Best Places To Live In Houston

Are you trying to find the best places in Houston? Thus, you are in the right place. The details on Houston’s best places are all included in this comprehensive guide. Keep reading the article below to learn more about Houston’s best places to call home.

Best Places To Live In Houston


Today, Houston is one of Texas’s cities with the quickest growth. With up to 275 people migrating there daily, the city has the most significant relocation rate in the state. The strong job market, low cost of living, and family-friendly communities drive the high relocation rate.

When relocating to Texas with your family, you must choose the best Houston areas. You’ll need to look for a home close to your kids’ schools and your place of employment.

Additionally, you’ll need to locate a house within your price range. So which of the nine counties in the Houston metroplex should you choose as your permanent residence? Look through our list of the best places in Houston to make the best decision for you and your family.

Where Is The Best Area For Families To Live In Houston, Texas?

Undoubtedly, the Woodlands is one of Houston’s top areas for families. With easy access to some of the best schools in the region, first-rate community amenities, proximity to job areas, and an unrivalled quality of life overall, the Woodlands is built for exceptional experiences.

The Woodlands, with its abundance of open green areas and shopping centres, is an excellent choice if you enjoy both suburban and urban life in Houston. The place is crowded with eateries, cafes, and numerous corporate campuses that reflect city life.

Lakes, ponds, parks, bike paths, hiking trails, and many other characteristics define the suburban lifestyle. The Woodlands is the place to be if you enjoy playing golf, tennis, kayaking, and other outdoor sports.

What's The Safest Suburb In Houston?

  • Sugar Land
  • Spring Valley Village.
  • Friendswood.
  • Seabrook.
  • Southside Place.
  • West University Place.
  • Meadows Place.
  • Brookside Village.
  • Katy.
  • Jersey Village.
  • Hedwig Village

Where Is The Most Lively Neighborhood In Houston, Texas?

Rice Military is a great choice to live in and is listed among the best places to live in Houston. It is located northwest of downtown Houston and north of the Rice District of the state and offers many activities for its inhabitants.

What Is The Best Suburb In Houston?

Consider migrating to Houston major city. Several beautiful suburbs near Space City provide excellent outdoor activity, reasonably priced housing, and first-rate amenities. Think about relocating to one of these best suburbs of Houston.

1. Fulshear

Formerly a small village, Fulshear is now among the cities in the Houston area with the greatest growth rates. In terms of the caliber of its public schools and its suitability for families, Fulshear received the highest rankings. With a “A” score, housing and safety also received good marks.

There were recurring themes in the reviews left by locals, including a close-knit, friendly community and a small-town feel with city conveniences. Cross Creek Ranch was notably recognized in a few reviews, with proximity to schools in both Katy and Lamar.

Modern apartments and new homes on roomy lots are among the housing alternatives available to residents.

2. League City

Want a home near the Houston metro area and the water? Think about relocating to League City! This Houston suburb’s borders are formed by Clear Creek and Clear Lake, which offer a variety of trails for hiking, biking, and water sports.

League City is home to several lovely and well-kept areas, and Walter Hall Park is one of them. The buildings are kept up properly, and the park is the ideal location to exercise. This park provides a hall that may be reserved through League City Parks Department for indoor activities. In the fall, football teams hone their skills in a sizable open space.

3. Pearland

A small-town atmosphere permeates the lovely Pearland neighbourhood, which is a component of the Greater Houston Metro. Living in this Houston suburb is not completely serene, despite the fact that it is well recognised for its affordably priced homes and excellent Pearland ISD schools.

Pearland is on track to become the next significant employment centre in the Houston area after millions of square feet of retail, commercial, and residential building were finished in the last ten years.

You can enjoy all that Houston has to offer, including world-class cultural attractions, professional sports, and recreational activities, with just a 20-minute drive to downtown.

4. Sugar Land

The most well-known Houston suburb, Sugar Land, is located about 30 minutes southwest of Space City. Sugar Land has a lot to offer, including its secure neighbourhoods, parks and trails, and the intense feeling of community, to name a few.

Sugar Land, a full-service municipality, offers the best, most reasonably priced services to fulfil the demands of its citizens. Home values are raised and a sense of community is fostered in master-planned communities and friendly neighbourhoods.

The area’s top-notch civic organisations, schools, libraries, and other facilities make Sugar Land a terrific place to live, work, and raise a family.

What Side Of Houston Is Good To Live In?

If you want to reside in Houston and yet be close to downtown, Midtown is a good option. Additionally, compared to other well-known surrounding communities like Montrose and Galleria-Uptown, this Houston neighbourhood has a lower crime rate.

Many Houston fans choose to settle in Midtown due to the vibrant arts scene, easy access to the Metrorail system, outstanding walkability, and abundance of career options.

Although Midtown has a more urban feel, this neighbourhood in Central Houston is close to parks and popular sites, including Midtown Park, Emancipation Park, and Discovery Green, which are also home to a lot of greenery, free dancing lessons, a farmers market, and dog-friendly activities.

Is It Safe To Live In Houston?

Houston is neither the safest nor the riskiest city in the United States, and it has higher than average crime rates due to its diversity and dense population. In the vicinity of Houston’s metropolitan area, there are numerous very safe communities and neighbourhoods.

