Best Auto Body Shop after an Accident

On average, around 6 million car accidents happen every year in the United States alone. And among these accidents, distracted driving is the biggest contributor that [destroys the property]( or injures the passenger/driver/pedestrians.

In fact, it is reported that 80% of divers face at least one car accident in their life span. Regardless of how the accident happened, [injuries]( and damage are the most common result of a car crash.

Well, we are sure that you will find the best doctor to take care of your injury, but your car needs proper after collision care too. And that means finding a reliable Body shop in Louisville, ■■, is vital.

But with so many Auto shops readily available, it can be challenging to find the right professional for car accident repairs. And if you are searching for one, then you have finally reached the right place.

Today, we will share a few ways to help you find the best auto body shop with you.

1 Find It In A Nearby Location:

Well, we aren't saying that you have to settle for the shop that is closest to your living arrangement. But, you must find the one that is nearby.

Even though many auto repair shops offer pick-and-drop services, it will become easier for you to revisit the shop while the repair is in progress when the shop is nearby.

2 Investigate The Shop's Track Record:

It can be tempting for you to settle for the first car repair shop that you see. You must know that not all the repair shops are reliable, and working with such a shop will only multiply your stress in the future.

So, take a few minutes to investigate the shop's track record. And one better way to do so is by looking at the online reviews.

3 Get The Estimates Beforehand:

Most auto shops charge fees based on the rent they pay. And that means, if you settle for a shop at a high-end street, then get ready to pay hefty repair fees too.

Well, we know that the insurance will pay the repair cost, but when you get an idea of estimates, then you can shop around.

4 See If The Staff Is Qualified:

Your car is your prized possession. And we are sure that you would not want someone with zero knowledge to handle the car's repair. So, while hiring the right collision center, make sure that the employees hired by the owner are professionals.

The employees must be capable of addressing your concern immediately. You can even request any industry certification or license to ensure that you are working with the best.

5 Request About The Warranties:

Avoid working with shops that aren't recommended in the insurance company's list. This is because such shops offer warranties on any repair for a particular duration of your car's lifespan.

But, if you end up working based on the shop's reputation, then see to it that the repair warranties are offered in writing.

6 Know The Parts:

The auto repair shop doesn't need to use OEM parts while repairing your car because the insurance law doesn't require to. Many shops use aftermarket parts or even recycled OEM parts to repair the vehicle.

If you think that the shop you chose uses aftermarket parts, then you have the right to refuse it. But, opting for OEM will cost a lot, so you will need to be ready to pay off the differences.

Also, the chances of the repair shop opting for recycled OEM even after requesting for OEM is higher. So, make sure to ask the specifics.

7 Know If They Provide Expertise In Your Car Model:

If you own a luxury car, you must take extra care while settling for the repair shop. This is because it isn't necessary that the [technician]( might have enough knowledge to handle high-end cars with specific requirements.

Mass-produced cars have uniform parts that are easy to fix. But when it comes to specialty cars, the technician must handle the repair with the utmost care to prevent body damage.

Bottom Line

Cars are one of the most precious assets after the house for any individual. So, regardless of how stressed out you are post-collision, you must treat the car with proper care. So, use our article as a guide to finding the best Body shop in Louisville, ■■.

But, if you want to stay away from the hassle of research, then schedule an appointment with the best that is Glaser's Collision Centers. They offer 100% quality services to make sure that your car looks and operates as new.