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CarShield Commercial is always performed by very talented actors. Car shields spend a lot of money on commercials. Among all advertisers, CarShield has received 2,523 airings, earning a spend ranking of #243.


With a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0 stars in our comprehensive assessment of the leading warranty providers, CarShield stood out as one of the best solutions available. The business did particularly well when it came to affordably priced benefits and coverage.

Why We Prefer CarShield?

CarShield functions admirably overall, but our editorial staff has certain particular favorites regarding the provider:

  • High-mileage vehicle coverage: CarShield offers policies for automobiles with up to 300,000 miles, far more than many insurers are prepared to provide.

  • Included benefits: Roadside help is included as a free extra with CarShield plans. The added cost of this can provide much-needed peace of mind.

  • Coverage that is affordable: Due to its cheap rates, CarShield won the title of Most Affordable in our 2022 survey. For many drivers, the company ought to be among the more affordable choices.

Is CarShield Worth It?

If you want to long-term secure your car, CarShield might be worth it. For such a reputable extended auto warranty provider, CarShield offers a comprehensive selection of policies at very competitive prices. Additionally, the company’s rates make it a particularly appealing choice if you need a used car warranty but are on a tight budget.

CarShield Features

One of the most well-liked independent warranty companies in the nation, CarShield, provides customers with month-to-month contracts, adaptable protection packages, and a selection of deductibles.

CarShield offers insurance policies that are managed by different businesses, including American Auto Shield, as it is legally a broker of car service contracts. Drivers can choose from a larger range of coverage and price ranges thanks to this configuration. Even coverage for ATVs and other non-traditional vehicles is available.

What is the price of CarShield?

Comparatively speaking to other extended auto warranty providers, CarShield offers reasonable services. Our research team surveyed 1,000 drivers for a 2021 warranty and found that the majority spent between $1,500 and $2,500 for their vehicle repair contracts.

CarShield Prices

Depending on your circumstances, CarShield may charge you differently for an extended auto warranty. The following are some of the major elements that impact how much your warranty will cost:

• The year, make, model, and mileage of your vehicle

• Insurance policy

• The deductible that you select

CarShield Pricing

For price quotes on a few autos, our research team contacted CarShield. We discovered that the majority of CarShield plans cost between $99.99 and $129.99 a month based on the quotes we received. Your specific plan, however, may fall outside of this range based on the level of coverage you select and the specifics of your vehicle.

Deductible for CarShield

Drivers can select from a variety of deductible options with CarShield, starting at $0. You won’t have to worry about being bound by a lengthy contract because the organization also offers monthly payment alternatives.

CarShield Extended Warranty Coverage

Depending on the plan you select, an extended automobile warranty may cover certain things. Six coverage options, from exclusionary coverage akin to a factory warranty to powertrain-only coverage, are provided by CarShield.

CarShield Vehicle Service Contract

You are more likely to find the greatest coverage for you if you do more study before making a choice. To assist you to understand exactly what each plan covers and doesn’t, CarShield provides sample contracts.

CarShield Roadside Assistance

Customers praised the advantages of the organization in several CarShield reviews. Drivers can also benefit from the following benefits with CarShield warranty contracts:

• Around-the-clock roadside assistance, including fuel delivery

• Courtesy towing for mechanical issues (not included with all plans)

• Payment for a rental vehicle (not included with all plans)

Carshield Commercial


A CarShield adjuster will deal directly with the facility to cover the remaining repair expenses. The customer support team at CarShield replies to a large number of comments.

What Does CarShield Not Cover?

CarShield excludes coverage for:

  • Components that have been changed or modified.

  • Components subject to wear and tear, such as brake pads and air filters

  • Deterioration brought on by natural disasters, collisions, vandalism, or improper maintenance

  • Auto repairs performed without a CarShield claims representative’s prior approval

  • There are limitations to even the most thorough extended auto warranties. Exclusions are present in practically all extended warranty policies on the market, including CarShield.

CarShield Waiting Period

Like the majority of auto service contract companies, CarShield plans require a 500-mile and 20-day waiting time before covered repairs can be made. This aids the supplier in ensuring that pre-existing conditions won’t be covered by the warranty.

