Barbeque is the method of cooking meat that is famous and followed worldwide. It is the most famous and fancy way of cooking. BBQ is the most commonly used name. BBQ requires meat, spices, woody fire, and smoke. It is not a common way of cooking in a kitchen with a stove fire. BBQ is done outdoors, which is the solid reason for its fame.


:small_red_triangle_down: What Is Barbeque?

Cook food over an open fire and call it a barbecue (in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, barbie in Australia, and braai in South Africa). The umbrella term includes all of the steps, tools, and foods that go along with these methods and the times when they are used. There are many ways to cook when you are barbecuing, most of which are done outside. Depending on how the food is cooked, there are direct and indirect ways to BBQ. Use direct heating and those that do not.

History & Origin

  • Etymologists say that the word Barbeque originated from the Spanish word Barbacoa. Barbeque or Barbacoa was initially associated with the people of Florida and the Caribbean.

  • They must have used this technique of cooking first. That is why they are the masters of this term. They say that conventional Barbacoa has a different method. In this method, the people made a hole in the surface and placed the wood in it.

  • Then they set the whole lamb in a rod, put it in that hole, and covered them with a big lid. This hole served as an oven for sure. Then the juice of the meat was used as broth. It was conventional barbecuing. Korean barbecue is the most famous Barbeque because of its variations.

Food Marination Non-Marinated
Chicken Hot soak Chicken, Dak Galbi Roasted Chicken, Dak gu-i
Beef Galbi, Small steaks , Seasoned with sesame oil Ansim, Chae Kkuet, Chimasal Yangji
Pork Peppery seasoned pork Pork belly

:small_red_triangle_down: Barbeque Ways

BBQ is done in different ways. Usually, there are two ways or methods of making BBQ. Remember, BBQ is always associated with meat. So meat is barbequed in two ways: wood fire and gas fire. Both approaches result in different tastes in meat.

BBQ on a Woodfire: The method in which woods are burned and fire is produced is called the wood fire method. Coal is the main ingredient in this type of Barbeque. The woods are burned to such an extent that they are turned into coal. Then the marinated meat with some chunk of your favorite veggies is placed on the sticks or rods and is roasted. This method is a time taking method, but the taste of meat is incomparable to the gas fire method.

BBQ on Gas Fire: This method is an expensive and quick way to cook meat. The method of cooking is the same; just the source is different. This method uses gas stoves or grills to cook the meat. The market is full of these stoves and grills. Sticks and rods are also not necessarily required for this process to work. The marinated meat and veggies are directly placed on the stoves and grills.

:small_blue_diamond: Summary

The word barbecue was first used by an Indian tribe called the Taino in the Caribbean language they spoke. In Spanish, cooking on a raised wooden grate is called BarbacoaBarbacoa. Planet Barbecue says the first time used in writing was in 1526 when a Spanish traveler wrote about the West Indies.

:small_red_triangle_down: Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce is used to season grilled foods like pork or beef ribs, vegetables, and poultry. It is a must-have ingredient because it is a staple in the South and many other places. Most foundations are made with vinegar, tomato paste, mayonnaise, or a combination of these ingredients. But the most common elements are:

  • Liquid smoke.

  • Onion powder.

  • Spices like mustard and black pepper.

  • Sweeteners like sugar or molasses.

Barbecue sauce may have originated in these colonies. For the first time in 200 years, the sauce appeared in English and French writing. In the 1800s, a German immigrant helped make the South Carolina mustard sauce used on barbecues.

:small_red_triangle_down: Ways Of Marination The Meat

As it is mentioned above that, every country has its taste. So the ways of marinating the meat also varied from country to country and region. If we talk about America, the people here consume fewer spices. The food which is cooked there is mildly spicy. Also, they cannot handle more kick, so the Barbeque cooked in America contains less paprika powder or chilies.

Moving to India and Pakistan, these counties are famous for their spices. Their food is full of herbs, and obviously, the Barbeque made there is also the spiciest Barbeque. They use more paprika powder and chilies. Sauces also play an essential role in marinating the meat.

:small_red_triangle_down: Types of BBQ

Kansas City, North Carolina, Memphis, and Texas are the four most famous places for BBQ in the United States. Most people know about these four kinds of barbecued smoked meat.

1 - Kansas City Style BBQ

In Kansas City-style BBQ, slow-smoked meats are covered in a syrupy sauce and served with various sweet-salty rubs. Brown sugar is the main ingredient in the Kansas City rub (traditional recipes call for a two-to-one ratio of brown sugar to paprika). Because sugar turns brown when heated, pitmasters use low heat to keep meat from getting burned and black.

2 - Memphis BBQ

One of the four most popular types of BBQ in the United States came from Memphis, Tennessee. The pig is the main attraction in Memphis-style Barbeque, and pork ribs are the cherry on top. There are two ways to cook ribs in Memphis-style BBQ: wet or dry.

Memphis-style pork shoulders that have been slowly smoked and pulled are served with a tangy sauce on the side. Even though they are sold separately, pulled pork sandwiches are a big part of Memphis-style BBQ. Coleslaw is often served on the side of pulled pork sandwiches at places that serve Memphis-style BBQ.

