Are Toothpaste tablets revolutionary?

Toothpaste tablets are about to spread world wide and are getting fame because of its easy usage, durability,zero waste material.but question is that are they really worth to Take place the traditional toothpaste???

Are we ready exactly to replace them.Human nature says that man love to adopt the changes and are influenced by the customs and which tradition will be adopted?? Changes in customs or rigid to traditional values…

Toothpaste tablets are some how toothpaste in form of chewable, powdery, chunky tablets that are dehydrated to save the volume and weight.again when they are chewed or crush in pieces in mouth by teeth, along with saliva you they form toothpaste like paste that turns into foamy liquid when you brush to and fro along with Teeth.

Toothpaste tablets are designed to save the place and weight because holding a whole tube in the travel is quite a difficult have to brush only few times a d you have to hold a full toothpaste.if you chose tablets in form toothpaste you would rather feel more easy to move because ab old saying is

If you enjoy your travels,hold least luggage

So holding such tablets you can enjoy more.and zero waste terminology that is commonly used now a days that the products that contain plastic or non reusable meterials are danger for eco system are are really harmful for living beings too.

Why toothpaste tablets??

Again keeping in view all the side effects of harmful plastic and to save the resources and to enhance recycling product usage this idea got popularity.according to an estimate only in US 400 million toothpaste are thrown in bins.

Since toothpaste is the daily necessity and you can yourself estimate about the junk and the plastic meterials in routine life.toothpaste tablets are environment friendly and easy to carry.they come in glass bottle that is reusable and you don’t need to buy the jar again just buy refill and if you are going to travel only pick some tablets according to your need and pack them in little paper pocket or envelope and go.especially in hiking where one pound also matters so best for hiking too.

Relatively less ingredients

These tablets are relatively less in ingredients which make them more convenient and all ingredients are close to nature or herbal so the concept of mild toothpaste is also handy.even you can use the with braces,they easily washed out.the ingredients used in such tablets are coconut oil,xylitol,charcoal etc.all of them are extremely good for teeth care.

How much tablets a bottle contain??

It is also a frequently asked question that if one to buy them how much tablets are there.the answer is mostly those bottle contact 60 or 62 tablets,after that you can refill you bottle again.

Relatively higher in price

Mostly people deny by saying that these are not economical at all in term of price.In the price of one bottle you can easily buy three why a higher product??

The ans is toothpaste companies are facing a full competitive market and higher demand level moreover their profits are high and cost of production is low due to internal and external advantages.on the other hand toothpaste tablets are new in market and only few companies are making this so the cost of production is high due to new equipments and experts.with the passage of time when these tablets increase their demand they will be in position to supply the products on relatively low price.

Chose flavour of your own choice

Like toothpaste you can also chose the flavor.these tablets are also in so many refreshing flavours such like cranberry, charcoal, pepper mint along with the extracts of tea tree oil and coconut oil.oftenly baking soda is a key ingredient that is healthy to prevent you from tarter and plaque.

Fluoride free tablets

For some teeth types fluoride is not good enough,so these tablets are fluoride free also.only mild type of ingredients work properly without damaging gums.pepper mint and spear mint refreshers are purely a treat to ■■■■ system.

Method to use

For enjoying your first tablet toothpaste only pick a tablet and in mouth crush with the help of your teeth,they are dehydrated tablets they are easy to break and feel chunky and crunchy in mouth then it would form in a paste after mixing with salvia now brush normally.More you brush,more foam will emit.

DIY toothpaste tablets

As we told above that these tablets are available in big cities of uk,america, australia etc ,A time is required to make its accessibility easy.but don’t worry at all,you can easily make you tablets by DIY all you need is a

Butter paper

Baking soda
Glass jar

For making spread the butter paper and then with the help of toothpaste make tiny drops of toothpaste and let them dry after that you will feel they are so sticky and not easy to pick them so now place them in a dyhdrated machine or dry freeze them.

Since the traditional toothpaste contain 50% of water.when you make your toothpaste balls they will become more less weighted and airy.dehydrated process will make them a glass bottle sprinkle baking soda ,not too much and then pour all your diy tablets in it.they are easy to use now,now use them like normal tablets.

Immediate usage with no preservatives

One good thing of these tablets,that they are easy to use even from normal toothpaste you have to place your paste on brush, then make the brush wet.Proper water required to wash mouth thoroughly and they are from preservatives which are essential part of any product that lasts more than six months,so one of the best quality is it contain less preservative items.

