Blue Ombre Hair

Blue Ombre Hair is one of the most unique dyeing techniques in the world, especially when it comes to hair color that looks like the ocean. We’ve done an extensive search of the web to find some of the best blue ombre hair shots out there – and they are absolutely stunning! Take a look at some of our favorites below, and then head over to our blue ombre gallery to find more epic blue ombre photos, plus tips and advice on how to achieve this look at home!

Blue Ombre Hair

If you want to transition from brunette to blonde without an in-between color, go with blue ombre hair is a fun way to do it. It’s also a great option if you have darker skin tones because traditional ombré looks can look really unnatural on certain complexions.

What results in a fresh, modern take on an otherwise tired trend? The result is beautiful and youthful-looking—and often only requires three or four hours of work at your salon or beauty parlor!

To get blue ombre hair, ask your colorist to paint blonde highlights on top of your dark brown or black hair.

The best way to do that is with foils so that each section of hair gets a customized application. The blue color should be used sparingly—especially if you have dark skin—to avoid looking like one big pastel blob.

Don’t be afraid to play around with other colors. If blue isn’t your thing, why not try pink or purple ombre hair? Or maybe you just want to add a bit of shimmery gold here and there. The options are virtually endless when it comes to color.

So if you’ve been looking for a unique way to make your hair color more exciting and adventurous, consider giving blue ombre hair a try. You might just end up loving it so much that you never want to go back!

Blue Ombre Short Hair

If you have short hair and want to get an ombre look, try blue. It is a perfect fit for many hair types, especially for women with light brown hair who are trying to go for a bolder look.

Before getting a blue ombre dye job done at your salon, discuss it with your stylist. These types of colors can be quite dramatic and hard to undo in case you don’t like them or if they don’t turn out as expected.

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Light Blue Ombre Hair

To create a light blue ombre look, it’s best to start with a base of dark hair that is at least shoulder length. (If your hair is already blonde, you can skip straight to your desired level of pastel.)

After bleaching out your hair, grab some white chalk or powder and mix in a little water until you have created a pastel hue. Be sure to rub lightly so as not to remove any color from underneath.

Avoid hair damage by letting your hair air dry after you’ve washed it. If you’re looking for some extra shine, and argan oil treatment is perfect for adding moisture and softness to brittle locks.

If you’re dealing with frizz, try mixing a teaspoon of coconut oil with your regular conditioner and applying it to wet hair. Use a paddle brush to work it through, and then air dry your hair for best results. Be sure to use a heat protectant when blows drying or flat ironing.

Add some extra volume to your hair by applying a volumizing product when it’s dry. Tease or backcomb for even more lift. Once your hair is styled, you can use hairspray to hold in place all day long.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get a pastel blue hair color, keep reading! Start by bleaching your hair using Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach Cream.

Use enough bleach so that all of your hair is completely white. Next, use a mixture of 30% hydrogen peroxide and 70% water to lift out any extra bleach left in your hair.

Silver Blue Ombre Hair

Silver Ombre Hair is the latest ombre hair trend for 2016. It’s one of those hairstyles that we do not see every day, making it that much more unique. Sometimes though, unique doesn’t always mean good… so let’s take a look at what makes Silver Blue Ombre Hair a great idea!

As you can see, it’s not just one solid color but has other colors worked into it. This makes for a very unique look – one that many people are jumping on and giving a try.

In fact, while you might not be all that crazy about having any of these trending hairstyles yourself, they make great things to do with friends as long as there is mutual consent!

Though there are no hard and fast rules about what makes for great hair color, having it compliment your natural coloring is one of them.

A dark ombre will really be out of place on someone with very light hair, and even if you had hair darker than black, a pure white might not look good on you. The same goes for blue ombre hair, so make sure that you pick something that compliments your skin tone or coloring before diving in.

These days, the ombre is making a comeback in a big way. By using varying shades of dark and light, it makes for some truly interesting-looking hair.

Because it uses quite a few different hues and shades, you’ll find that there are many options available to you when you go looking for hair products like bleach that can help give your hair depth or even create new looks.

Dark Blue to Light Blue Ombre Hair

Bright blue hues are taking over fashion and beauty trends by storm. No longer just a trend for rock stars and club kids, ombre hair is now being adopted by people who want to stand out in a crowd.

But what’s an ombre? An ombre is an artful color technique that gradually lightens or darkens hair from root to tip. Ombre isn’t just changing hair color; it’s changing style!

There are lots of color options to choose from when it comes to ombre hair. You can start off dark, like a midnight blue, and fade into a bright shade of turquoise. You can also choose a light blue and let it fall out of your blonde locks into pastel green hues. Wherever you want to start, there’s an option for you!

If you decide to try ombre hair, consider your skin tone and hair color. If you have very dark skin, but still want to look like a mermaid, opt for a blue that is close to your own skin tone rather than something bright and light.

You can also add other colors in there if you’d like to switch it up! For example, mix some purples and pinks into blues for added fun!

