Car Mechanic

An Auto mechanic is responsible for recognizing and repairing mechanical or electrical issues in vehicles and ensuring their durability and endurance. To get into the industry, one needs to get automobile technician training by joining some good institute that offers automotive repair classes or get into their automotive maintenance program or automotive certification program to get deep insight into the auto mechanic business. If you are an automotive repair novice who wants to make a mark in the industry as a specialist in demand, you need to get a certified professional course mentioned in your Resume. An automobile technician training usually lasts for six to eight months, where you get to become a member of their automotive repair classes. The automotive repair program, also called the automotive certification program, helps the novice gain authentic practical and theoretical experience in the industry and get his work recognized in the market.

Why choose Auto mechanics as a career?

Monetary gains and interest are the two driving forces that give an individual a much-longed-for satisfaction in his/her respective job.

While choosing to be an auto mechanic because of your interest, you can be sure of exceptional and astounding monetary benefits in the industry. An auto mechanic in the US has an average salary between $35,542 and $46,656 annually, depending upon their education, experience, and certifications.

How to become an Auto-mechanic

The first step into the process is to get a high school degree or an equivalent GED certificate, followed by additional automotive technician training from an automotive training institute. Next, get an auto mechanic certification in electronics, hands-on automotive repair, or computers from National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence(ASE). The usefulness of such automotive technician training is that you would know about the basic functioning and maintenance of vehicles more professionally and practically. An automotive technician program would ensure embedding in you the required professional skills that an auto mechanic must-have. The next step would be to get employer training which usually takes about a couple of months.

What is an Auto mechanic certification?

A basic credential for an auto mechanic and their prowess is an ASE certificate that gives an auto mechanic an identification required in the market. The test for the certification needs a pre-registration online and then answering 40-75 multiple choice questions in the test, which is available all across the US throughout the year. It is essential to join a vocational automotive training institute that provides career guidance, professional skills, and much-needed confidence.

Automotive Training Institutes in Philadelphia

To begin with your successful automotive career in Philadelphia, you need to get into a recognized automotive training institute that offers you all that is required, and Philadelphia Technical Training Institute offers you just that.

At Philadelphia Technical Training Institute, you are provided with a 26-week long Automotive Repair Technician program which comes with an unbound number of advantages to be delivered to the students.

Why choose Philadelphia Technical Training Institute?

PTTI offers an Automotive Technology & Repair program designed to train students for the automotive industry and gives a great kick start to your Automotive career in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI) is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. The Automotive trade school offers world-class quality auto repairs and secure employment in the automotive repair field. These include onboard diagnostic scanners, Plasma cutting systems, Dynamometer, car lifts, Multi-process welder, and many more.

Well, at the Automotive trade school, you are offered irresistible program benefits and a good number of reasons that drive you into the program. These are:

•Training lasts as little as six months (day classes) or eight months (evening).

•Affordable Low program course.

•Financial Aid availability to qualifiers.

•Hands-on education in automotive technology & repair.

•Experienced ASE Certified instructors

•An internship in an actual workplace for practical and real-life experience.

•92% of students get a job within one month of their completion.

•Free of charge Job placement to all graduates.

•Alumni receive a lifetime of re-education on any facet of learning received from PTTI.

•Certification of Completion with PA State & Emission License.

What does a student get as an Automotive Tech Graduate?

This mechanic trade school in Philadelphia provides you with Certification, PA State & Emission License, a $2,500 Tools & Large Tool Cart, Customer Service Training,

Mentoring, and instruction in Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, and Job hunting, Full-time staff recruiters, dedicated to finding you satisfactory employment.

An insight into the course

The course provides Shop Safety,Shop Equipment,Operation,Brake Systems,Suspension,Diagnostics,Maintenance & Repair,PA SafetyInspection,PA Emissions Inspection,Electrical,Troubleshooting System Diagnostics Externship.

Along with this, the Campus Services include Flexible Class Schedule, Professional Development, Resume BuildingSnacks/Refreshments Served Daily.


An automotive technician must have professionalism, foresee problems, keenness, hardworking and patient, adaptability, and strong work ethics. Through this automobile technician training, you can be sure of having all these inculcated in you within this short span of six months. The auto mechanic certification program and its faculty are highly attentive towards the different needs of all those coming from different backgrounds and thus adapt themselves to cater to the needs of the students in the best way possible.