Water saving tablets too

Traditional methods of brushing require lot of water to wash the mouth internally and throughly.on average 1 litr of water is necessary for brushing ok be time and many people are in habit of ,letting the tap open while brushing.if we compare them with tablets they make less foam but proper healthy minimum water required.

More hygienic

These tablets are more hygienic than tube paste because we push more the tube and the quantity required is little when extra tube goes back into tube it may cause infection or germs to grow.while tablets are like normal tablet place one on hand and chew.

Not extra shipping charges

Imported pastes are delivering through parcels hence the shipping charges are more because of weight.these tablets would have less shipment charges because of one more plus point in favour of these tablets.


If a paste is abrasive,it is supposed to be best quality because it contains ingredients like salicates , phosphates, silicon gel and meganasium.these ingredients fights against tarter and plaque but on the other hand they are gentle for daily use and did not harm the these tablets are also abrasive,so no need of worry for teeth care.tuey are a perfect substitute of paste.

Quick comparison of traditional paste and tablets

All of you are experiencing brushing from a long time.Toothpaste took place the dental powder which are used to clean teeth.It was chunky and chalky too and was in the form of was then quitted because it stays in the gums and cause infection then paste was frequently again tablets are here to take the place of paste because it contains water and less handy then tablets.

What will be preferable in near future???

Mostly people love brushing when your paste is minty fresh and cools your breath and make them minty fragrant.would it be easily adopted by all.i guess it’s no.because now we are in habbit of using it.and habbits are normally less intended to quit.

Sure people will experience the change but it might be many companies made these tablets like LUSH made so many luxurious products of daily use.they also make toothpaste tablets which may be a great incentive to use luxurious there is a chance of its success too.

With the health care point of view we saw that tablets meet mostly requirements such as fluoride free,herbal ingredients, hygenic, xylitol,minty extracts and on all these grounds it is it can easily substitute of paste.

Moreover the ingredients are used are eco friendly and strengthen teeth baking soda,that is stain free,they are immediate to use.with no preservatives and dyes.

They are soft for braces teeth also and are eco warrior.these tablets also prevent the stages of tooth decay and cavities.and also they prevent discoloration and plastic free.

We discussed above all the effects either they were negative or positive about the tablets are we say their accessibility and durability.we also saw different grounds on which it is more practical than traditional toothpaste.Like health care, abrasive, durability.

They are environmental friendly, less weight holdings,plastic free,zero waste, reusable packaging,TSA friendly and having certified fluoride (BCIH).beside this eco friendly, sustainable,control tarter and plaque.they are in buget and many extracts are so healthy for teeth care like charcoal and soda.coconut and xylitol.

They are available in big cities but in coming years along with their demand supply would also increase.and many flavour like paper mint,charcoal, cranberry,minty blast are present you can chose among one of them.

They are designed for fresh breathing, whitening teeth, healthy gums and bad breath free.their impact last for eight hours like any traditional toothpaste does.

Tablets are immediate with no preservatives,and fight against cavities and plaque.these tablets can also a DIY activity msimply pour them on butter paper like drops and dehydrate them and use them normally.

For using tablets simply crush them with teeth and then brush.for better results use wet brush.more you brush more foam you will get.

But contradiction with all the positive points we saw the user of these tablets and ask to describe their experience about these tablets.the result was not much satisfying because the user didn’t find them as cool as the toothpaste.

The refreshing effect last only few hours,it feels awkward when you chew tablets and then they form into paste.and paste isn’t as good as the toothpaste.

The user also give the concept of making compulsory silver tubes that are also not messy and reusable and abrasive.

1:what are the toothpaste tablets?
Ans:they are designed to chew and brush technique and equally effective like toothpaste.

2:how to use toothpaste tablets?
Ans:simply put a tablet,and chew it-with teeth and using mouth moisture it would make a paste in you mouth.then brush it normally.

Ans;simply dehydrate toothpaste drops and dry them in freez drier and use like toothpaste tablets.


In last we will conclude by saying that making of tablets are also a great success,they not only save our weight and time but also the water future shortage of water is also expected then and now in romot areas where water is less they can easily be adopted.

A time required to develop the taste and to change the habits of people that are in favour of paste.they are not less from the health care point.they meet all the requirements of care and control.They are secure, durable, hygienic and zero waste.