Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Can dogs eat Popcorn? Yes, if the Popcorn is plain and air-popped without seasoning like butter. Otherwise, the answer to whether dogs can eat Popcorn is no.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Can dogs eat Popcorn? Is it okay?

Can dogs have Popcorn? We all love watching TV with a bowl filled with Popcorn, and it’s not out of the norm for us to drop some of the pieces of Popcorn while eating a handful. Within no time, our dog traipses over to hoover our leftover Popcorn; despite their overloaded cuteness, a question indeed clicks in our mind; Can dogs eat Popcorn? Is it safe for the dogs to eat Popcorn? What if I feed a handful from my bowl to my pup?

You have got questions; well, we have got answers. Let’s delve into details of “Can a dog eat Popcorn” and the perks and health issues.

Is Popcorn safe for my dog?

Answers to the Question; can dogs have Popcorn is not as simple as it seems to be; we can’t wind it up into simple yes or no. Instead, it depends on how much Popcorn you are feeding your dog.

Its answer is yes, as long as the Popcorn is plain, air-popped without butter, oil, seasoning, and other toppings, including salt, sugar, preservatives, additives, and flavors.

Secondly, the answer to whether my Puppy can eat Popcorn is yes, only if it is served as an occasional doggie treat instead of daily paw food.

If you are conscious enough to consider these things, you are good to go and feed Popcorn to your dog, but if you are not conscious enough, don’t feed it. Otherwise, it can pose severe dangers to your four-legged furry friend.

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Can dogs take Popcorn with butter?

No, it’s not recommended to feed Popcorns with butter topping to the dogs. Although it’s okay if your dog eats a bit from here and there, feeding the dogs a lot of Popcorn with butter topping is not recommended. Similarly, although butter is not much harmful to dogs in higher amounts, it can cause many health issues due to the high-fat content.


Although it’s safe if your dog eats Popcorn with butter, it’s better to avoid feeding it in larger amounts because the high-fat content in butter may pose serious issues for the dog’s health.

Advantages of feeding Popcorns to the dog:

  1. Popcorn is a healthy, low-calorie dog snack with only a small amount of fat. It contains nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, a trace amount of vitamin B, and fibers.

  2. The little to no fat in plain air-popped Popcorns can help your doggie shed extra pounds-A best tip to maintain its smart look. It also keeps away diseases reinforced by the dogs’ high weight.

  3. The low caloric food can help your dog to satiate its hunger without any tension of packing extra pounds.

  4. The high fiber content in Popcorn can boost the efficiency of the digestive system in dogs.

  5. Vitamin B promotes the biochemical reaction in the dog’s body, thus converting carbohydrates into a usable energy form.

  6. Minerals like copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus are essential for adequately developing bones and teeth, blood manufacturing, and other body functions.

  7. Polyphenols in Popcorn are a robust cancer-fighting agent, thus reducing the risk of cancer in dogs.

  8. Riboflavin in Popcorn supports healthy digestion.
    So, while considering all of these benefits, it’s safe if the dogs eat Popcorn.


As Popcorn contains minerals and chemicals that are good for the dog’s health, provide it with a bundle of energy, and ward off cancer, it’s good to offer Popcorn to the dogs but only as an occasional treat. Remember! It should be free from any topping and free from un-popped kernels.

Health hazards and risks associated with feeding Popcorns to the dogs

Your dog’s cuteness might touch you, but don’t let your innocent dog foul you. A conscious pet owner will never let his dog gobble up a plate full of Popcorn. So, offer your dog an occasional treat if you can’t resist. The choice of how to serve your dog with Popcorn will decide how effective and ineffective it will be for your pup’s health.

  1. Butter toppings, oil, and seasoning can upset your dog’s stomach, leading to diarrhea.
  2. Serving Popcorn with butter, oil, salts, and seasoned Popcorn can cause obesity.
  3. The salts in microwave Popcorns can support dehydration in dogs and facilitate kidney issues if fed blindly to the Puppy.
  4. Popcorn Kernel is a pure solid bite, dry dog food, and the un-popped or partially popped kernels can pose choking issues.
  5. The hard unpopped kernels can stick into the dog’s gums and teeth, leading to gums bleeding and toothache.
  6. Excessive Popcorn Kernel feeding can cause vomiting in dogs.

