Argon Tank Refill Cost

Argon tank refill cost may vary between 20 dollars to 350 dollars depending on your location, just like CO2 refill and Oxygen tank refill. If you want to purchase a new cylinder, it will cost you 350 dollar-cost to fill an empty new cylinder. We use it in welding projects, and its price depends on the size of the welding cylinder. So, it may range from 20 to 35 dollars, depending on the size of the welding tank.

Argon Tank Refill Cost

Argon Tank refill price

We use argon gas in industrial processes for manufacturing glass and welding processes. Because of its high use, we can consider how much the argon tank refill costs. So, it varies depending on your location and the cylinder size.

The price may also change if you are filling the empty cylinder for the first time or refilling it. So, prices vary from 35 to 350 dollars or sometimes 20 to 350 dollars. If you have an empty cylinder, you must keep an estimate of 350 dollars because it is the price of filling the empty cylinder.

Argon with Airgas bottle costs around $185 for an 80cf bottle filled with Argon, and the refill costs around $40.

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How much does an argon gas cylinder cost?

It costs about ₹500/14 size cylinder at 150 bar.

Argon gas cylinder Features
Size 14
Pressure 150 bar
Uses all
Weight 60kg
Price ₹500

Argon-CO2 Mix prices:

You can find the 75/25 welding gas refill price in the table below. It contains 75 percent argon and 25 percent CO2.

Ar/CO2 mix Size Lowest price $
75/25 55 35
75/25 M 49
75/25 Q 43

Why is it expensive?

Along with nitrogen and oxygen, Argon is the most common Gas in the atmosphere. Argon is a noble gas (like Helium), so it is inert. Argon does not react quickly with other substances. Argon is much more expensive than N2 due to its small percentage in the atmosphere. You may also be wondering how long an argon bottle will last.

The average industrial argon gas supply tank, about 250 cubic feet, lasts about 10 hours at a flow rate of twenty to twenty-five cubic feet per hour. Most domestic tanks are between 60 and 80 cfh, and with a flow rate of 20 cfh, it will take 3 to 4 hours.

Argon tank rent

Argon gas cylinder rental prices vary according to the location and size of the cylinder. People mainly rent Argon tanks instead of buying them. The Cost of renting a tank is 50 to 100 dollars/month. A tank rent is $ 70 per year, but you must go through a loan application and different processes unless you have a regular welding shop.

However, the prices vary depending on where you live; you have a welding shop or are a regular customer. It also depends on the delivery fee, bottle or tank size, and current market rate.
If you are searching for Argon tank refill prices near me, ask the respected company, depending on your location and the tank size.

Argon tanks sizes:

Its size may vary from 50 gallons to 2000 gallons. Some people use small tanks, while the people having welding shops use large gallons. So, the argon tank refill cost will vary depending on the size of the tank.


Argon tank refill costs vary depending on size, purity, concentration, location, and country. Argon tank refill costs depend on whether the tank is empty or you are filling in for the first time. Generally, its price may vary from 35 to 350$ or sometimes 20 to 350 dollars.

Uses of argon gas:

We use Ar in incandescent & fluorescent lamps. It helps to ward off oxygen from corroding the hot filament. One of its significant perks is its use in creating an inert atmosphere for arc welding and semiconductor crystal growth.

Some of its common uses are:

1. Welding

2. Glass manufacturing

3. Lights

4. Used for making titanium

5. Bulbs making

6. Lasers

7. Used in casting industries

8. Used in making alloys

Argon general information:

Ar is one of the 8th group elements of Nobel gases and has a Z value of eighteen. Thus it contains 18e-. Exciting Facts About Ar is the 3rd most abundant Gas(Nobel gas) in Earth’s atmosphere, with 9,300 ppm.

Argon Characteristics
Phase Gas
Period no 8
Family Nobel gasses
Atomic no 18
Cost 50 cents per 100g

How much does it cost to fill an argon tank?

The price of renting/purchasing an argon gas cylinder and filling a 150cu/ ft argon cylinder is $75 per year, then $ 110 for refilling. Refills cost around $ 47. Refilling a welding tank of 300cuft will cost you $35.

Can anyone buy Argon?

You can buy an argon tank, but if the place where you can find gasoline is for rent, the companies or industries will not accept your bottle. As a result, you may have no choice but to sign the annual lease.


We use Argon in welding, bulb making, and making glass. We also use it for making titanium and for casting. So, Argon tank refill cost may also vary according to application because every application requires a different concentration and purity of Argon. Its Cost is 50 cents/100 kg.

How long does the welding gas last?

You set the flow rate generally at 1020 cfh, which is an average of 1020 hours of continuous welding if you had a 250 cfh cylinder. It would work for around 24 days with heavy welds.

Acetylene cylinder cost:

Depending on the vendor, they may include a cart, decent settlements, and torches. Expect $ 200 to $ 300 depending on tank size, level, brand, and burner size.

Tractor stock welding tanks

Tractor Supply Co. offers a variety of gas welding equipment for homemakers, farmers, or contractors. Purchase welding gas cylinders or replace the empty cylinder with acetylene, oxygen, or shielding gas fillings of various sizes.

Argon in MIG welder

For most medium-sized welds, you’ll have 25 to 30 cubic feet per hour (CFH), but the thicker your metal, the more Gas (CFH) you’ll need to weld to complete the MIG weld and make it aesthetically pleasing.

It costs about $ 200. Refills cost about $ 30. You can see a number 1 on Northern Tool for $ 125, but it’s a nice little bottle.

Can we do TIG welding without Gas?