When it comes to your hair, you should be able to express yourself through what you choose to wear. If you have a great hair color idea but are worried about how it will look on you, think about your personality and what image of yourself you want to project. Whatever feeling or style you’re going for, there’s an ombre option that will help you get there!

Black to Blue Ombre Hair

To go from black to blue ombre hair, start with a deep brown base color. Mix in medium and light blues to create a gradient effect that works best on coarse or wavy hair. You can apply these colors individually, or mix up several shades together to create a custom color.

Once you’ve established your base color, section out a small piece of hair in each section to be colored with a lighter shade. Begin by putting on rubber gloves and adding some dye developer.

Mix up a different color than your base and begin applying it evenly throughout the section, starting at your roots and working outward until all of your hair is covered. Make sure that there are no gaps between hair strands when you apply the blue ombre color! After five minutes, rinse out thoroughly and style as usual.

The black to blue ombre hairstyle is a perfect color transition for you. It’s a playful look that has grown in popularity over recent years and it can be a great way to spice up your day-to-day hairstyle with just a little bit of extra color.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your color, and don’t forget to schedule regular appointments with your stylist so they can update your hair color and make sure it always looks fresh!

There are many different ways you can do blue ombre hair. If you have black hair, you can even dye your hair to start with a dark blue color.

Then, add in lighter blues as highlights to create unique styles that are great for party and special event appearances! It’s also a great way to showcase your creativity when it comes to mixing different shades of blue together for some truly unique looks.

Blue Ombre Hair Extensions

If you’re interested in having blue ombre hair extensions put in, your salon stylist will likely apply them with a two-step process. First, she’ll put in an all-over color, letting it sit on your hair for a few minutes.

This can be a semi-permanent hair dye, or even an ammonia-free peroxide if you’re worried about your hair getting damaged.

After rinsing out that all-over color, she’ll then apply a blue tint. Since these will be extensions and not part of your natural locks, you won’t need to worry about mixing colors and getting your new look just right.

Now that you know a little more about blue ombre hair extensions, it’s time to make an appointment. If you want your stylist to tint your natural locks, she may be able to accommodate.

Now that you know how to get blue ombre hair extensions, it’s time to decide what you want them to look like. Are you going for a solid, bright hue from root to tip? Or are you interested in a lighter shade near your scalp and darker hues near your ends?

Once you’ve chosen your look, it’s time to decide how much you want your stylist to take off. If you have a lot of hair, she may be able to use more extensions—but they will cost more and be heavier on your head. Blue ombre hair extensions can make a big difference in how your hair looks and feels!

If you’ve been thinking about getting blue ombre hair extensions, now is a great time to do it. The trend has taken off and can be a fun way to spice up your look while helping you stand out in your social circles. Blue ombre hair extensions are easy to apply and can last up to three months if they’re done by a professional.


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Blue Ombre Hair Wig

As much as we love her new look, it would also be nice to get a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence’s real hair.

It has been reported that Lawrence will be undergoing chemotherapy for her illness, which means she may be choosing wigs until her hair grows back. Get your own blue ombre wig from Wig Pro here! Here is one of our favorites!

If you’ve been following any of Jennifer Lawrence’s news lately, you may have heard that she is battling a rare form of cancer called chronic myeloid leukemia.

This means that her hair could be affected during her treatment, and she may require wigs for a little while. If you find yourself wanting to color your hair blue like Jennifer Lawrence or in need of a wig, Wig Pro offers these options! Get your own blue ombre wig from Wig Pro here!

We’re big fans of celebrities and all of their doings, but we can’t say that we loved Jennifer Lawrence’s newest look. Her beautiful red hair seemed to just vanish overnight and in its place, were two luscious blue ombre wig pieces.

A blue ombre wig looks great on celebrities such as Katy Perry and Khloe Kardashian. For more celebrity-inspired beauty check out We love wearing different colors of wigs and recommend Wig Pro for great quality products!

The more we looked at it, we couldn’t help but feel that something wasn’t quite right. As beautiful as Jennifer Lawrence is in general, there was something off about her hair. That’s when it hit us—Jennifer Lawrence is wearing a wig!

Yes, not only did her gorgeous red locks magically disappear overnight but they have been replaced with a blue ombre wig! The blue ombre looks great on celebrities such as Katy Perry and Khloe Kardashian.

Ombre Hair

This trendy new hair color is a subtle blend of colors from one shade to another. It is most often done on medium-length hair and looks great on anyone with a fair skin tone and light eyes.

If you are considering adding blue ombre hair, here are some things to consider before going forward with your choice: Most salons will charge an additional fee for washing out brown hair that has been dyed another color.

To maintain your ombre hair color, you will need to visit your stylist once a month to receive a touch-up.

Depending on how often you wash your hair and what products you use, you may also want to consider adding an at-home treatment weekly that contains high-quality conditioners and strengthening proteins. Blue ombre hair is best for special occasions, date nights, or if you are attending a more formal event.

If you want to add color and dimension to your natural color, consider adding a few highlights here and there. Adding in a few highlights allows for more frequent touch-ups as well because only small sections of hair are being bleached.

