Can You Pay Lyft With Cash?

Can You Pay Lyft with Cash? Lyft does not accept payments made in cash. Although using a debit or credit card to pay is perfectly acceptable, not everyone prefers it or feels secure doing so. A new option to pay for Lyft rides: with cash, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide access to transportation for more people. At more than 35,000 retail locations nationwide.

Can You Pay Lyft With Cash?

New Option for Preferred Payment in Cash

By allowing customers to top up their Lyft Cash balance at more than 35,000 businesses nationwide using cash, Lyft expands access to transportation.
No one should be refused transportation, even cash-paying customers.

List Details
1 The FDIC expects that 7.1 million US households will be unbanked or have restricted access to financial services in 2019.
2 Restricted access to traditional financial services disproportionately affects minorities.
3 Lyft now takes cash payments to increase transportation availability.
4 More than 35,000 retail outlets, including Walmart, ACE Cash Express, and Kroger Family of Stores, allow riders to add money to their Lyft Cash balance.
5 Riders may easily convert cash into Lyft Cash by adding money and presenting a barcode or unique ID number from their Lyft app. They may then utilise Lyft Cash on their Lyft account to make reservations for rides with no additional costs.

With this new payment method, Lyft is enabling more cash-preferred customers to effortlessly use ridesharing services to go where they need to go, even if they don’t have a bank account, credit card, or debit or prepaid card.

What is Lyft?

In the US and a few Canadian cities, Lyft, Inc., a San Francisco, California-based company, provides mobility as a service, ride-hailing, automobiles for hire, motorised scooters, a bicycle-sharing system, rental cars, and food delivery. Rather than maintaining a fleet of vehicles, Lyft relies on ride requests to generate revenue.

A quote for the fare is provided to the customer in advance, but the final price may vary depending on market conditions. With a 28% market share in 2022, Lyft is the second biggest ridesharing company in the United States, behind only Uber.

Lyft Cash

Lyft Cash is a monetary add-on used to pay for rides. If you prefer to pay with Lyft Cash, you can easily plan and budget for your rides in advance.

List Name
1 Establishing Lyft Cash as an option.
2 Introducing Lyft Cash inside the app.
3 Introducing gift cards as an addition to Lyft Cash.
4 Managing Lyft Cash settings.


Setting for Lyft Cash

Add Lyft Cash to your app’s “Payment” tab. Adding cash or a gift card immediately activates Lyft Cash.

The default payment method is charged if Lyft Cash doesn’t cover a ride. If you wish to pay using Lyft Cash, select “Payments” and choose “+ Add cash.”

Disable Lyft Cash in the “Ride payment” section when requesting a ride. Lyft Cash won’t change your company’s default payment method.

  • Modifying your method of payment

  • During the process of selecting a ride, you have the opportunity to pick a different mode of payment:

  • Tap “Personal” or “Business” in the screen’s bottom-left corner to make your selection.

  • Choose an available method of payment.

  • To complete, click the “Done” button in the screen’s upper right corner.

If Lyft Cash is the only option available, you won’t have any other options to pick from to make a payment. Lyft Cash isn’t used for lost-and-found, damaged, or gift card purchases.

Lyft Cash addition in the app

You can add Lyft Cash to your account or set up automatic refills. Further funds will be deposited automatically when your account balance drops below $15, and you have “Auto refill” set up.

Number Steps
1 The Lyft app will update to include Lyft Cash.
2 Select “Payment” from the app’s menu.
3 To donate, use the “+ Add cash” button.
4 Auto-refill is turned on. Slide off automatic balance reloading.
5 Click “Check out.”
6 Choose your preferred payment option before adding Lyft Cash.
7 If you want to use a new payment method, go to “Payment” and click “+ Add payment method.”
8 Press “Purchase.”

The Accepted Payment Options

The following methods of payment are used to add funds to your Lyft Cash account:

  • Charge card.

  • Charge card.

  • Payday loan.

  • Money in a bank.

  • Cash flow

  • Either digital or store gift cards.

Include Gift Cards

There is a link in the email with the digital gift card that you may use to add it to your account. Lyft Cash may be reloaded using the unique codes printed on or found on gift cards.

To purchase a gift card, click the image. Put in the gift card number and PIN. In cases when the gift card icon is not immediately apparent, selecting “Payment” from the drop-down menu and then choosing the icon should do the trick.

Taking care of Lyft Cash

You can change your Lyft Cash settings inside the Lyft app.

Number Steps
1 Continually refilled
2 Launch the drop-down menu, and then choose “Payment.”
3 Choose the “Auto refill” option.
4 You may turn on or turn off the auto-refill feature by touching the slider next to it.
5 The slider will have a green color while it is active, but when it is not, it will have a grey color.
6 Once your available balance drops below $15, touch the amount you want to add.
7 Automatic will allow you to choose a preferred form of payment.
8 To save the file, click “Save.”

Improve Lyft’s cash system

Specifically, do what the instructions instruct. When you press the icon, the necessary amount will automatically refill. Go into the auto-refill settings and double-check the payment method before clicking “Save.”