Why is it not okay if my dog eats Popcorn?

Type of Popcorn Recommended or not Why
Popcorn with butter No High fat
Popcorn with oil No Cause intestinal upset, obesity, and diarrhea in dogs
Popcorn with salt No cause vomiting, diarrhea, kidney issues, and tremors in dogs
Popcorn with Flavors Yes or no Sometimes it’s okay for dogs
Unpopped or partial popped No Cause choking


Let’s be honest: we all enjoy salted Popcorns and sometimes with different toppings, and we mainly offer these as it is to our dogs. But it can damage a dog’s kidneys and leads to stomachache, dehydration, and obesity. So, avoiding offering a handful of Popcorn to the dogs is better.

Quantity of Popcorn recommended by the Veterinarians for dogs

Dogs love to gobble up every food their owner can, but it doesn’t mean you’ll offer every human food to your dog just because it acts cute and innocently. The same is the case with feeding Popcorn to your dog; feeding a handful of Popcorn to the dog is foolish. And don’t add these palatable snacks to your doggie’s routine diet. Remember, it’s an occasional treat, not routine paw food.

The maximum you can feed your dog is a handful of Popcorn to a medium-sized dog occasionally. Conscious pet owners and veterinarians suggest that dogs can borrow only 10% of their daily calories from the treats. So the answer to "can dogs eat Popcorn, in this case, is yes, only if the amount is less.

How do you feed Popcorn to your dog that is safe?

  • It should be plain and air-popped without seasonings, salting, sugar, oil, butter, and preservative; otherwise, it can cause stomach ache in dogs.
  • Sort out the un-popped and partially popped kernels and hulls
  • Don’t microwave the Popcorn because, generally, microwaved Popcorn contains an unhealthy form of fat.
  • Keep the treat minimum.
Feeding type Why is it safe?
As a treat Less amount is not harmful.
Air-popped and plain Easily digestible and less choking hazards
Only up to 10% of daily caloric intake Recommended by the veterinarians
Without topping Safe for the digestive system


The total amount of Popcorn treat offered to the dogs should not exceed 10% of daily caloric intake. Un-popped Kernels and Hulls must be sorted out before providing Popcorn for the dogs.

Can dogs take Popcorn that’s sweet and seasoned?

No, it’s better to avoid it.

Can dogs have sweet Popcorn?

Caramel corn, kettle corn, and other sweet Popcorn, coated and garnished with different ingredients, can pose a danger to the Puppy. Such Popcorn contains Xylitol and artificial sweeteners, a big no-no for dogs. Similarly, a lot of candies and chocolates are considered toxins for dogs. Instead, sugar can cause obesity, diabetes, and toothaches. So, it’s better to avoid feeding such stuff to the dogs.

Is it okay if my dog eats Popcorn that is seasoned?

Can dogs have Popcorn that is seasoned? No, Seasoned Popcorn can damage the kidneys and cause diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and obesity.


1. Can dogs take Popcorn kernels, especially if they are un-popped?

They can’t because un-popped kernels can stick in your dog’s teeth and hurt its gums.

2. What issues can my dog face if it eats a lot of Popcorn for a long time?

Dogs can face the main issues of vomiting, diarrhea, kidney issues, stomach upset, pancreatic issues, obesity, blockage, or choking.

3. Can I give salted Popcorn to my dog?

No, Salted Popcorn can cause dehydration and kidney issues in dogs.

4. Can my Puppy eat Popcorn as a treat?

Yes, dogs can enjoy plain and air-popped Popcorn as an occasional treat. However, it should be free from topping, additives, and preservatives.

5. Can Popcorn upset my dog’s stomach?

Yes, if the Popcorn is topped with butter, oil, or any flavor or additive, it can upset your dog’s stomach and lead to diarrhea or vomiting.

6. How much quantity of Popcorn can dogs eat?

You should not serve your dog with a bowl full of Popcorn, it should be served as an occasional treat, and a rare treat counts for 10% of the daily caloric intake.

