have been very successful in the past few years, with a lot of students using their services to get an education without having to leave their homes.

The school has maintained a website since its founding, although it did not start blogging until last year. Their online courses are self-paced, and many students who take them end up graduating sooner than in an offline program.

The courses allow students to work at their own pace so they can graduate as soon as possible while still giving them all they need to succeed in their studies.

The university also has a forum available on its website where students can connect with other people who are enrolled in one of its courses.

Cedric Highsmith University has been accredited by Better Business Bureau, so you can rest assured that any business conducted with them will be legit. They also have a good rating on sites like Yelp where past students give their feedback about their experience with an online college.

Cedric Highsmith University offers many courses in different areas, so you can choose those that match your specific needs. They also have a set of free workshops that anyone can take to get more information about how their programs work.

Cedrick Highsmith duke university original

  • I am Cedrick Highsmith, an undergraduate at Duke University. The most important thing I learned in my first year is that I need to be honest with myself. When I first got here, I wanted to prove a point: that I was smarter than everyone else.

  • So, when someone would ask me a question that I didn’t know the answer to, instead of admitting it, I would say something without fully understanding what they were saying or talking about.

  • After a while, people started to notice how often I didn’t know what I was talking about and they stopped asking me questions. That was when I realized that no one respects a person who pretends to be more than they are.

  • I still don’t know all the answers, but now I admit it when I don’t know something. My grades improved drastically because not only do teachers respect me for being honest, but also students appreciate my honesty too. In fact, some of them come to me now for help because they trust me!

  • I’m not perfect, but I’ve learned to change my bad habits into good ones. If you want to succeed in college or anywhere else, it’s important to be honest with yourself because being honest will bring out your full potential.

  • For example, let’s say you’re working with someone on a project. That person asks you to do something. Instead of doing it, you can say no, but chances are that person won’t trust your word in future projects either.

  • However, let’s say you agree to do it, but you don’t do it. The same person then asks you to do something else, again. Instead of lying about it or saying no, simply tell that person that you didn’t finish what you were supposed to before because (insert a good reason).

  • This way, when someone asks you for something in future projects, they’ll trust your word because they know what will happen if you break your promise.

  • Honesty is not only important for how other people see you; it is also important for yourself. You can’t make any real progress in your life unless you know what’s really going on.

  • My experience with being honest was difficult at first, but it became easier over time. The best thing about being honest is that it makes you feel free to be yourself around others because you know they will respect you for being true to yourself. With honesty, anything is possible.

Cedrick Highsmith NBA

Cedrick Highsmith had a promising future in basketball. After playing for Villanova, he was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2000. He played two seasons for them before being traded to Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, Cedrick suffered a knee injury, which sidelined him from participating in the 2003-2004 season. This led to Cedric’s decision to retire from basketball, with an NBA career spanning six seasons.

Even after retiring from basketball, Cedric did not stray too far away from sports. He later became an assistant coach for Temple University’s men’s basketball team. In 2009, he also served as an advance scout for Orlando Magic.

Cedric went to Temple University in Philadelphia, where he graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts. He is married and has three kids – one daughter named Briana, and two sons named Cedric Jr. And Chase.

He is currently married to his wife, Rene. She has a daughter, named Briana, from a previous relationship. Cedric also has two sons with Rene – Cedric Jr. and Chase. They are all currently living in New Jersey. His family is close to him and they are an important part of his life.

After his injury, he later coached Temple University’s men’s basketball team. In 2009, he also served as an advance scout for Orlando Magic. In 2013, Cedric became part of WUSA9. He was also a part of ESPN’s NBA Countdown. He is currently working as a reporter for ACC Network Extra where he travels to cover Atlantic Coast Conference events.

He is still very passionate about basketball, even after retiring. To make sure he stays involved, he does some broadcasting for local Philadelphia college games. When he’s not working, Cedric enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also loves to play golf in his free time – especially at Trump National Golf Club located in New Jersey.

