Cat Pheromone Spray

The Best Cat Pheromone Sprays (2020)


If you are struggling with your cat’s behavior when you are gone or with you there, there may be an easy fix. Spraying a cat pheromone spray can calm or deter your cat from becoming well behaved. Cat pheromones are a great example of a one-step solution; should they work. It is extremely important that before making a purchase you understand that cat pheromones may not work for your cat. Pheromones aren’t generally a one-venture arrangement and truth be told, a few felines scarcely register their essence in their lives. You will often find this reflected in product reviews as well. You’ll need to keep this in mind when reading the notes: if a cat is not responding to pheromones, it probably has nothing to do with the quality of the product but rather the cat’s personality. Other than that, it can be difficult to find the best product for your cat.

The 5 Top Rated Cat Pheromone Sprays

Editor’s Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Scratching Deterrent Spray 3.8
Runner Up Sentry Stop That! for Cats 3.7
Best Budget Buy Feliway Travel Spray 3.6
Best Cat Pheromone Spray for Stress ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray 3.5
Best Cat Pheromone Spray for Urine Marking Comfort Zone Spray & Scratch Control Spray for Cat Calming 3.6

Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Anti-Scratch Deterrent Spray

Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Anti-Scratch Deterrent Spray is particularly effective against scratches and carvings. This means that while your cat may have an interest (and a habit in) scratching your couch, spraying it on it can help turn it into a no-go area for them.

The pheromones in this spray are masked by a floral pheromone, so while your cat detects an aggressive pheromone that will repel her, all you’ve sprayed, all you’ll notice is a pleasant floral aroma. The formula is also non-staining and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about the effect it will have on your most delicate furniture. However, you won’t want to over-spray; it still contains oils. Follow the spray instructions and your furniture and rugs should not be affected at all.

There might not be an overwhelming number of customer reviews for this product, but if you look elsewhere you will find that it is a highly regarded product overall. And for a product of such quality, you might be surprised to find that it will only cost you around $ 20.

Main features of Pet MasterMind Lion Tamer Cat Anti-Scratch Deterrent Spray:

  • Aggressive pheromone to deter
  • Non-marking formula
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sentry Stop it! For Cats

The sentry stop it! for Cats is another aggressive pheromone deterrent spray that will keep your cat away from anything it is likely to tear and scratch, but also anything you want to make sure is protected. So if you have a new sofa that you are worried about having legs that are too tempting for your cat, it’s a good idea to spray it on before your cat even sees it.

It’s also a great pheromone spray if you want to use it as a behavior corrector. You can spray your cat when you catch him red-handed to let him know that his behavior is not correct and that the pheromones will be a warning to him, as well as the unpleasant spray sound. (Don’t spray it on your face, of course.) We love the idea of ​​placing a few of these bottles all over the house or just one in an area where your furry baby is prone to misbehaving. For example, if he loves to tackle a potted plant, keep the spray close to him so that he can catch him red handed several times.

Sentry Stop That! for Cats Key Features:

  • Aggressive pheromone to deter
  • Lavender chamomile fragrance
  • Utilizations commotion and pheromone innovation to stop awful practices in cats.

Feliway Travel Spray

The Feliway Travel Spray is awesome for taking your cat with you while you travel. What’s more, that is certainly something any loved ones you stay with will appreciate (and your wallet will value not expecting to cover those precarious lodging tabs!)

The main focus of this spray is to determine urine spraying and scratching for your cat, so you can start using pheromone spray if your cat possesses these behaviors. This brand says that they are 100% effective and are the number 1 brand in the whole country.

It’s still pretty tempting because you can buy it for under $ 20!

Feliway Travel Spray for on the go management behavior modifier spray main features:

  • Aggressive pheromone for deterrence
  • 2 size options
  • Repeat sprays daily.

ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray Main Features:

  • Soothing pheromone for anxiety relief
  • Including 60 ml spray bottle
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Cat Pheromone Spray For Cats To Make Urine:

The urine making spray is a perfect fit for any cat who needs a little help understanding its limits and changing some behaviors. namely urine marking. If your cat is tagging with urine due to anxiety (as is often the case), there is a good chance that this spray will help calm her fears in specific areas. If he has repeatedly marked in one place, you can bet that it is now “his place”. However, should you clean thoroughly and spray on the spot, he may identify this place as safe and need no longer need his marking.

This spray releases a soothing pheromone that allows him to find a little comfort where he used to find stress and is likely to have a positive effect on your relationship and home. Not only is he less likely to scratch and mark, but a comfortable cat will be happier if it bonds better with its human parent.


  • Soothing pheromone for anxiety relief
  • 2 sizes available
  • Refund warranty.

Who Should Buy A Cat Pheromone Spray?

If your cat isn’t doing the way you want, don’t give up. Between scratching, urinating, climbing furniture, and herbivorous eating, there are many common cat behaviors that you might want to advise against in your home. There’s a good chance that with some work you can change his behavior without drastic action. There are training tactics and classes you can take to help your fur baby. Even if you don’t have the time to do all of these methods, a cat pheromone may just be a “simple” button for you. It won’t work for all cats - it depends entirely on their personality, not the pheromones - but if it works? Oh how easy can this be?

Even if your cat is well behaved and does not need such good behavior persuasion, no cat is 100% well behaved, 100% of the time (how boring a personality would be that would be anyway). If something changes, like the introduction of a different pet or even the introduction of a new chair, problems with your cat’s behavior may arise depending on your cat’s sensitivity. When something bigger happens, like travel or a movement, you can take the time to be prepared for these mistakes. And on the rare occasion that a problem occurs unexpectedly, it is a good idea to have a pheromone spray on hand.

Important Features To Consider

A feline pheromone splash ought to complete a few things well. These things are to be kept in mind while a pheromone spray:

  • Aggressive pheromones vs. calming pheromones. There are two essential kinds of feline pheromones for you to use in your home: Aggressive and Calming. Quieting pheromones are those that felines discharge when they’re glad or agreeable to flag a protected detect that they like. It will help your feline feel more quiet accepting another feline has, basically, vouched for a region. It’s a lovely straightforward recipe: You need the feline to be agreeable in a spot, splash the quieting shower. In the event that you’d like the feline to avoid a zone, splash the forceful pheromone.

  • Targeted areas. Splashes are ideal for focused territories; you’ll have the option to straightforwardly influence a particular recognize that you either need them to evade or you need them to embrace, contingent upon the sort of shower you use. A shower could, hypothetically, be utilized for an entire room, however, it won’t be as viable, simply splashing it noticeable all around. All things considered, these showers aren’t normally vaporized and they don’t have a long-range. A diffuser will be more qualified for entire room inclusion. On the off chance that you need to ensure your feline realizes a bed is his or a love seat is forbidden, however, a focused on methodology will be best with a pheromone shower.

  • Travel. Cats aren’t exactly well-known for traveling well. Indeed, any change to their routine can be a horrible one for them. Hence, you may select to give up them and have them feline sat for more limited timeframes. This could be a magnificent opportunity to utilize your feline pheromones to quiet them and shield them from carrying on with your all the more valuable furnishings and floor coverings. Alternately, should you decide to take your feline with you on the outing you take, an exhaustive splash of a quieting shower in the feline pet hotel may come way towards keeping him relaxed? Furthermore, pressing a hindrance travel splash will presumably go far towards getting your home far from the destitute threatened, as well.

  • catnip If a soothing spray contains catnip, there is a greatly increased chance that it will have the desired effect. Of course, be careful not to develop a tolerance to catnip. And of course, keep in mind that some cats react differently to catnip. Some might be weak while others will be energized. In case you’re simply attempting to shield her from feeling pushed and on edge, catnip is likely the best approach. On the other hand, if you want to calm a slightly agitated and anxious cat, think twice before adding a stimulant to its system.