No, the TIG weldingHelium stocks process requires that all parts of the process are spotless and that 100% argon is necessary as a shielding gas. Without shielding Gas, you will burn the tungsten, contaminate the weld and avoid entering the room.

What is the most expensive Argon or Helium?

Pure Argon can be used for MIG and GTAW welding and is the most commonly used shielding Gas for aluminum. Helium-containing gases are generally more expensive. He has a lower density than Ar, and industries use higher flow rates when welding with Helium.

Argon tank refilling Cost.

You can pay about $ 350 for a 150 SCF argon tank from AirGas. A refill costs around $ 50 per tank.

Price of rent/purchase and filling of a 150 cu/ ft argon gas cylinder Rent 75 USD per year, then 110 USD for filling. Refills were at around $ 47.

For how much time does the argon tank last?

How long does a 20 CF argon tank last? The average industrial argon gas supply tank, about 250 cubic feet, lasts about 10 hours at a flow rate of twenty to twenty-five cubic feet/hr. Most domestic tanks are between 60 and 80 cfh, and with a flow rate of 20 cfh, it will take 3 to 4 hours.


The Cost of welding a gas cylinder is $200, and its refill cost is $30. A 20 cf argon tank last for 10-20 hrs. It’s less expensive than Helium. Sometimes industries sell Argon in combination with CO2 or Helium.

How do I get argon gas?

Industries produce Argon by fractional distillation of liquid air in a cryogenic air separation plant. It is a process in which we separate liquid nitrogen with a boiling point of 77.3 from Argon with a boiling point of 87, 3 K. And liquid oxygen with a boiling point of 90 ° C will come at 2 K. Approximately 700,000 tons of Argon are produced worldwide each year.

You can buy it from different industries and chemical shops. Its prices may vary depending on the location, country, purity, and concentration.

Flammability of Argon:

  1. Ar is colorless, odorless, & non-flammable.

  2. Not poisonous generally, but it’s toxic when inhaled.

  3. The most significant health risk is suffocation during oxygen transfer.

  4. However, this is a simple risk of asphyxiation, so in some cases, releasing a large amount of Argon can present a choking hazard.

  5. Neither flammable nor reactive.

  6. It can explore if we heat or puncture an Argon tank. Thus, causing damage.


Ar is not flammable and is not primarily poisonous, but it can pose serious dangers if inhaled. It can cause choking hazards and is non-reactive. We can get it from the atmosphere by fractional distillation. Its also found in ocean water in a small amount. An ordinary person or someone working in the welding field can buy it. However, there is the proper procedure to follow.


You can get further information about Agron tank refill prices from the questions below.

1. Where can you find Argon?

We get Argon from the atmosphere. It’s the most abundant noble Gas and the third most abundant Gas in the atmosphere. We can also see small quantities of Arg in water in the ocean and the Earth’s crust.

2. Which Gas for MIG welding?

Shielding Gas is for MIG / MIG-MAG welding.

3. Which family does Argon belong to?

Argon is from noble gases, also known as the 18th group or zero group elements.

4. Is Argon heavier than air?

Due to its heaviness compared to air, it settles at low altitudes. Argon is easily soluble in water. Argon belongs to a particular group of gases called noble gases or inert gases. Other gases in this group are Helium, neon, etc.

5. Is argon gas harmful to humans?

Yes, it’s harmful. It can cause vomiting, nausea, and ultimately death. So, it’s better to avoid breathing Argon in typical situations or while welding.

6. Does Argon make you lower your voice?

It is an inert gas. You’d be fine if you inhaled a mixture of Argon and oxygen with enough O2 to survive. Your voice sounds more profound than helium breath. But pure Argon is harmful.

7. We can use a 125 CF argon tank for how much time?

During non-stop welding, 125 cf argon cylinder or tank will last 10-20 hrs. But if you will not use it continuously, it will last for more time.

8. What is unique about Argon?

Some of the facts and unique features of Argon are:

  1. It’s Inert

  2. Its colorless & odorless element

  3. Belong to noble gases.

  4. We can use it in fluorescent lighting and soldering.

  5. Greek word lazy represents it well because of its bond-forming less activity.

9. What is argon gas price per kg?

Its price per kg in India is 500 rupees.

10. When should I refill my argon tank?

Fill up when the Gas runs out and have another tank ready when the first one runs out.

11. How long is a 125 CF argon tank?

The tank of 125 cubic feet has a height of 43.

Size Cubic feet Hight
80 92 33
125 125 43
150 155 46
250 151 51

12. Which Gas for MIG welding?

People use Argon gas for MIG welding.

13. How long does an 80 CF weld pool last?

80 CF weld pool lasts for 4 hours.

14. Why is Argon so expensive?

Along with nitrogen and oxygen, Argon is the most common Gas in the atmosphere. Argon is a noble gas (like Helium), so it is inert. Argon does not react quickly with other substances. Argon is often more expensive than nitrogen due to its small proportion in the atmosphere.

15. Can TIG welding be done without Gas? Or Can we do gas-free TIG welding?

No, you can’t. The first demand of the welding process is cleanliness. So, firstly all parts should be clean. Secondly, 100% argon as shielding gas is a must. Without shielding Gas, tungsten will start burning, ultimately contaminating the weld. So, avoid entering the room.


Argon tank refill prices vary according to the location, country type, purity of Argon gas, and concentration. The costs of filling an empty cylinder are more than that of refilling the tank. Its prices may vary from 35$ to 350$. The Cost of an argon cylinder of size 14 is 500 Indian rupees in India. Its prices also change if it is a mixture of CO2 and Argon and Ar and He.

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