  1. To make changes to your app’s Lyft Cash payment option.

  2. Toggle to “Payment” in the app’s menu.

  3. Select your desired payment option by tapping the “Lyft Cash” arrow.

  4. When topping out your Lyft Cash, choose your chosen payment method.

  5. To add a new payment option, click the plus sign.

With Lyft Cash, Budgeting Is Simpler

A new method of paying for Lyft trips in a car, bike, or scooter is called Lyft Cash. Set aside money for your planned rides to provide yourself additional financial security.


Lyft increases access to transportation by offering cash top-ups at more than 35,000 establishments nationwide. We believe that transportation should be available to users who prefer cash. You may add money for rides using Lyft Cash. You can budget and plan for your journeys using Lyft Cash.

How Does Lyft Cash Work?

Simple Budgeting

For peace of mind and simpler budgeting, set aside money for transportation. You may also enable auto-refill to have money added to your account if it drops below $15.

Seamless Encounter

All of our ride kinds are compatible with Lyft Cash. You may use Lyft Cash whether riding a bike, riding a Lyft scooter, or getting a ride to work.

No Time Limit Attached

The best part is that your Lyft Cash balance will always be accessible since it will never run out. You may use them for any form of transportation after purchasing them.

The goal of Lyft

Using a ridesharing service, you may get in touch with a local driver who is willing to pick up and take you anywhere you need to go. The app you use to find a ride quickly is called Lyft. Touch “request,” and a driver will arrive. Using Lyft, you can assist your neighbourhood in lessening traffic and removing vehicles off the road.

Procedures for Safety

Ridesharing businesses have failed to take the required precautions to stop sexual attack. Governmental organisations have penalised them for transgressing the terms of their background investigation procedures.

More than 34 women filed lawsuits against Lyft in the United States in 2019, stating that Lyft drivers had raped or attacked them, that the business had failed to take sufficient precautions to protect them, and that Lyft attracted drivers who intended to take advantage of helpless women.

Many women claim that even after reporting their attack to Lyft, the business disregarded the information and let the attackers continue driving for the firm. Using a phone while driving has been encouraged or mandated by ridesharing services, which has drawn criticism.

Some applications demand drivers touch their phone screen to accept a fare, often within 15 seconds of getting a notice, which is forbidden in some places since it can lead to distracted driving.


For peace of mind with your finances, set aside money for transportation. Your balance will be topped up automatically when it falls below $15. You may locate a local driver via ridesharing to take you where you need to go. A ride-hailing app is Lyft. For a driver, tap. You may reduce traffic in your town by utilising Lyft.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are the following important questions related to this topic.

1 - What is Lyft Cash?

A new payment option called Lyft Cash makes it simpler for you to budget and plan for forthcoming trips. You may add funds to your Lyft account with Lyft Cash and use those funds to pay for trips.

2 - What Kind of Rides Are Available for Lyft Cash Payment?

All your rides, including bike and scooter trips ordered using the Lyft app, may be paid for using Lyft Cash.

3 - How Can I Fill My Lyft Cash Account?

Go to the app’s menu and click the “Payment” item. Press “Add cash” in the Lyft Cash card, choose an amount, and tap “Check out.” Additionally, you may programme cash additions or refills to occur automatically. When the trip cost exceeds the amount of Lyft Cash you have available, the payment method you choose will also be utilised to pay the difference.

4 - How Can I Modify the Refill Quantity or Turn Off Auto Refill?

Navigate to the app’s “Payment” tab. Tap the slider next to “Auto refill” on the Lyft Cash card to make it off. Ensure “Auto refill” is turned on before choosing the desired amount ($25, $50, or $100) to replenish automatically.

5 - Can I Give Lyft Cash Money to Someone Else?

You may only spend your Lyft Cash dollars in your own Lyft account for personal purposes.

6 - Does Lyft Cash Combine with Other Credits and Promotions?

Yes. Any applicable discounts or credits will be applied to the cost of the trip before your Lyft Cash is utilised since Lyft Cash functions just like a payment method.

7 - How Does Auto Refill Work?

Thanks to the auto-refill function, you’ll always have Lyft Cash ready to pay for your trips. When “Auto refill” is turned on, we’ll top up your account anytime it falls below $15. When you initially activate “Auto refill,” you’ll be charged your refill amount immediately if your Lyft Cash balance is less than $15.

8 - How Can I Change the “Auto Refill” Payment Method?

Choose the “Payment” menu in the app. To redeem Lyft Cash, swipe the card clockwise. Choose your preferred method of payment and continue.

9 - Is Lyft Accessible Without a Credit Card?

Major credit cards (including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), debit cards, and prepaid cards are all accepted by Lyft. In addition, you have access to Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal (for iOS and Android users), and other payment methods (in select cities).

10 - Which App Accepts Cash Payments for Rides?

More than 100,000 drivers in almost every major US urban region are connected to Curb. Request a trip in a matter of seconds, and a taxi will be there in minutes.


Lyft does not take cash, much like Uber. Using a debit or credit card is not something everyone wants or feels comfortable doing. Over 35,000 retail outlets, including Walmart, ACE Cash Express, and Kroger Family of Stores, allow customers to add money to their Lyft Cash balance. A ride-hailing app is Lyft. For a driver, tap. You may reduce traffic in your town by utilising Lyft.

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