Warranty Transfer Policy

Transferable CarShield warranties are available. If you sell your car and pay a $50 charge to the company, you can transfer your warranty to a new owner. The coverage, though, stays with the car. Your warranty cannot be transferred to another car you own or purchase. You’ll need to enroll in a new policy instead.

Mobile App CarShield

Policyholders can examine the specifics of their contracts on mobile devices using the CarShield Mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android. You can find easy access to information on roadside assistance, customer care, and warranty claims on the app.

Users online have generally given CarShield Mobile positive reviews. On both the Apple Store and Google Play, the app has received an average rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars and 3.4 out of 5.0 stars, respectively.

How To Cancel CarShield?

A CarShield policy can be canceled at any time. To cancel your contract, you must, however, speak with customer service directly and send a notice of cancellation of your policy.

You’ll receive a complete refund if you quit within the first 30 days of your policy. In most circumstances, you can receive a proportionate refund for the period remaining on your policy after 30 days.

Function of CarShield

You can prepay for the price of mechanical breakdown repairs with CarShield vehicle service contracts, either in the form of advance payment in full or every month. As long as the damaged components are insured and your account is in good standing, CarShield will cover the cost of repairs, less your deductible.

Quotes from CarShield

Several of the CarShield evaluations we read described how simple it is to get an extended warranty from the business. By entering your details on the business’ website, you can request a quote.

Nevertheless, calling for a quote can be even simpler. The hold time on our team’s call to CarShield to request a quote was under a minute, and the entire call lasted roughly ten minutes.

Using a CarShield Warranty

Finding a mechanic who accepts CarShield coverage is simple. Any dealership or repair facility that has been accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®) can perform covered repairs if you have a vehicle service contract through the firm. This is how it goes:

1. Verify repairs are covered: Review your CarShield contract to make sure the repairs you require are covered.

2. Bring your car in: You can have modifications made at any authorized dealership or service facility. Make sure to emphasize that you have warranty coverage and will be utilizing it.

3. Pay your deductible: You must pay the chosen deposit to have the repairs made.

4. Allow CarShield to cover the remaining costs: A CarShield adjuster will deal directly with the facility to cover the remaining repair expenses. You can reasonably anticipate the same from the supplier since the smooth, simple repair and claims processes were stated in most CarShield reviews we read.

Customer Reviews and Ratings for CarShield

Numerous customer reviews of CarShield can be found online, the majority of which are favorable. With more than 8,000 reviews, the business has a Google rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. It also has over 22,000 driver ratings and 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Trustpilot.

Despite these favorable ratings of CarShield, the BBB assigns the business a F rating and notes a pattern of problems regarding forceful or deceptive sales and advertising, problems canceling insurance, and impolite CarShield representatives.

On the BBB website, there are more than 1,900 consumer reviews for CarShield, with an average score of 1.4 out of 5.0 stars. The customer support team at CarShield replies to a large number of comments, and in the previous year, 1,200 issues were resolved.

Considering that the company claims to have sold over a million contracts, the complaints amount to a rather modest portion of that total.

Extended CarShield Warranty


Endurance has a solid reputation and has been in the extended auto warranty market since 2006. Being a straight service contract supplier rather than a brokerage or reseller sets the company apart in the car protection sector. This indicates that Durability provides and completes the majority of its programs independently.

Endurance provides six tiers of protection. Each plan includes a year’s worth of Durability Elite Benefits, which include advantages like 24/7 roadside assistance, tire repair or replacement, and collision discounts. Endurance has had positive consumer feedback, earning 4.4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and 3.4 stars out of 5 on the BBB website.


Reliable third-party warranty provider CARCHEX offers five levels of protection and a comprehensive list of benefits, such as towing coverage, round-the-clock roadside assistance, and reimbursement for rental cars.

Despite receiving an A+ rating from the BBB, CARCHEX only receives 2.4 out of a possible 5 ratings from customers. The insurance provider has a Trustpilot rating of 3.3 out of 5.0.

What repairs are covered by CarShield?

Depending on the additional auto warranty you buy, CarShield repair coverage may vary. The supplier offers fundamental powertrain warranty options that include coverage for the drive axles, transmission, and engine. Additionally, CarShield provides bumper-to-bumper exclusionary warranties that essentially cover every electrical and mechanical component.

