Cat Pheromone Spray

The Best Cat Pheromone Sprays (2020)

If you are struggling with the behavior your cat is exhibiting either when you’re gone or with you right there, there may be an easy fix. Spraying a cat pheromone spray can calm or deter your cat into a being well-behaved one. Cat pheromones are a prime example of a one-step fix; should they work. It is incredibly vital that before making a purchase, you understand that cat pheromones may not work for your cat. Pheromones aren’t always a one-step solution and in fact, some cats barely register their presence in their lives at all. You’ll often find that reflected in the product reviews, too. You’ll need to bear that in mind while reading ratings: if a cat does not respond to pheromones, it in all likelihood, has nothing to do with the quality of the product but rather the personality of the cat. Barring that in mind, it can be tricky to find the best product for your cat.

The 5 Top-Rated Cat Pheromone Sprays

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray 3.8
Runner Up Sentry Stop That! for Cats 3.7
Best Budget Buy Feliway Travel Spray On The Go Management Behavior Modifier Spray 3.6
Best Cat Pheromone Spray for Stress ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray 3.5
Best Cat Pheromone Spray for Urine Marking Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray for Cat Calming 3.6

Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray

The Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray is particularly effective against scratching and carving. This means that while your cat may have an interest in (and a habit of) scratching up your couch, spraying this on it may help transform it into a no-go zone for him.

The pheromones in this spray are masked by a floral one so while your cat detects an aggressive pheromone that will put it off whatever you’ve sprayed, all you’ll notice is a pleasant flower aroma. The formula is also non-staining and non-toxic so you need not worry about the effect it will have on your more delicate furniture. You won’t want to over-spray though; it does still contain oils. Adhere to the spraying instructions and your furniture and rugs shouldn’t be affected at all.

There may not be an overwhelming number of customer reviews on this product, but if you look around elsewhere, you’ll find it’s a well-liked product overall. And for such a quality product, you may be surprised to find it will only set you back about $20.

Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray Key Features:

  • Aggressive pheromone to deter
  • Non-staining formula
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sentry Stop That! for Cats

The Sentry Stop That! for Cats is another deterrent spray of aggressive pheromones that will keep your cat from anything he’s prone to tearing and scratching up, but also anything you want to make sure is protected. So if you get a new couch that you’re afraid may just have too tempting legs for your cat, then it’s a good idea to spray this before your cat even sees it.

This is also a great pheromone spray if you want to use it as a behavior corrector. You can spray your cat when you catch him in the act to let him know that behavior isn’t okay and the pheromones will be a warning to him, as well as the unpleasant spray sound. (Just don’t spray him in the face, of course.) We love the idea of placing a few of these bottles all over the house or just one in an area that your fur baby is prone to misbehavior. For example, if he loves going after a potted plant, keep the spray near it so you can catch him in the act a few times.

Sentry Stop That! for Cats Key Features:

  • Aggressive pheromone to deter
  • Lavender chamomile fragrance
  • Uses noise and pheromone technology to stop bad behaviors in cats.

Feliway Travel Spray On The Go Management Behavior Modifier Spray

The Feliway Travel Spray On The Go Management Behavior Modifier Spray is wonderful for taking your cat with you when you travel. You can use this spray in his kennel to signal to him this is not for him to mark and in areas that are off-limits once you get to your destination, too. And that is definitely something any friends and family you stay with will appreciate (and your wallet will appreciate not needing to pay those steep hotel bills!)

The primary goal of this spray is to deter urine spraying and scratching for your cat, so if those are the behaviors you want to work on, you can start with this pheromone spray. After all, it claims to show results in 9 out of 10 cats and that the Feliway brand is the #1 recommended brand from Vets.

it’s still pretty tempting because you can pick it up for under $20!

Feliway Travel Spray On The Go Management Behavior Modifier Spray Key Features:

  • Aggressive pheromone to deter
  • 2 size options
  • Repeat sprays daily.

Best Cat Pheromone Spray for Stress: ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray

The ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray comes from a brand that has made their name for comforting anxious pets. While the Thunder Shirt is possibly the most well-known for providing tight fit clothing to make a dog feel more secure, you may have also seen this product that will reduce anxiety with a calming pheromone spray. That calm sense introduced to certain areas may just keep your cat behaving in a way that will have you signing up to buy and re-buy this spray as soon as you start running low.