  • "Pheromone-like" sprays You may be thinking, as long as you can get a spray for your cat, you should get a spray with real pheromones right? Well, that might be one answer to your problem, but it might not be the only answer either. Keep in mind that the real pheromone sprays can actually cost more money than the sprays without. More importantly, cats respond differently to pheromones depending on their personality. A cat can act as you intend. Withdrawing from aggressive pheromones and snuggling into calming ones while others may not even pretend they notice the pheromones at all. However, personalities are irrelevant if you are spraying something that is uncomfortable or comforting to all cats. That said, lavender is just as likely to calm a cat who responds to pheromones as it is to those who don’t care about them. So, if you’ve tried pheromone sprays and have had no luck, a pheromone spray may still be able to help you.

  • Urine marking. On the whole, the cause of cat urine tagging is an overwhelming fear. You can often stop urine marking by giving your cat a place in your home that is comfortable for them. And if they have made it a habit of marking a specific area with urine, a good clean is likely to be required. Additionally, a deterrent (or aggressive pheromone) spray will prevent this mark from recurring. If there’s something in this area that scares them, a soothing spray may be more effective.

  • “Water bottle” approach. If you are around your cat often, you can use deterrent sprays as immediate feedback in case of bad behavior; just like you would with a spray bottle of water to form the word “no!” to a pet. Not only will the pheromone scare them (or at least make them less happy to be in that specific area), but they’ll also be more likely to be unhappy with the fact that you spray them. Catching them in the act with an aggressive pheromone deterrent spray is probably the most effective way to stop bad behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What Is Pheromone Spray For Cats And How Does It Work?

Pheromones are a synthetic that creatures discharge to influence different creatures of similar species in their general vicinity. Cats have different types of pheromones that signal different things. For example, there are aggressive pheromones that signal the cat to stay away from an area. Other cats will use it to “mark their territory” and as such putting this kind of pheromone, for example, a couch that you don’t want your cat to sit on, can go a long way in protecting your furniture from scratches. and hair. If it smells like another cat claimed it as theirs, they can walk away from it. Other pheromones a cat can release include calming pheromones which will signify a “safe” area for your cat to release when near a place they are comfortable. (Or someone they’re comfortable with.) These pheromone glands are located on the face, and if your cat rubs their face on you or on an object, they’ll mark it safely. However, if your cats are anxious, you can breed these pheromones for the purpose of persuading them to think that a certain place is safe and specifically intended for them. A spray is an easy fix if you want to show your cat that part of the room is theirs; simply spray the soothing pheromone on the bed, scratching post, or whatever you decide to help them partner that place with harmony.

2. Does Cat Calm Spray Work?

The truth is, pheromones in cats are similar to those in humans: they will affect everyone differently. Just because the pheromones your spouse repels remind you home of it doesn’t have that effect on everyone (thank goodness). And, what’s more, cats have a reputation for not caring about other people or cats. So, just because they smell a calming pheromone doesn’t mean they’re going to trust it. Or that they’ll even care if it’s present. Chances are, if your cat doesn’t care about the aggressive pheromones that should be preventing him, the calming pheromones won’t work either. However, if your cat is finicky, aggressive pheromones can work wonderfully while soothing ones just aren’t enough. Sometimes cats just don’t respond to pheromones; there is no absolute answer as to whether it will work until you try it.

If you don’t notice any difference after introducing pheromones into your home, all may not be lost. You should speak to your vet to rule out any medical issues that could cause stress or prevent the pheromones from doing their job. (Especially if the problem is urine marking). But again, you’ll have to approach this course of action with your eyes open: Pheromones aren’t the absolute solution for all cat problems.

3. Will Pheromone Cat Spray Make My Cat Sleepy?

The effect of a pheromone depends, of course, on the type of pheromone. If it is an aggressive pheromone, your cat will not be at all calmed down or drowsy around them. Calming cat pheromones shouldn’t make your cat sleepy either. However, you may notice a big difference in your cat’s “calm” level; which may appear to be drowsiness compared to the anxiety ball she was before. Pheromones should calm your cat; not tired. If you notice that your cat is lethargic; tripping or tripping to get around, not eating, or drinking - this is cause for concern and you will need to check with your vet immediately. You’ll probably just notice a little more cuddling and, in her more relaxed state, more likely to have a good cat nap. However, it won’t knock them out as a sleep aid, so you should be able to wake her up easily and if she has a history of sleeping problems, she might not sleep more often than usual.