You can also take a look at balayage highlights which will allow you to transition from lighter, almost brassy tones to a darker shade all while still maintaining your natural hair color. These are great if you love bright colors but don’t have time or money for regular salon visits.

Add some fun to your next big night out with a blue ombre hairstyle. Make sure you talk to your stylist ahead of time about what colors and tones you like so they can give you a look that will fit your personality and help you feel confident and beautiful when going out on the town.

If an ombre hairstyle is right for you, follow these tips to ensure you’ll love your new look for years to come.

Blue Ombre Hair Straight

Hair becomes gorgeous when you add a shiny look to it. If you want to achieve such a look, then you have to apply light blue ombre hair straight on your hair.

As soon as you will get these hairstyles, you will have no more need of any other type of styling products because these hairstyles are so attractive that they make your hair look extremely attractive and stylish at once.

To make your hair look so trendy and attractive, you can go for blue ombre hair straight. As soon as you will apply these hairstyles to your hair, you will feel extremely confident about yourself and will be able to carry out every kind of work with full focus. You can apply these hairstyles at home or ask your professional stylist to do it for you.

With these hairstyles, you do not have to go for any kind of styling product. Moreover, with these hairstyles, you can keep your hair safe from all types of harmful chemicals and coloring agents which are present in other types of styling products.

So make your hair stylish by adding a shiny look to it by using blue ombre hair straight on it.

If you want to achieve a glossy look on your hair, then you have to choose blue ombre hair straight.

This is a hairstyle that can make your hair extremely glossy and shiny. These hairstyles are also made in such a way that they can offer you very long-term solutions as well. If you apply these hairstyles at home, then you do not have to go for any kind of styling products again and again.

blue ombre hair


The best type of ombre hair is high-quality and comes from a highly-regarded salon. Here’s how to achieve your own blue ombre look at home! If you want an authentic ombre look, you need to start with quality products. This will ensure that your color lasts longer and stays vibrant until it grows out naturally. When you go to get professional service, tell them that you want an ombre hairstyle; they should be able to recommend some products for you if they don’t already use them in their salons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions Are Discussed Below:

How plenty does it price to get ombre blue hair?

Hair coloring and highlights price between $60 and $one hundred fifty on common with maximum spending of approximately $eighty. For extra complex traits consisting of Balayage, Babylights, or Ombre highlighting expect to spend $a hundred to $a hundred and fifty or extra. Get loose estimates from hairstylists near you.

What color is ombre blue?

A blue ombre hair color is a head-turning combination of bluish tones and herbal hair colorings that produce an amazingly modern-day hairstyle that may turn your fantasies into fact in an immediately.

Is balayage or ombre greater high priced?

“I rate $forty greater for balayage or ombré than a full head of highlights. I heard this counseled at a color magnificence I attended.” “My typical balayage price is $70 for a partial and $ninety for full-head until the balayage I’m doing is an ombré, then I start at $130.”

How long does ombre absorb a salon?

Between and four hours
As a general guide, balayage can take to five hours, highlights can take two to 4 hours, and ombre can take four hours. No count number piques your hobby, ask for a session along with your colorist to determine how long it takes to get your heart’s preference.

What is a purple ombre?

A red ombre hair color is while the hair is dyed with purple and some other shade that steadily blends from one to the opposite. Typically, it will start with a darker red at the top of the top and steadily get lighter towards the ends of your hair.

What are Babylights vs balayage?

While each balayage and babylights produce a very natural appearance, babylights will come up with a brighter blonde. As a count number of truth Babylights are implemented with foils the way traditional highlights are, but the difference is that you shade tons smaller sections of hair, and the sections are an awful lot nearer collectively.

Does ombre look accurate on straight hair?

Ombre on instantly hair looks lovely for any event, but it gets sincerely amusing while you work a few genuinely colorful shades in from top to bottom. Following the equal technique of “darkish to light,” this straight hair begins out Fuschia and works its way down into an orange-yellow.

Is ombre low protection?

Maintenance: Ombré is a first-rate method for low-protection customers. “Because it’s miles obviously darkish to light, while roots grow out, it won’t have a harsh line,” Rugetti explains. This also makes it a brilliant option for humans who are just trying out lighter hair for the first time.

How lots do an ombre value?

How a great deal do ombre highlight value? Depending for your hair colorist’s revel in stage and the appearance you are going for, you could anticipate paying someplace between $100 and $two hundred for ombre highlights.

How do you ask for ombre hair?

A: “Tell your hairdresser that you would love your hair to look lighter on the ends,” says colorist Shannon Silva of Dyer + Posta salon (a Marie Robinson associate) in Atlanta. “It all relies upon the look you are going for. If you need a more dramatic ombré then ask her to darken your roots, and lighten your ends.


As a final step, it’s important to make sure your hair is prepared for color. Some stylists will advise against processing hair that is overly bleached, so be sure to ask how much protein you should use if you’ve got bleach-treated locks. The formula will vary depending on your hair’s porosity, condition, and texture.

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