can you see who views your YouTube videos

Have you ever asked a YouTuber, “Can you see who views your YouTube videos ?” What was the reply? Being a viewer, we may want to know how our privacy is maintained on YouTube. It is assumed that YouTube content creators have access to a huge amount of information about their audiences. To a certain extent, this assumption. ion is correct as YouTubers can see a lot of information about those who watch their videos.

                     Can You See Who Views Your Youtube Videos?

The question remains whether or not YouTubers can see who views their videos. The answer is No. They cannot see although they would love it it is not made possible by YouTube. There are several data points for YouTubers to check out. However, these data points do not disclose things like who is sharing, liking, or watching the content. Not only can YouTubers get information about the average age of their audience, where they’re based, and their gender, but they can also see what other channels and videos you (and the rest of the channel viewers) watch. This is then shown in the YouTubers analytics.

If you’re a creator, this can help give you some great insight into what type of videos your audience is most interested in and can provide you with some inspiration (this is similar to the old “related channels” box that used to be visible on YouTube channel home pages).

When it is said that YouTubers cannot see the viewers of their videos, it is meant that there is no dashboard panel or stat that displays the recent views. There is not any link to click either that will open up a list with the name of the viewers. However, there are ways to infer some viewers.
For instance, those who have commented on the videos must have watched them except the spammers. However, it is useful from a data analysis point of view but can be deemed useful in certain scenarios.
What Can YouTubers See?

YouTubers can see names of people in two situations- From the comments section and the subscribers’ list. However, YouTubers can only see the name of their subscribers if the user has enabled the feature. Viewers can keep their subscriptions private which ensures that the name would not be visible in the YouTuber’s list of subscribers. They would still count in the number of subscribers but just would not be detected.

How Else YouTubers Know About Their Audiences?

Google is strong on analytics and it does a lot of things to make it easier for YouTubers to get to know their viewers indirectly if not directly. They can know whether most of the viewers are male or female, where are they from, how often or how long they watch a video, what age group of people watch their videos, the device they are using to watch the videos, etc. In short, they can see demographics.

Will It Help If YouTubers can See the Names of Their Viewers?

It would not help in any way. What is the content creator going to do with the personal information of each viewer? It could rather create a negative impact. Moreover, it would not add any additional value to the analytical data that YouTube offers if the accounts or usernames of the users are made visible.

What Else is Kept Hidden from YouTubers?

YouTubers are not able to see the names of the viewers who liked or disliked their videos. They are not able to see who shared their videos either. It could be done by other means though.

Hope after the clarification, you would not need to ask a content creator,
“Can you see who views your YouTube video?” anymore. It is understandable if you are worried about your information being passed along since huge corporations are regularly harvesting and selling personal data and privacy is always at risk.

Whether or not YouTubers can see their viewers’ names, Google is still collecting every possible data about you. Thus, you need to decide whether you are okay with using the platform as a logged-in user. Tell us your views on how individual privacy concerns should be dealt with.
Can YouTubers see your location?

Creators on YouTube cannot see your specific location. What they can see is the percentage of viewers who watched their videos from a specific country. So if you’re in New Zealand, it won’t show Viewer XYZ in New Zealand, it will only show the percentage of viewers from New Zealand.