Catfish Cooley Wife

Catfish Cooley’s Wife’s name is Munica Cooley. She is an Only Fans model and famous for being the wife of Catfish Cooley. And, Catfish Cooley is an famous American comedian and social media star.

Who Is Catfish Cooley?

Quick Information

Real name David Allen Cooley
Catfish Cooley Wife Munica West Cooley
Occupation Comedian, social media star
Birth Date May 2, 1990
Age 32 years
Birthplace Pitkin, Louisiana, United States
Father’s Name Charles Cooley
Mother’s Name Lawanda Cooley (stepmother)
Marital status Married
Children 4

Redneck, Cooley’s on-stage persona, has made him a household name in the United States as a comedian and social media star. His admirers appreciate him for his caustic tone and wonderful sense of humour.

Using YouTube, he launched his internet career in 2017. There he shares comedic videos primarily based on his own life and experiences. His distinct commentary approach won over many fans of his videos.

This Cooley Catfish the star is suddenly trending as his followers are in quest of his girlfriend. Well, when we look for Who is Catfish Cooley’s Girlfriend, we can notice he does not have a girlfriend. He is married to Munica, who is a model.

  • David Allen Cooley was born in Pitkin, Louisiana, on May 2, 1990. He was born into a family of “rednecks,” or impoverished farmers in the American South.

  • Although sometimes this word is deemed impolite, David uses it to emphasise that he is not embarrassed by his roots and that he cherishes his distinct individuality.

  • He graduated from Pitkin High School. His unusual knack for making others laugh was obvious since his early years.

  • It’s impossible to say what he wanted to do after college before his success as a comic.

  • Then, when David was in his twenties, he started the YouTube channel, and everything changed.


Hundreds of people have seen his first video on “Redneck demonstrates how to quit smoking” within a week. His other film production, “Whiskey Wednesday’s Series,” was a YouTube sensation. After that, he made a slew of hilarious comedy routines in which he acted out his redneck persona. By being genuine and hilarious on stage, he became a major hit in folk comedy.

Who is Catfish Cooley’s Wife?

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He launched his online career in 2017 with a YouTube account. Regularly, he would update the channel with new films, most of which dealt with mundane aspects of his life or things that had disturbed him.

  • Cooley became an internet sensation in the wake of his “Whiskey Wednesday” films.

  • After having his internet character highlighted on an episode of the Tosh.

  • 0 show on Comedy Central, he became a minor celebrity.

  • That led to Cooley gaining a sizable following on social media.

  • Catfish Cooley has risen to prominence thanks to his prolific use of sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, among others.

Because of his one-of-a-kind way of relating to his viewers, his videos rapidly gain popularity. The first video released by Catfish Cooley, titled “Redneck,” was a funny parody of the traditional “Quit Smoking” video. That video, combined with Cooley’s natural comedic talent, first propelled him to internet fame.

Early Life

Catfish Cooley’s real name is David Allen Cooley, but he goes by “Catfish” for short. He was born on May 2 in Pitkin, Louisiana. By zodiac sign, the Catfish is a Taurus, and he or she is the quintessential example of the “country lifestyle,” which includes fishing and hunting for sustenance.

Coming from a family of dirt-poor farmers in the South, Catfish Cooley takes great pride in his redneck heritage. It’s not necessarily that he doesn’t care what other people think when he uses the term “redneck” to describe himself and his upbringing. He has a firm grasp on his inner self and is unaffected by what others may say about him negatively.


In the early 1980s, after graduating from Pitkin High School, Catfish Cooley began his career as a comic, making audiences laugh with original and controversial jokes. The idea of Cooley becoming a famous comic probably never crossed his mind. However, less than five years later, fame came knocking, and this now-famous talent hasn’t stopped touring the United States with stand-up comedy performances or film roles.


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Catfish Cooley is continually expanding his popularity, in-person at his live performances and digitally via various social media outlets. As his notoriety increases, he will garner an ever-increasing number of followers who appreciate his one-of-a-kind comedic style.

Since the beginning of his professional career, Cooley has been keeping himself extremely busy by doing live performances across the United States and producing fresh footage for his YouTube channel and other social media platforms Therefore, it is estimated that Catfish Cooley has half a million dollars in net worth.

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