Book Review

Book Name: Shehr - E - Zaat

Author’s Presentation

Umera ahmed is a notable Pakistani author, author and screenwriter. She was brought into the world on December 10, 1976 in Sialkot. She completed her Masters in English Literature, then became a Senior Lecturer in English at Army Public College, Sialkot. she wrote Peer e kamil, Lahasil. She was awarded for the best writing. she is a distinguished style writer and most importantly she has written on “THE LOVE OF GOD (ALLAH)”. She is a big name in Urdu literature.

Author’s Point Of View And Objective

The tale “SHEHR E ZAAT” was distributed in 2002, this novel is completely founded on the adoration for ALLAH. The author’s point of view and purpose for this novel is that when we are in this world as creatures of God, we must return to him and we cannot turn away from him. So what arrogance, what arrogance, what wealth, however rich man is, but there comes a time when we remember God, then man goes to God and he understands all my problems. Only Allah can eliminate all problems. In this book too, the author expresses the same point of view that when Allah sees that His human being is moving away from Him, He makes him seek help from a human being and when that person does not get it, he seeks help from Allah. . Then he begins to love only God. Just as Falak had forgotten everyone in the love of Salman and started to consider himself complete after receiving his love, Allah immediately took Salman from him and Falak realizes that whatever God sends can take. He is God, and no love can ever prevail over the love of God.

Convincing Evidence

It tells us that marriage is an interruption here, as in other material things of this world. Likewise there is a deep sympathy message for those who survived infidelity. Individuals can be cool to each other; They can make their connections and their assurances cheap and joke, but the Infinite God constantly values ​​us. The core of the story is about deep arousal. A sharp distinction is made between the Sufi ideas ishq e haqeeqi, love for God for a person and ishq e majazi, which is admiration for a person for another person ─ not a simple feat.

And yes, it was proved in the novel that we need to know the concepts and values ​​of our religion, and he explained this that made the world easier for us when we moved towards GOD. After learning the truth of Salman, as soon as the folak moves towards ALLAH, ALLAH knows the value of fortune as far as he does the worst with the release.

My Opinion About This Novel

I read the books written by the unique Pakistani essayist Umera Ahmed and liked it very much. At the point where Shehr-e-Zaat was reported, I was extremely cautious of television’s to the excellent characters that the important story of this novel has in my brain screen experts. In any case, for a long time I couldn’t figure out how to read, but I heard the likes and energy about the whole show group. I was looking a day or two ago when I saw it washing the first scene. I touched the stage to understand how these characters were presented, and now overnight I finished almost half the book for this perfectly written novel. What is truly remarkable here is that Umera has taken a similar story of this short novel to an unheard of level with a similar focus. After the experimenter, Sarmad Khosat as chef ran the business completely well overall. FALAK and NANI held amazing exhibitions. The rumors of dramatizations are insightful and often I had to stop the video and switch to reasoning mode. If you are considering reading this novel and continue on the IMDb page to check reviews and audits, you should give up stress. No, you won’t be able to waste your time. An alternative but even pleasant reception of the novel. Look at the front !! Without a doubt she’s a Pearl !!!

The Most Appropriate Criterion To Evaluate This Novel

When he says bosses:

Mom said to him and he said I love you more than anything, I don’t care. If I told this to Allah, would God give the same answer? I told him what I told him my fault was? He said I don’t know. If I ask ALLAH, will God give me the same answer? If I did something for Allah, wouldn’t Allah care? I said to him, “I know, how might I have the option to manage make you optimistic and make me hopelessly captivated? He said I don’t need you. Nothing can make me happy. This is the difference between God. Man, God does not stumble. Man, God does not stumble.” If it forces, I didn’t care about anyone and now I realize I’m in love.

Umera Ahmed explained his purpose perfectly; “God’s love is the decay of every love except love. Nobody’s love is real except for God’s love. And the Lord shows all kinds of relationships and all kinds of love, then he shows everything and “Tell me, who is yours now?” Der. And then God gives his love, desires nothing else.