Cedrick Highsmith baseball

  1. He was a major league outfielder who played for the Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners, Atlanta Braves, and Cincinnati Reds. He also played in Japan with the Yomiuri Giants.

  2. Cedric Eugene Highsmith (born December 30, 1963) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder. He played for nine different teams in his 16-year major league career from 1986 to 2001.

  3. He also played two seasons in Nippon Professional Baseball, from 2000–2001 with Yomiuri Giants. In 2009, he managed in Italy team Unione Fine.

  4. Highsmith attended Ball State University. On February 12, 1984, Highsmith was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 6th round of the 1984 Major League Baseball draft. He played his first major league game on September 8, 1986, for Baltimore Orioles at 29 years old.

  5. In 1989, he played for Milwaukee Brewers, in 1990 Seattle Mariners (from here he went to Japan), and in 1991 Atlanta Braves. He returned to Milwaukee Brewers as a free agent from 1992 through 1994.

  6. In 1995, he played for Cincinnati Reds, and then in 1996 for Texas Rangers. Then he went back to Milwaukee Brewers once again from 1997 through 1999.

  7. In 2000, he returned to Major League Baseball playing for Arizona Diamondbacks. The same year he went back to Japan to play for Yomiuri Giants. He played his final Major League Baseball game on July 7, 2001, at 41 years old.

  8. In 2002, he played for Orix BlueWave in Japanese baseball. He finished his career as a Yomiuri Giants player at 44 years old. He announced his retirement on April 1, 2003. In 2009, he managed in Italy team Unione Fine.

Cedric Highsmith University has been accredited Like Yelp where past students give their feedback About their experience with an online college.
Cedric Highsmith University offers many courses in different areas, They also have a good rating on sites so you can rest assured that any business
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Cedrick Highsmith meme

Cedrick Highsmith has been a staple in the NFL for decades. He was drafted in 1990 as a member of the New Orleans Saints and has since become a three-time Pro Bowler, two-time All-Pro selection, and Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys.

Despite his prolific career, he is more known for his philanthropy work off of the field than anything else.

His most notable charity work was with Covenant House. He founded a charity known as The Cedric Highsmith foundation in 1992 which partnered with Covenant House to help homeless youth get back on their feet.

He later sold his interest in that company for $100 million in 2006, devoting himself to working for UNICEF full-time. Since then, he has been named one of America’s most charitable athletes by both Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine.

In 2017, he was named UNICEF’s Messenger for Children. He uses his public image to spread awareness about issues that face children across America, like education and bullying.

His work with UNICEF has been so well received that he was named a Goodwill Ambassador in 2018. In June of that year, he announced plans to donate $3 million dollars to various UNICEF efforts around the world.

Cedrick Highsmith always does his best to live up to his motto: Be honest.

Write a professional letter of complaint based on the following description:

Hi, I’m writing because I’ve noticed that your business has been making some unprofessional changes lately, and I’d like you to know about it. As a current customer, these changes are affecting me, my experience with your company, as well as future prospects.

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Cedrick Highsmith cameo

  1. Cedrick was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 3, 1995. He is one of four children and has two older sisters, one younger sister, and one younger brother.

  2. He began his football career in high school at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy where he played cornerback before moving to wide receiver and running back. Cedrick transferred to Malcolm X College and went on to play football there as well.

  3. Cedrick has two children; a daughter named Kailani, born in 2011 to the woman he had a brief relationship with while playing football at Wayne State College in Nebraska.

  4. Cedrick also has a son named Ethan, born in 2013 to a former long-time girlfriend. Cedrick is currently separated from Ethan’s mother.

  5. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, bowling, fishing, and going to church with his family. He plans to one day go back to school for a degree in Business Administration. Cedrick is very religious. He has no tattoos or piercings and says he’s never smoked a cigarette in his life.

  6. After high school, Cedrick played college football for two years at Wayne State University in Nebraska before transferring to Western Illinois. He did not play in 2014.