If you remain in the city centre, steer clear of dark alleyways, avoid shady neighbourhoods, and walk out at night with a companion, you shouldn’t worry too much.

You can visit a club, bar, or restaurant after dusk in downtown Houston because it is widely regarded as secure. It is advised to carry pepper spray and always to be aware of your surroundings and any questionable individuals.

Is Houston's Great Wood The Best Place For Living?

Yes, Greatwood is the best place to live in Houston. Houston’s suburb of Greatwood has a population of 12,437. One of the most excellent places to live in Texas is Greatwood, which is located in Fort Bend County.

Residents of Greatwood have a minimal suburban vibe and own most of their properties. Greatwood has a large family population and a moderate political climate.

Is Washington Avenue Coalition/ Memorial Park A Best Place To Live In Houston?

Houston, Texas’s Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park neighbourhood has 35,637 residents. One of the best places to reside in Texas is in Harris County, which is called Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park.

The majority of residents in the Washington Avenue Coalition/Memorial Park neighbourhood own their homes and want an urban lifestyle. Washington Memorial Park has a good amount of bars, eateries, coffee shops, and parks.

A considerable number of young professionals live in the Memorial Park neighbourhood, which has a moderate political slant.The public schools in Memorial Park/Washington Avenue Coalition are above average.

Is Houston's Kingwood Area The Best Place To Live?

Yes, Kingwood Area, which has 63,629 residents, is among the best places to live in Houston. One of the nicest areas to live in Texas is Kingwood Area, which is located in Harris County.

Kingwood Area inhabitants enjoy a dense suburban vibe and own most of their homes. People may find plenty of parks in the Kingwood area.

The Kingwood Area has a large population of families and young professionals, and its citizens typically hold moderate political views. Kingwood Area’s public schools are well-regarded.

Is Friendswood A Best Place To Live In Houston?

Yes, Friendswood is the best place to live in Houston. Houston’s suburb of Friendswood has a population of 39,893. One of the most excellent places to reside in Texas is Friendswood, located in Galveston County.

Friendswood residents enjoy a minimal suburban vibe, and the majority own their homes. There are numerous parks and coffee cafes in Friendswood, and Friendswood locals have a propensity for conservatism. High praise is given to Friendswood’s public schools.

Where Is The Best Rental Area In Houston, Texas?

Want to be close to the city of Houston but don’t want to pay for a high-rise? Midtown If you are looking for an affordable and well-located neighbourhood, this is one of the best neighbourhoods in Houston.

The crime in this area is less than in neighbourhoods including the town, Montrose, the Museum District and Uptown Galleria.

How Is The University Place To Live In Houston?

University Place is good to live in Houston. Eighteen thousand sixteen people live in the University Place area in Houston, Texas.

Most people living in University Place own their houses and enjoy an urban/suburban mix. You can find many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in University Place.

University Place has a large population of young professionals and liberal residents, and University Place’s public schools are superior to the national average.

Is Bunker Hill Village A Good Place To Live In Houston?

Yes, Bunker Hill Village is an excellent place to live in Houston. With 3,948 residents, Bunker Hill Village is a suburb of Houston. One of the unique places to live in Texas is Bunker Hill Village, located in Harris County.

Residents of Bunker Hill Village enjoy a rural lifestyle, and most own their homes. Bunker Hill Village has numerous eateries, coffee shops, and parks.

In Bunker Hill Village, many retirees reside, and most locals have conservative political views. High praise is given to Bunker Hill Village’s public schools.

Is Braeswood In Houston Good To Live In?

Yes, it is good for you to live in Braeswood for many reasons. Twenty-three thousand fifty-six people live in the Houston, Texas, suburb of Braeswood.

One of the top locations to live in Texas is Braeswood, which is located in Harris County. Most inhabitants in Braeswood rent their homes, giving residents a sense of living in an urban-suburban mix. There are numerous bars, eateries, coffee shops, and parks in Braeswood.

The population of Braeswood is liberal and includes a lot of families and young professionals. Braeswood’s public schools are better than average.

How Is Meadows Place In Houston For Living?

A suburb of Houston, Meadows Place, has 4,899 residents. One of Texas’s most excellent places to live is Meadows Place, located in Fort Bend County.

Residents of Meadows Place enjoy a minimal suburban vibe, and most own their homes. There are numerous restaurants and parks in Meadows Place.

Meadows Place has a large population of retirees and young professionals, many of whom have moderate political views. High praise is given to Meadows Place’s public schools.

What Is The Best Business and Retail Area To Live In Houston?

Houston’s Uptown neighbourhood is a sizable business and retail area about 6.2 miles from downtown. The Western fringe of the city is home to this urban district that is bursting with Texan culture, and it is because of this location that potential inhabitants so highly want Uptown.

Uptown is well known for being diverse and excellent for families and young professionals. Businesses, offices, and developments are springing up across the city as the area expands.

It is understandable why families choose Uptown as the ideal location to raise their children with an excellent educational system and high walkability score.


It is concluded that Houston is a fantastic place to live in Texas, as it gets an above-average quality of life score.

Despite the city’s many advantages and disadvantages, Houston’s fantastic neighbourhoods are one of its best features.

Houston can suit any lifestyle and is cheaper than other comparable metropolitan regions, so you don’t have to move there for the job if you want a change of scenery.

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