Between an engine warranty and a bumper-to-bumper warranty, the majority of the company’s protection plans offer coverage.

What Does a CarShield Warranty Cover?

There are other levels of coverage available through CarShield, but as we already noted, since they are all the same price, there is no reason to worry about anything but the top plan. According to CarShield, its Diamond protection plan “Covers everything,” including starting issues, fuel pump malfunctions, and engine and gearbox difficulties.

This blueprint and the bumper-to-bumper plan provided by your manufacturer are comparable but not identical. Items like the following are excluded:

• Drums and rotors for brakes

• Struts and shocks

• Modificable tops

• Glass-fiber tops

• Glass

• Throttle body components

• Headlights

• Rubber moldings and trimmings

• Tires

• Sunroofs

• GPS units

• MP3 Players

Wearables and goods with a shelf life make up the majority of what CarShield excludes, but not all of it. Before you accept the plan, be sure you have read and comprehended Part B of this Sample Contract Here.


CarShield’s Diamond protection plan “Covers everything,” including starting issues, fuel pump malfunctions, and engine and gearbox difficulties. CarShield advises people away from contracts with scant insurance coverage.

Positive Features of CarShield

Our investigation of CarShiled revealed several intriguing elements of its business strategy. One of the positive things we learned is that CarShield advises people away from contracts with scant insurance coverage. If you push the CarShield representatives on the phone, they will give you a very tiny discount for a policy with inadequate coverage.

However, the firm was extremely adamant in our conversations with them about outlining the drawbacks of insurance that may or may not assist you if your vehicle breaks down.

The usage of a monthly payment arrangement is another distinctive manner that CarShield conducts business. The organization offers to pay for your vehicle’s repair needs as long as you pay the monthly contract payment, as opposed to giving you one upfront charge that could be quite high.

Nearly all of the breakdown benefits that come with a AAA policy are also covered by CarShield’s policy. We like AAA because it provides more services than just roadside help. But not everyone joins and keeps their membership active. Roadside assistance and other benefits are included with CarShield coverage as part of the monthly price.

Negative aspects of CarShield

When we looked into CarShield, we discovered some very major red flags. The Better Business Bureau’s information about the business was downright ominous. The CarShield third-party reviews that we could locate were mostly unfavorable.

Although we anticipate seeing more hate mail than love letters in evaluations, what we discovered regarding CarShield was out of the ordinary. Costly CarShield is another. Although $129 per month may not seem out of the ordinary, keep in mind that earlier this year Chevy was renting Bolts in our state for $145 per month.

Hmm. Is a vehicle covered by a factory warranty or just by one? Tough choice. If you do the arithmetic for a three-year CarShield coverage, the total cost comes to $4,680. Five years of keeping the policy will cost you $7,800. Anyone who hasn’t attended MIT will tell you that kind of money is a lot to spend on repairs you might never need.

What CarShield Plan is the Best for Me?

Additional Advantages of CarShield Plans

Before making a purchase, you should be aware of the extra benefits that are included with all of CarShield’s plans:

• Roadside assistance, which offers out-of-gas delivery, flat tire changing, towing, kickstarting, lockout services, and 24/7 service throughout the US. For the duration of the plan, each breakdown contains a minimum of $125 in coverage and a max of $500 in services.

• Rental Car Coverage – In the event of system failure, the CarShield plan will pay up to $40 per day and $280 per incident for alternate transportation.

• Trip Interruption - If you’re on a road trip and experience a failure, the CarShield plan will compensate you for $150 in lost wages and $50 per day for hotel and meals.

The company offers the Diamond Plan because, according to the CarShield agent we spoke with, there is no discernible pricing difference between the plans.

How to Request a CarShield Quote?

It’s quite simple to request a quotation from CarShield for auto insurance. As long as you have the data you require on hand, getting a quote is a simple procedure. You’ll need information about your cars, such as the model, make, year, and mileage. On the CarShield website, you can request a customized estimate.

Calling the business and speaking with a representative directly at 1-800-424-8321 will get you an estimate more quickly. You can download the company’s app onto your smartphone as well.

