Athena Medical Software vs CureMD EMR


About Athena Medical Software

AthenaHealth is a cloud based EHR software which also has components which caters to billing, RCM, a patient portal, care coordination and much more. The software promises to provide medical practices with financial and clinical software that is expertly made particularly for their needs. The EHR has a homepage which lets users look at their schedule for the day and other pertinent patient information, you can also manage your orders and look at pending lab results with this homepage feature. The billing software can be fully integrated into the software as well. The company makes sure that they constantly update the software which rightly earns them a place among the top names in the EHR world.

Features of Athena Medical Software

Workflow Dashboard

Like we talked about earlier, this feature helps you keep track of all necessary and pending things you should be aware about pertaining to the running of your medical practice and your patients. From your daily schedule to lab results that are going to be available soon.

Authorization Management

The software allows for permission to be taken prior to the patient coming in as well on pertinent clinical documentation. It uses HSR-278 EDI standards to maintain visibility on both ends and since the dashboard is also integrated into the system well, it informs all parties involved of any rules that have changed.

Care Coordination

You are able to share data with other physicians as well as track orders and also share results of tests. The software makes sure all data which is shared is securely shared so that you can share patient information with other care providers without having to worry about breach of patient confidentiality.


This tool is incredibly helpful since it looks at prescriptions to check for any possible harmful interactions which can occur. It helps you access peer-review diagnoses which have been done in the past as well as find resources for you to consult based on the patient’s case.

Performance Reporting

All the other medical practices use Athena are linked together so you can use their performance reports to identify any patterns, look at treatment plans and accurate treatments, diagnosis given for certain symptoms and more to help you become a better practice overall.

Medication List Management

This feature helps you keep track of all the medications your patient has taken or been prescribed in their medical history. Athena is certified by SureScripts which means that you can coordinate care and also download your patient’s history.


This software is incredibly far reaching in terms of what it is connected to. Over 26,000 health plans, 12,000 labs and imaging stations, 95% of pharmacies within the United States and much more. It is also connected to several local, state and national Health Information Exchanges.

About CureMD EMR

CureMD is a very popular cloud based software solution. This software is capable of many tasks such as administrative tasks which have to do with a medical practice, scheduling appointments, taking patient history and documenting it. Other than this, CureMD Billing software also helps with billing and payment processes for your medical practice. The software can cater to medical practices and hospitals of all sizes.

Features of CureMD EMR

Scheduling Appointments

Managing all your appointments is made much easier with CureMD EMR software. The software’s scheduling feature matches physicians according to their area of speciality and the availability of whatever equipment they will need; this process uses color coding capabilities to differentiate. CureMD’s appointment scheduling feature also sends out SMS and email notifications to patients about upcoming appointments and this helps reduce the number of no-shows at your practice.

Patient Portal

This is an extremely helpful feature which is often praised in CureMD reviews by both physicians and patients alike. Through this feature, patients can access their lab results, they can schedule appointments and also ask for prescription refills. This feature also allows them to make payments online securely and efficiently as well as communicate with the physician.

Workflow Editor

One of the best features of CureMD EHR software which a lot of CureMD reviews talk about as well is that the workflow editor monitors your use of the software and adapts to what processes you use which essentially makes the software even easier to use than it is originally.

Auto Note

The software is quite advanced and monitors your preferences to adapt to them. The auto note features reads patterns and learns how to complete sentences and paragraphs according to how you prefer to use them.


This CureMD feature is often talked about because of how efficient it is. The feature connects physicians prescribing medication to pharmacies. This provides you with drug knowledge bases, medication reconciliation and also to help with refill requests and other processes. The software is connected to thousands of pharmacies across the United States.


The interoperability feature helps you aggregate information from other stakeholders in the medical world. You can access information from pharmacies, other medical practices and payers who are connected with the system.

Athena Medical Software vs CureMD EMR

These days most medical software have the same features since the market is competitive and vendors want to ensure they are keeping ahead of the curve and not letting their competitors win. CureMD and Athena Medical Software are both top notch in the world of EHRs. However, there are certain things both of them lack.

Both software do not have handwriting recognition which can be a downside if you are someone who is used to handwriting their medical notes and later feeding them into the EHR.

Other than this, CureMD is not a software that is available to dentists which can be an issue since it limits who can use it. CureMD reviews also lament about the fact that this software does not have an app for Android which severely puts it at a disadvantage in comparison to AthenaHealth since the latter has an app for Android based gadgets.

On the other hand, in comparison to CureMD, AthenaHealth does not have telehealth solutions which puts it at a major disadvantage because of the fact that these days with Covid-19, doctors and medical practices have quickly realized how important it is to have a software with telehealth capabilities since this feature can ensure you keep your patients and appointments and be able to deliver healthcare remotely.

Final Verdict

Now you are probably wondering which one of these two software we recommend. Well, we cannot decide whether CureMD or AthenaHealth would be better for you. However, we can give some advice on how you can make the decision for yourself. We suggest you opt for a CureMD demo or an AthenaHealth demo to see whether or not the software is suitable to you and your needs. We also encourage you to read up on AthenaHealth and CureMD reviews on FindEMR. In the end, we hope you choose a software which suits your needs perfectly. And if you choose either we hope both AthenaHealth and CureMD pricing are worth it for you!