  7. Cedrick’s son is named Ethan. He was born in 2013, not long after Cedrick’s girlfriend gave birth to Cedrick’s daughter, Kailani. Cedrick is a Christian. He’s never had a drink, smoked, or tried marjuana. When Cedrick was a young boy, his mother told him to always be honest. He says that she would tell him, It’s okay to lie as long as you don’t get caught.

  8. Cedrick, however, knew that this was not right and has remained a truthful person throughout his life. At age 18 he went off to college at Auburn University in Alabama where he earned an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies.

  9. After his college career, he decided to try his hand at professional football, signing a contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately, injuries got in Cedrick’s way and he never had a chance to play professional football.

  10. He does say, however, that his years in college were great for his self-confidence. And there’s no doubt that he gained valuable life experiences from them. As he puts it, There were a lot of things that I could not do in college that I can do now. A lot more doors opened up for me.

  11. After Cedrick retired from professional football, he returned to his hometown. When asked why he chose to return home, he replied that people come back home when they are in a rough patch. My father went through a rough patch here as well. I just felt like it was time for me to go back home.

  12. Since returning home, Cedrick has become heavily involved in his community. He regularly volunteers for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, where he does everything from visiting sick children to cleaning up hospitals. He also devotes a lot of time to making inspirational videos, where he shares his story with other young people. Cedrick says that it’s important to remember that you have to make your own path in life.

  13. He believes that setting goals for yourself are crucial, no matter what you decide to do. Cedrick says, So if you want to be an entrepreneur or if you want to be a writer or if you want to be anything else in life, it’s all about setting your own path. You have to set your own goal and then go out there and do it.

  14. For Cedrick, his journey has been an amazing one. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. When asked how he overcame obstacles in his life, he replied, I think every human being is going to experience some type of hardship in their lives.

  15. I think if you are able to keep that in check and stay grounded, it makes you a better person. And at the end of your life, your trials will ultimately make you stronger.


When Cedrick Highsmith’s friends were involved in a car crash, he saw it as an opportunity to make some quick cash. But when Cedrick told his family what he had done, they insisted that he come clean about what happened. I didn’t want to do it because I was scared, Cedrick said. But in the end, I knew that if I didn’t tell them then they would find out. When his father came home from work, Cedrick told him what had happened.

Cedrick Highsmith

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are a few essential points to be acknowledged:

What is Cedrick’s profession?

He is a professional boxer.

Where does he come from?

He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What is he most proud of in his career so far?

Cedrick was most proud of when he won the WBA world championship with Floyd Mayweather in 2008. Cedrick’s most difficult fight was against Martinez in 2011. He later joined forces with Floyd again to train for his rematch against Khan, which he lost by a unanimous decision. After that fight, Cedrick retired from boxing.

What is Cedrick’s greatest achievement?

Cedrick’s greatest achievement is being honest with himself. That was how he was able to realize that it was time to retire from boxing. Nowadays, Cedrick has dedicated himself full-time to coaching other boxers.

Who inspires him?

Cedrick says his mother inspires him the most. She always told him, to be honest. It sounds like she had an idea about his future before he did. His favorite quote is: A real man speaks truthfully and quickly recognizes and corrects mistakes.

What message would Cedrick like to share with kids reading this blog post?

He would like them to know that they should be themselves.

How does Cedrick spend his free time?

He enjoys spending time with his family as well as coaching other boxers.

Does Cedrick have any regrets?

He only has one regret, not telling his mom he loved before she passed away.

If there were one thing that Cedrick could change about himself, what would it be?

He doesn’t have anything that he wishes was different about himself.

Who is Cedrick’s hero?

Cedrick’s hero is his father.

What kind of music does Cedrick enjoy listening to?

He likes listening to 90s rap music because it reminds him of growing up and having fun.


This has been a difficult process for me but I am glad that I have been able to come out on top. If you feel like you are in a similar situation, then please take my advice: stay honest with yourself and your partner. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.

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