7. Can dogs I share popcorn chips with my dog?

No, but it’s okay if your dog eats a little amount of Popcorn thrown on the floor. But feeding too many Popcorn chips is not recommended because it contains flavors and seasoning.

8. List some human foods that dogs can have as a treat.

Apple, banana, sweet potatoes, watermelon, cooked squash, broccoli, beans, and strawberries are some human foods that dogs can eat.

9. Which minerals does the Popcorn contain?

It contains magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Minerals Mg per 100 grams
Magnesium 144
Phosphorus 358
Iron 3
Zinc 3
Calcium 7

10. Is Popcorn anti-carcinogenic for dogs?

Yes, Popcorn contains polyphenol’s anti-cancer agent, which helps protect dogs from cancer.

11. Can puppies have Butternut squash?

Undoubtedly, butternut squash’s high potassium is good for the dogs’ nerves, muscles, kidneys, and enzymes. Just make sure to remove the seeds before offering them to dogs.

12. Can puppies eat Popcorn with toppings?

No. Popcorn with toppings like butter, oil, and other flavors is unsuitable for dogs.

13. Can Popcorn kill my dog?

Luckily, it’s not that dangerous or toxic. Yes, it poses many health hazards, but only if you feed Popcorn to your dog in more amounts or with flavoring and toppings.

14. List some healthy human foods for dogs.

Raw or cooked chicken or beef, Milk, Wheat bread, Oatmeal, Salmon, Pumpkin, and Yogurt.

Sr. No Foods
1 Chicken
2 Beef
3 Milk
4 Wheat bread
5 Oatmeal
6 Salmon
7 Pumpkin
8 Yogurt

15. Should I visit a Veterinarian if my dog eats Popcorn?

Not really. But if you notice any issue with your dog, you must visit the veterinarian. If you want to avoid vet trips, follow the simple rule: “can dogs have Popcorn-The less, the better.”


Here we go. Can dogs eat Popcorn? The most simple reply is that it is both yes and no; it depends on how you feed your dog or how much of it is given to the dog to eat.
You can feed it to your dog only if it’s plain and air-popped without garnishing or topping. It should be free from salts with sorted-out un-popped Kernel. But let’s be honest how many of us care for all these precautions, so it’s better to avoid them instead of putting your dog in pain.

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Can dogs eat Popcorn? A quick guide

The reply to the question “Can my dogs eat popcorn” can’t be a simple yes or no; rather, it depends…It’s yes, only in the case of Plain-air popped popcorn but only as a treat(occasional food) and not as a routine doggie food. It’s safe and mildly nutritious if served in the right way and the right amount.

And it’s no if it is garnished with different toppings like butter, salt, sugar, seasoning, or contains other additives and preservatives.

What are the nutritional benefits of feeding popcorns to dogs?

Dogs love to gulp popcorn, and as a low-fat snack, it can help your fluffy friend shed extra pounds. So, it’s the right doggie treat if you want your fluffy friend to burn some calories. Instead, it contains manganese, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, fibers, and a trace amount of vitamins that are crucial for a dog’s healthy life. So, in this case the answer to Can my dogs eat Popcorn is yes.

What are the health hazards associated with feeding popcorn to your dog?

It’s imperative to serve popcorn to your dog in the right way. Popcorn with butter or other toppings, oil, salt, and seasoning can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, obesity, and dehydration. Salted popcorn can also cause kidney issues if regularly served blindly in excessive amounts. In addition, the un-popped or partially popped kernel is hard; it can cause choking hazards and get stuck in the dog’s teeth or gums, leading to toothache.

Microwaved popcorns are a big no-no because of the chemical preservative and unhealthy form of fats. Excessive popcorn feeding can be harmful to cardiac patient dogs, so only a small amount is recommended to feed. So, in these cases, the answer to the question “Can my dogs eat popcorn” is no.

How much popcorn can you feed to your dog?

No doubt dogs love to hoover the leftover popcorn from their owners, and they love to gulp this human snack food, but it doesn’t mean you are gonna serve your dog with a plate full of popcorn. Only a handful of plain air-popped popcorn is enough as an enticing treat for your medium-sized dog. Only less than 10% of the daily caloric intake of popcorn is allowed for your pooch.
Hope this answers the question, “Can my dogs eat popcorn.”