3 - Carolina BBQ

The slow roasting of a whole hog is one of the most traditional ways to cook meat in the United States. Complete hog BBQ is when a whole pig is cooked for 12 to 24 hours. The main parts of a pig used to make meat are the stomach, neck, and shoulders. The meat on the abdomen is soft, but the shoulders and neck are rigid. Pitmasters must be careful not to burn the tender stomach meat while softening the complex parts. You will need a moistening mop sauce in the Carolinas to cook a whole hog.

4 - Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ comprises ribs, East Texas Hot Links, and brisket melts in your mouth. Every little thing has greater significance in Texas, as the adage goes. Texas is over 200,000 miles long, so it is not surprising that barbecue in different parts of the state tastes different. In central Texas, the brisket is smoked over oak, then cut into pieces, and served without sauce.

In South Texas, this is how mesquite-smoked BBQ is made. Eastern Texans like spicy, vinegar-based sausages and chopped beef sandwiches on buttered buns and wraps (served with pickles and sliced onions as the Eastern Texans do).

:small_blue_diamond: Summary

Barbecue Revolution used search data and Google Trends to find out what kinds of barbecue are most popular in the U.S. 33 states voted for Texas-style barbecue, which makes it the most popular. Kansas City style and North Carolina style tied for second place with six states each. Third place went to Memphis style. The meat, which is barbequed with the help of this method, has a variety of flavors such as coal taste makes it unique, and other spices also make it the best meat to eat. This method is cheap also.


:small_red_triangle_down: Frequently Asked Questions

People ask many questions about Barbeque. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - What is a Barbeque?

Sausage is a type of food made from meat. It is an Indonesian dish made of spicy beef on skewers, then cooked on a grill—shish kebab in shashlik form. Spare ribs are similar to pork ribs. Beef on a stick is a traditional meal in South Africa.

2 - How correct is the term BBQ in terms of grammar?

Because it looks so much like the word it comes from, Barbacoa, the spelling barbecue is the one most people know. The syllables and cues are used in abbreviations like bar-b-q, which use the sounds of the letters (Q).

3 - Why are there two ways to spell barbecue?

Most people think that Spanish explorers brought the word to English. Because French may have influenced the English language, the same word can be spelled in two different ways.

4 - What is Meat cooked on a grill?

BBQ is a way to cook food by simmering it on a grill. Ribs, hog shoulder, beef brisket, and whole birds and turkeys are some of the most common barbecue cuts. Most of the time, tougher cuts of beef need to be simmered for a long time in a slow cooker.

5 - Is it better for you to grill than to fry?

Food is better when it is grilled instead of fried. Meat that has been grilled has less fat than meat that has not been cooked. It is because when the food is cooking, the fat falls out. Barbecue started in the colonies in the east, like Virginia and North Carolina, which are known for their vinegar-based whole hog barbecue.

6 - How do people in Texas say barbecue in their language?

Some pitmasters in Houston, like Barbecue and Lenox Bar-B-Q, still use the old spellings of barbecue and CorkScrew BBQ, but these are the only ones.

7 - Are our BBQ and Tandoori the same thing?

When you barbecue, you cook meat slowly over low heat and smoke. Usually, the word tandoor refers to a certain kind of cooking tool that is common in Asian homes.

8 - What kind of barbecue is most common?

Thirty-three states, which is a lot, voted for Texas-style BBQ. Kansas City style and North Carolina style tied for second place with six states each. With five states each, Memphis style came in third. Only in South Carolina did people like the South Carolina style.

9 - Does anything beat barbecue?

It does not happen very often, according to Merriam-Webster. Even bar-b-que is in Dictionary. No, it is not wrong to use any of these words that mean the same thing. On the other hand, BBQ experts will give you a better answer.

10 - Who thought of cooking on a grill?

In 1952, an Illinois welder named George Stephen of Weber Brothers Metal Works invented the first modern BBQ grill. He split the metal buoy in half, attached three steel legs, and then utilized the top part to cover the dome shape.

11 - Is barbecue a typical American meal?

Even though barbecue is an old and popular way to cook worldwide, we have made something uniquely American. When European explorers met native tribes in the New World, they brought them a barbecue dish.

12 - What does the E in a grill stand for?

To remember how to spell the word grille, think of the E at the end as an ornament, just like the metal grilles. The English words grate and grating comes from the French words gridiron and grate. People often think that the best barbecue is found in many parts of the United States. It is no secret that BBQ is famous in Kansas City, North Carolina, and Memphis.

13 - How healthy is grilled chicken?

Grilled chicken is another good source of protein. With enough of this vitamin, you can maintain your muscle mass and have a healthy metabolism.

14 - How long should you cook meat on a grill?

Sear the steaks on a grill for 4 to 5 minutes until they are golden brown and slightly burned. To get a medium-rare internal temperature of 135, cook the meat for 5 to 7 minutes, or a medium-well internal temperature of 145—Cook the beef for 8 to 10 minutes (150 degrees F).

:small_blue_diamond: Conclusion

Indirect cooking methods include the barbecue, which cooks food with live fire and smoke rather than direct heat. Barbecue is a popular custom in many nations and places. Roasting or smoking food over wood or charcoal for several hours at low temperatures transforms challenging portions of meat into delicious, delicate roasts. BBQ is a blanket phrase that encompasses a wide range of foods, cooking techniques, and utensils. Grilled ribs and smoked chicken may both be enjoyed on the same grill.

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