4. Does Pheromone Spray For Cats Affect Humans?

Because a cat’s smell is so much more developed than ours, we probably can’t even tell when cat pheromones are released into the air. We can usually only smell strong odors that a cat gives off, urine being the most common. However, even though you could smell the pheromones, they are still, on the whole, species-specific. Dog pheromones will not affect cats, cat pheromones will not affect you. However, we don’t even have the right receptors to detect a cat’s pheromones. There is a small chance that your pheromones could be determined by your cat, but in no way will they have a dramatic impact on them.

It should be mentioned that cat pheromone diffusers can cause headaches if you are sensitive to the paraffin oil that the pheromones are cut with, but sprays do not run the same risk. And even if it does, if you can handle a burning candle, you will probably be able to handle a cat pheromone diffuser as well.

5. How can I Eliminate Pheromones From My Cat?

1. Clean it up quickly!

In the event that you get your feline in real life, move quickly! You can smell cat ■■■ immediately after performing, but if you don’t clean it up right away, the urine smell will become more concentrated and be ■■■■■■ to remove.

Clean the area thoroughly by wiping it down with hot soapy water or a mixture of alcohol and water. Use a clean towel to dry it off, let it dry naturally, or use a vacuum cleaner. Do this several times if necessary until there is no trace of the smell.

2. Try non-toxic natural cleansers

If the soapy water alone doesn’t work, you can try using baking soda, which is a natural cleaning agent.

  • Spread a few tablespoons of baking soda evenly over the stain - but not too much as excessive amounts can be more difficult to clean.
  • Leave the baking soda on for a few hours, or overnight if possible, and vacuum the next morning.
  • Don’t worry if your cat is tempted to go back in place, the baking soda is non-toxic and won’t harm your cat.
  • If your cat has sprayed a machine washable item, rinse it first with cold water, add a cup of baking soda to the machine, along with your normal detergent, and wash as usual.

3. Use an enzyme neutralizing cleanser

An enzyme neutralizing cleanser helps break down molecules in the cat’s urine, helping get rid of the odor at the same time.

  • First, use water to dilute the area where your cat peed. If you were not able to reach the goal quickly enough, you may have to repeat this operation a few times!
  • Try not to make the area too wet as this may cause the stain to spread.
  • Dab with a towel to absorb the water. You may find that your towel is starting to take on some of the scent. This is good because it means the treatment is working! Keep changing the towel and keep thinning the stain.
  • Apply the Enzyme Neutralizing Cleanser when you’re done diluting the affected area and make sure to apply enough to saturate it.
  • Leave the cleanser on the area for 10 to 15 minutes (or as directed), then blot well and let dry naturally. Try not to apply warmth to the territory.
  • Prevent your cat from re-entering the premises by covering them lightly with an inverted box - still allowing natural air to get there.

An enzymatic killing cleaner can likewise be added to a clothes washer cycle (if the thing that was splashed is machine launderable, obviously!).

4. Clean and repeat!

If you find that your cleaning efforts haven’t fully worked out, you may need to repeat the process. This may be the case if your cat has urinated on thick rugs, for example. However, it’s worth repeating to make sure all the scents are gone!

5. Ventilate the room

After you’ve cleaned the area, let as much air as possible into the room. Scented candles or an air freshener can also help make the room more pleasant to live in while the smell is gone completely!

6. Things to Avoid!

Don’t be tempted to use bleach! Ammonia or bleach-based cleaners can smell cat ■■■ (for a cat!), So they can mistake it for their own ■■■, and be drawn to repeated performance!

It is also not recommended to use your steam cleaner to remove the odor. The heat from the cleaner can set the stain in your furniture or floor and make it much more difficult to remove.