If you’re struggling with your cat’s anxiety (and that tends to look like urine marking, scratching skittishness, and an overall uncomfortable cat), then covering a “safe zone” in this spray may go a long way to making your cat more comfortable. A possible side effect of that is that your home will no longer smell of urine and your furniture won’t be torn up on a regular basis. and those are side effects we can certainly get behind!

ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray Key Features:

  • Calming Pheromone to ease anxiety
  • Includes 60 mL spray bottle
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Cat Pheromone Spray for Urine Marking: Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray for Cat Calming

The Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray for Cat Calming is a perfect match for any cat that needs a little bit of help understanding his limits and modifying a few behaviors; namely urine marking. If your cat is marking with urine due to anxiousness (as is often the case) there’s a good chance this spray will help calm his anxieties for certain areas. If he has marked repeatedly in a place, you can bet that’s now “his spot;” but should you clean thoroughly and spray this at the location, he may begin to identify that place as safe and not needing his mark established any longer.

This spray will emit a calming pheromone that will allow him to find a bit of comfort where he used to find stress and will have a likely positive impact on your relationship as well as your home. Not only will he be less likely to scratch and mark, but a comfortable cat is also a happier one who will bond better with his human parent.

Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray for Cat Calming Key Features:

  • Calming Pheromone to ease anxiety
  • 2 sizes available
  • Money back guarantee.

Who Should Buy a Cat Pheromone Spray?

If your cat isn’t behaving as you’d like, don’t give up. Between scratching, urine marking, climbing on furniture, and eating plants, there are a lot of common cat behaviors that you’ll want to discourage in your home. There’s a good chance that with some work, you’ll be able to modify his behavior without drastic measures. There are training tactics and classes you can do to help your fur baby, but even if you don’t have the time for all those methods, a cat pheromone may just be the equivalent of an “easy” button for you. It won’t work for all cats – that’s entirely up to their personality, not the pheromones – but if it does work? Oh, how simple a behavior fix this can be!

Even if your cat is well-behaved and needs no such coaxing to good behavior, no cat is 100% well behaved, 100% of the time (how boring a personality that would be, anyway). When something changes, like the introduction of another pet or even the introduction of a new chair, depending on how sensitive your cat is, problems in your cat’s behavior can happen. If something bigger happens, like travel or a move, then you can take the time to be prepared for these lapses. And for those rare occasions where an issue arises unexpectedly, it’s a good idea to have a pheromone spray handy.

Important Features to Consider

A cat pheromone sprays should do several things well. Here’s what to consider when selecting a cat pheromone sprays:

  • Aggressive pheromones vs. calming pheromones. There are two primary types of cat pheromones for you to use on your home: Aggressive and Calming. Aggressive is a pheromone that is sprayed by cats to keep other cats away and, if your cats are amenable to giving other cats their space, it should keep them away from wherever you spray that pheromone. Calming pheromones are those that cats release when they’re happy or comfortable in order to signal a safe spot that they like. It will help your cat feel more at ease believing another cat has, essentially, vouched for an area. It’s a pretty simple formula: You want the cat to be comfortable in a place, spray the calming spray. If you’d like the cat to steer clear of an area, spray the aggressive pheromone.
  • Targeted areas. Sprays are ideal for targeted areas; you’ll be able to directly affect a specific spot that you either want them to avoid or you want them to embrace, depending on the type of spray you use. A spray could, theoretically, be used for a whole room, but it won’t be as effective, just spraying it in the air. After all, these sprays aren’t typically aerosol and they don’t have a long-range. A diffuser will be better suited for whole-room coverage. If you want to make sure your cat knows a bed is his or a couch is off-limits, though a targeted approach will be most effective with a pheromone spray.
  • Travel. Cats aren’t exactly well-known for traveling well. In fact, any change to their routine can be a traumatic one for them. For that reason, you may opt to leave them behind and have them cat-sat for shorter periods of time. This could be an excellent time to use your cat pheromones to calm them and keep them from acting out with your more precious furniture and rugs. Conversely, should you choose to take your cat with you on the trip you take, a thorough spray of a calming spray in the cat kennel may go along way towards keeping him relaxed? And packing a deterrent travel spray will probably go a long way towards keeping your home away from homeless terrorized, too.
  • Catnip. If a calming spray includes catnip, there’s a greatly increased chance it will have the desired effect. Be careful, of course, not to build tolerance of the catnip. And, of course, bear in mind that some cats respond differently to catnip; some may be more relaxed while others will be excited. If you’re just trying to keep her from feeling stressed and anxious, catnip is probably the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to calm an easily excited and anxious cat, you may want to think twice before adding a stimulant into their system.
  • “Pheromone similar” sprays. You may think that as long as you’re getting a spray for your cat, you should get a spray with actual pheromones in them, right? Well, that may be an answer to your problem but it may also not be the only answer. Consider that the true pheromone sprays may actually cost more money than those sprays without. And, more importantly, cats respond to pheromones differently based on their personalities. One cat may act as you intend; backing away from aggressive pheromones and snuggling into calming ones while another may not even act as if they notice the pheromones at all. However, personalities are irrelevant when you spray something that is displeasing or comforting to all cats. That is, lavender is just as likely to calm a cat that responds to pheromones as it is to those who care nothing of them. So if you’ve tried pheromone sprays and not had luck, a pheromone similar spray may still be able to help you out.
  • Urine marking. By and large, the cause of a cat marking with urine is overwhelming anxiety of some kind. You can often stop the urine marking by giving your cat a spot in your home where they feel comfortable. And, should they have made too much of a habit of urine marking one specific area, a good cleaning is probably needed. Beyond that, a deterrent (or aggressive pheromone) spray will help prevent that marking from reoccurring. If there is something in that area causing them anxiety, a calming spray may be more effective.
  • “Water bottle” approach. If you’re around your cat often, then you can use the deterrent sprays as immediate feedback for bad behavior; just like you would a water spray bottle in training the word “no!” to a pet. Not only will the pheromone scare them off (or at least make them less pleased to be in that specific area), but they’re also more likely to be displeased with the actual act of you spraying them. Catching them in the act with a deterrent spray bottle of aggressive pheromones is the probably most successful way to stop bad behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is cat pheromone spray and how does it work?

Pheromones are a chemical that animals release in order to affect other animals of the same species in their area. Cats have different types of pheromones that signal different things. For example, there are aggressive pheromones that will signal a cat to stay away from an area. Other cats will use this to “mark their territory” and as such, putting that kind of pheromone on, say a couch you don’t want your cat on, may go a long way towards protecting your furniture from scratches and hair. If it smells like another cat has claimed it as theirs, they may steer clear of it. Other pheromones that a cat can release include calming ones that will signify a “safe” zone that your cat will release when near a place he is comfortable in. (Or a person he is comfortable with.) These pheromone glands are located on the face and if your cat is rubbing his face on you or an object, he’s marking it safe. However, if your cats are an anxious sort, you can replicate those pheromones in an effort to coax them into thinking a certain place is safe and specifically intended for them. A spray is an easy solution if you want to show your cat one part of the room is theirs; simply spray the calming pheromone onto the bed, scratching post, or whatever you choose to help them associate that place with peace.

2. Does cat calm spray work?

The truth is that pheromones in cats are similar to that of humans: they will affect everyone differently. Just because the pheromones your spouse puts off reminds you of home doesn’t mean that they have that effect on everyone (thank goodness). And, even more so, cats have a reputation for simply not caring about other people or other cats. So just because they smell a calming pheromone doesn’t mean they’ll trust it. Or that they’ll even care it’s present. The chances are, if your cat doesn’t care about aggressive pheromones that should have them warned off, the calming pheromones won’t work either. However, if your cat is a skittish sort, the aggressive pheromones may work wonderfully while the calming ones are simply not enough. Sometimes cats just don’t respond to pheromones; there is no absolute answer as to whether it will work until you’ve tried it.

If you’re not noticing a difference after the pheromones have been introduced into your home, all may not be lost, though. You should talk to your vet to rule out any medical issues that may be causing the stress, or preventing the pheromones from doing their job. (Particularly if the problem is urine marking). But again, you’ll need to go into this course of action with open eyes: Pheromones is not an absolute blanket-fix for all cat issues.