What is CarShield’s Claim Filing Process?

Direct payment to the provider is made by CarShield. No paperwork needs to be submitted by you. According to CarShield, all you have to do to get your car fixed is bring it to any dealer or ASE-certified repair shop in the US or Canada.

As long as your repair shop takes credit cards, you should be good to go. Claims are paid immediately over the phone with a corporate credit card from CarShield.

Can I Cancel My CarShield Plan?

CarShield provides a pay-as-you-go option, which is different from other extended warranty policies. You won’t be getting a refund of any type because you didn’t make a payment in advance. You can end your subscription at any moment by ceasing to make monthly payments for the plan.

Having said that, we advise you to question the person you speak with about the cancellation policy in the agreement you will be provided before enrolling in CarShield. Additionally, it would be a good idea to provide CarShield’s customer care department with a formal notification that you are dropping out by calling 1-800-587-4162.

Can I Get a CarShield Plan for My Car?

Most automobiles, trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, according to CarShield, are qualified for a Carshield vehicle servicing plan. To demonstrate that the vehicle was serviced by the manufacturer’s guidelines, you must have complete maintenance records.

Additionally, make sure to mention any modifications you have made to your car to the person you speak with. CarShield also provides programs for motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

Is a CarShield Extension Warranty Plan Right for You?

Check out our informative infographic to see if you require a vehicle servicing plan. Customers who should buy a product like this fall into one of two categories. The first is car owners, whose monthly finances may be adversely affected by a hefty and unforeseen repair expenditure.

In the second situation, a customer has a car that they still adore and want to keep, but it has a bad reliability record. Our recommendation is to pay attention when CarSheild claims that the Diamond Plan is the only option that makes sense. Spending a few dollars less each month for a plan that excludes the most typical breakdown seems like a surefire way to end up unsatisfied in the future.


CarShield provides a pay-as-you-go option, which is different from other extended warranty policies. Claims are paid immediately over the phone with a corporate credit card from CarShield.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is there a class action lawsuit against CarShield?

CarShield is a defendant in a class action lawsuit and may face more. CarShield was sued in May 2017 for deceiving consumers and violating the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994.

2: Does Ice-T use CarShield?

Ice-T recommends CarShield, but does he use it? The man says he has CarShield, but it appears the firm paid for it.

3: Do Celebrities Use CarShield?

Ice-T and Vivica A. Fox suggests CarShield. Despite the low accident risk.

4: Is Ric Flair doing a CarShield commercial?

The issue halted Ric Flair’s CarShield ads. CarShield ran Ric Flair advertising throughout this week’s NXT 2.0. Fans were shocked and expressed amazement on social media.

5: What’s wrong with CarShield?

The BBB reports 1,500 complaints about Carshield and gives it an “F” rating. “They got an F because of advertising issues and because they didn’t address the underlying pattern,” stated a BBB representative.

6: Will CarShield replace your engine?

CarShield plans cover engines, transmissions, axles, water pumps, and transfer cases (a metal casing that delivers power in a four-wheel-drive). CarShield covers AC, steering, suspension, and starter.

7: What are CarShield’s cons?

CarShield is a formidable warranty provider, however it has many unfavourable online reviews and not all plans include rental reimbursement.

8: How much does CarShield cost per month?

CarShield reviews often emphasize its low rates. CarShield’s monthly charges range from $89 to $130, based on our undercover shopper research. You can choose a term-limited or month-to-month warranty.

9: How much does CarShield spend on advertising?

CarShield’s 2020 funding is $89m, up 58% from $56.2m in 2019. CarShield’s digital marketing cost $1.5m in 2018 and $159.2k in 2019.

10: Does CarShield cover 150k-mile cars?

CarShield offers 300,000-mile coverage. This is more than many third-party providers, making CarShield good for autos exceeding 100K miles.


CarShield won the title of Most Affordable in our 2022 survey. CarShield offers policies for automobiles with up to 300,000 miles. Drivers can choose from a larger range of coverage and price ranges. Even coverage for ATVs and other non-traditional vehicles is available. CarShield offers six coverage options, from exclusionary coverage to powertrain-only coverage.

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