Believing In Yourself Is Where It All Starts

"Have you ever noticed how there some bloggers who just seem to take off like a rocket, right? They go from nothing to getting tons of traffic to getting a book deal or creating courses and speaking at conferences. And it seems so easy, it seems effortless.
While there’s this other group. who seem like they have agonized in obscurity. They work and they’re working they seem to go around and around in circles. And they never get anywhere, even though they’re working ■■■■■■ maybe even in some ways, they’re more qualified and more deserving, and yet they never seem to get the same attention or make the same money.

Why is that? And the even bigger question is, how do you make sure that you’re in that first group who takes off like a rocket, and not the second group who agonizes in obscurity?

Because it’s scary right. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already been reading about How To Become A Blogger, you’ve already been thinking about it, talking about it, dreaming about it… But maybe you haven’t started, maybe you don’t have any attraction yet. Or maybe you have posted one or two but it just hasn’t gone anywhere and you’re worried about investing, all of that time and energy going all in, without having some sort of path. Without knowing the way forward how to make it work, scale it up, and to get real life-changing results from this…

And nobody tells you how to do that nobody gives you the step by step guide. All you can find are these articles out there on the internet, they give you little pieces of the puzzle, and no one actually shows you the entire picture no one actually gives you the confidence you need to make that investment to go all in.

That’s a problem I want to solve for you today by giving away a FREE class that shows you how to go from nothing, from scratch to $1,000 a month. Okay, it’s not a fortune, it’s not millions but chances are, that’s not even what you want. Right? What do you want is just a little room to breathe, not have to worry about money anymore to have extra income on the side, what you want is Freedom.

When you’re stuck in a job you don’t like or live in a city you don’t like or in a relationship you don’t like. I mean that’s all you can think about right? Humans weren’t born to live in a cage; we were born to explore, to experience… to freakin live!

You know, and when that’s taken away from us, when we feel trapped in the life we don’t really want it just eats away at you. Something inside you just screams: You deserve more than this!

And I know that because when I was younger I listened to that scream for years, because not only have I been trapped in jobs and in cities. I’ve been like but I was born with muscular dystrophy. It’s a disease that slowly takes away your ability to move. And when I was a teenager I found myself, unable to move anything but my eyes and lips. I couldn’t work I couldn’t travel. I was stuck inside this body. That couldn’t even move. And I was scared. But that scream inside me, that voice… They just kept saying over and over again that I deserve more than I can do more than I can be more!

Eventually, I listened to them. Using voice dictation software and the mouse. I worked on my website, started writing articles about personal finance and self-improvement marketing, anything I could think of.

And guess what happened…■■■■!

I started getting hundreds of visitors per day, and thousands, and 10s, and on and on and on until last year we just got 2.6 million visitors! I knew when I started, there were 300,000 visitors, just in the first two weeks. And I went from this kid in a wheelchair, with no voice, no power, no influence into one of the most popular bloggers in the world. And then I started teaching other people how to do it. Posts of my students are getting massive shares in the business arena. Some are ultimately ending up getting book deals.

By the way, you know, of course, that’s only traffic. What about the money?

Well the monthly revenue numbers more than $100,000 a month from just three months. That’s remarkable. Now, most of that goes to paid salaries, commissions, and what not but there’s still that pretty nice chunk of change left over for me.

I’m not telling you that to brag, by the way, but to make one simple point.


You may listen to what I’m saying about going from zero to $1,000 a month inside incoming and think: That’s too big. It’s It’s impossible. It could never happen for someone like me…

But listen to me here for a second.

When I got started with this, I faced the same self-doubt because no one like me, who was in a wheelchair, unable to move anything but their face, had never done anything like me before.

If there was anybody in the world who had the right to doubt themselves. It was me! The guy who was trying to do something no one in the human race had ever accomplished before. And I felt scared. And I doubted myself. But at the end of the day, I decided to try it anyway at the end of the day, I decided to prove my own self-doubt wrong.

And so the question I have for you today is what will happen if you try? What will happen if you face those doubts, and you say you know what, maybe it’s not true. Maybe I can do more than I think I can because I’m here to tell you right now that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Right now, we’re living in a unique time where technology is changing everything. It’s making it easier than ever before to grow.
The first video shows you how to use new technology for getting your blog set up and running and beautiful in less than five minutes and the big surprise here is it’s not with WordPress is actually an app from the founder of Twitter that not only sets up your blog but it gives you access to over 16. million readers, which sounds insane. It sounds impossible it sounds too good to be true, but it is actually totally true.

And then the next video I’m going to show you how you can get set up with it free of charge. Next, we’re going to dive into what to do if you’re in an oversaturated market. There are a gazillion different blogs out there and maybe the reason you haven’t started one is you’re worried about standing out and you’re worried about breaking through the noise. So, I’m going to show you a cutting edge app that will tell you exactly what to write about to break through the noise and to stand out and I will walk you through exactly how to use it on your own purse.

Finally, we’re going to wrap up by talking about three different ways to earn passive income from your blog, and I’m going to take you behind the scenes of Smart Blogger my own site, and show you exactly how we make that $100,000 per month. You will learn about affiliate marketing, courses, membership programs, everything we do, and how all the technology behind the scenes, makes everything passive and easy.

By the time we’re finished, you won’t wonder how to make money from blogging you won’t be guessing. You’ll know because you have seen it with your own eyes. And you’ll know exactly what technology you need to stand out and compete with the best, the best and everything I just talked about, by the way, is totally free of charge.

If you’re just getting started. I don’t think you should have to pay to get a few basic questions answered. I don’t think you should have to invest months or even years of piecing together, little pieces of the puzzle from all over the internet to figure something out, I think someone who’s already done it, already started from scratch, already built it into something incredible should cap the balls, and the ethics, to stand up and say: I can’t speak for everyone, but here’s how I did it.

And I’d like to show you how to do it too. And so that’s what I’d like to do in this free training.

But I also want to be real with you. If you don’t believe in yourself, then nothing I say is going to matter and none of the techniques and technology is going to help. I’m not trying to be mean I’m not trying to discourage you. What I’m trying to do is tell you the truth, that


And I think you should believe in yourself, and you can believe in yourself. I don’t think it’s unrealistic for you to be able to take a blog to $1,000 a month. If a guy like me can get in front of the computer and use voice dictation software and the mouse that he operates with his lips to build websites that reach millions of people, and then it makes so much money that I get up every day and I can do whatever I want, I can travel the world, I can meet with amazing people. All because of the power of technology. And also, all because I believed in myself, that’s where it all starts.

So here’s what I want you to do.

It’s something very simple probably sounds stupid, but I want you just to trust me and make one tiny little step forward.

Nothing else, I have no ulterior motives. By the way, it is not when you trigger some magical technology thing that sucks all the money out of your bank account or anything crazy like that. The reason why I am having you do that is, just to make one tiny little commitment to take one tiny little step of faith and to say yeah you know there are some things I don’t like about my life there are some things I’d like to change. It’s going to be hard and I’m going to have to work hard, but at the same time. I’m willing to look into myself and find the courage to make that happen.

If you’re willing to do that it’s your job to take that one tiny step. Then, I’ll meet you with some amazing instructional videos that will make it 100 times easier for you to make that happen The videos themselves gonna be free of charge. I’m going to show you some amazing technologies that are changing blogging forever changing my business forever. I’m going to share that with you. And you also have a pathway. Everything you need to do to get from zero to $1,000 a month and beyond.
So if you’re good with that go in and take this free course and also share this with your friends and your family so we can help them too. And regardless of where you decide. I’ll be back soon with another video for you. Until then, take care…"You can get the whole thing here