3. Will cat pheromone spray make my cat sleepy?

The effect of a pheromone is, of course, dependent on the type of pheromone. If it is an aggressive pheromone, your cat won’t be calmed or sleepy around them at all. Calming cat pheromones should also not make your cat sleepy. However, you may notice a big difference in your cat’s level of “calm;” which may appear to be sleepiness compared to the ball of anxiety she has been previously. Pheromones should make your cat calm; not sleepy. If you notice your cat acting lethargic; tripping or stumbling to get around, not eating or not drinking – that’s a reason to worry and you’ll need to check with your vet immediately. You’ll most likely just notice a bit more snuggling and, in her more relaxed state, more likely to a healthy amount of cat naps. It won’t knock them out like a sleeping aide, though, so you should be able to rouse her easily and if she has a history of sleeping concerns, she may not sleep any more often than normal.

4. Does cat pheromone spray affect humans?

Because a cat’s sense of smell is so much more developed than ours, we likely can’t even tell when cat pheromones are released in the air. We can typically only smell strong scents a cat releases: urine being the most common. However, even if you could smell the pheromones, they’re still, by and large, species-specific. Dog pheromones won’t affect cats, cat pheromones won’t affect you. We don’t even have the proper receptors to detect a cat’s pheromones, though. There are a small chance your pheromones can be determined by your cat, but they won’t have a dramatic impact on them, by any means.

We should mention, cat pheromone diffusers can cause headaches if you are sensitive to the paraffin oil that the pheromones are cut with, but sprays do not run that same risk. And even if you are, if you can handle a candle burning then you’ll likely be able to handle a cat pheromone diffuser, as well.

5. How do I get rid of my cat’s pheromones?

1. Clean it quickly!

If you catch your cat in action, act fast! You can smell cat pee immediately after they have performed, but if you don’t clean it straight away, the urine smell will get more concentrated and be harder to remove.

Thoroughly clean the area by wiping it down with warm soapy water, or a mixture of alcohol and water. Use a clean towel to blot it dry, let it dry naturally or use a vacuum. Do this a few times if necessary until there’s no trace of the smell.

2. Try non-toxic, natural cleaners

If soapy water alone does not work, you can try using baking soda, which is a natural cleaning agent.

  • Spread a few tablespoons of baking soda evenly over the spot - but not too much as excessive amounts can be more difficult to clean.
  • Leave the baking soda on the spot for a few hours, or overnight if possible, and vacuum it up the next morning.
  • Don’t worry if your cat is tempted to return to the spot, baking soda is non-toxic and won’t harm your cat.
  • If your cat has sprayed on a machine-washable item, first rinse it in cool water, add a cup of baking soda into the machine, along with your normal detergent, and wash as normal.

3. Use an enzyme-neutralizing cleaner

An enzyme-neutralizing cleaner helps to break down molecules in cat urine, helping to get rid of the smell at the same time.

  • First, use water to dilute the area where your cat has peed. If you didn’t manage to get to the mark quickly enough, you may need to repeat this a few times!
  • Try not to get the area too wet as this might cause the stain to spread.
  • Dab with a towel to soak up the water. You may find your towel starts to take on some of the odor. This is good as it means the treatment is working! Keep changing the towel and continue to dilute the stain.
  • Apply the enzyme-neutralizing cleaner when you have finished diluting the affected area and ensure you apply enough to saturate it.
  • Leave the cleaner on the area for 10-15 minutes (or as directed), then blot well and leave to dry naturally. Do not apply heat to the area.
  • Prevent your cat from returning to the scene, by covering it over lightly with an upturned box - still allowing natural air to get to it.

An enzyme-neutralizing cleaner can also be added to a washing machine cycle (if the item that has been sprayed, is machine washable, of course!).

4. Clean and repeat!

If you find that your cleaning efforts have not worked totally, you may need to repeat the process. This may be the case if your cat has peed on thick carpets, for example. However, it’s worth repeating to make sure all of the scents is gone!

5. Air the room

Once you have cleaned the area, allow as much air as possible into the room. Scented candles or an air freshener can also help to make the room more pleasant to live in while the smell disappears completely!

6. Things to Avoid!

Don’t be tempted to use bleach! Ammonia-based or bleach cleaners can smell like cat pee (to a cat!) so they may mistake it for their own pee, and be attracted for a repeat performance!

It’s also not advisable to use your steam cleaner to clear the smell. The heat from the cleaner can set the stain into your furniture or floor, and make it much harder to remove.