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Annie is popular as the ex to Dennis Rodman, a NBA player, grappler, entertainer and TV character. She was brought into the world on 26th February 1965 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Her complete name is Anicka Bakes. During her early stages, her family moved regularly because of which she battled with making companions. There are no subtleties accessible in regards to Bakes’ folks, family foundation, and schooling.

As indicated by certain reports, she is presently remarried to a police officer whose character stays obscure. As of now, the previous model is dynamic on Facebook.

Annie met Dennis Rodman while she was facilitating at a club in Los Angeles in 1987. They later moved in together and in 1988 had their first kid together, a girl named Alexis Rodman. Their relationship was loaded up with strife with steady separations. They anyway got hitched in 1991 in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They later separated in 1992 with Annie revealing that Rodman had constrained her to go through 4 fetus removals and gotten a STD during their relationship. She later remarried in 1996 to a cop whose personality isn’t known.


Anicka aka Annie began demonstrating at sixteen years old after she was drawn closer by a specialist while in the shopping center. She was profoundly sort for however her demonstrating vocation finished in 1986 after she was associated with an auto collision where she supported a few scars and wounds. After the auto collision she moved to club facilitating.

She has a book named Worse Than He Says He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side with Dennis Rodman which she delivered in 1997 after their separation. The book had bounty great surveys.


Annie Bakes is an American previous grown-up model. She is best perceived as the ex of NBA player, entertainer, grappler and TV character Dennis Rodman. Drawn closer by a demonstrating specialist at 16 years old, she has displayed for various organizations and organizations till date. She has likewise worked in clubs as an entertainer. Known for her choice looks in the displaying scene, Bakes was once quite possibly the most sought-after grown-up models in the business. She is intense and a la mode with a magnificent figure to kick the bucket for. A multitalented character, Bakes is additionally a writer of the book ‘White Girls Don’t Bounce’. At present, she is hitched to a cop and is a gushing mother of a young lady. Notwithstanding her VIP status, the American diva is supposed to be a rational character.

Annie Bakes began dating proficient b-ball player Dennis Rodman after she grabbed his attention at a club in 1987. She in a split second went gaga for him at the main gathering. After two years, she brought forth their first child, a girl named Alexis. At that point in 1991, Bakes wedded the NBA player. Notwithstanding, their marriage ended up being a calamity. The grown-up model once asserted that Rodman undermined her and consistently constrained her to go through early terminations. In 1993, subsequent to discovering she had gotten a STD from him, the team had a dreadful battle and Bakes petitioned for legal separation which was finished soon thereafter.

In the last part of the 1990s, there were gossipy tidbits that the two had accommodated for their girl. Notwithstanding, those gossipy tidbits were excused when Rodman wedded Carmen Electra.


Concerning her vocation, Annie is among those blessed individuals who rose to their profession so early. She was as yet a lesser at 16 years old when a demonstrating specialist moved toward her. Because of her initial blooming as she dazzled the specialist with her looks all the more so through her physical make-up and light hair. It is here that she found her first occupation as a model at the print business. At 18 years old, she turned into a grown-up model where she began demonstrating for items like underwear and swimwear. As an approach to top her income, she figured out low maintenance work at a dance club.

Regardless of her diligent effort and obligation to demonstrating, she, tragically, got a mishap in 1986 that caused the finish of her displaying vocation. In spite of the fact that she recuperated, she was left with scars and wounds that couldn’t make her fit for the profession. Notwithstanding, this was not the finish of her profession life as subsequent to finishing her marriage with her ex Dennis Rodman, she set out into writing in 1997.


In spite of being a model, not very many individuals thought about her during her initial days. Her marriage with Dennis Rodman is the first occasion when she came into the full glare of the media. Rodman was at that point a hotshot right now, as he was a famous basket baller. This is the thing that made individuals attempt to investigate on her recently married spouse, Annie Bakes.

Here is when individuals came to learn, she was a model and individuals began following her. Their relationship never endured long, as they isolated in 1991 and finished their separation in 1993, another consider that brought her the spotlight of the media. During their separation, Annie was pregnant with Rodman, a factor that made individuals and media staff continue to follow her. Some other time she was included in the news was after she delivered her book, “More terrible than What He Says He Is.” Many individuals were keen on purchasing the book, as all they had in their brains was their relationship with Rodman.

Everything we can say about Annie in the news is all the occasions she has included is because of her relationship with her ex. Today, notwithstanding showing up somewhat in the media, she carries on with a part of the way calm life.


Michelle Moyer was the third spouse of the ex of Annie Bakes when Dennis rodman and Annie Bakes require separated from formally After a couple of years after the fact Dennis and Michelle met in a bar in 1999. Dennis moved toward her and began conversing with her while they talking they are extremely pulled in to one another and afterward they are begun dating one another.

Following a couple of months after the fact Michelle got pregnant and in 2000 Michelle brought forth their first child Dennis Rodman Jr. All that appeared to be incredible in their life after the infant came into their life. Two or after three years they are thinking to augment their family in 2003 a girl came into their life named Trinity. They are extremely upbeat after the child came into their life.

Individuals are generally inquisitive about the wedding of Michelle Moyer’s and Dennis Roadman their wedding was hung on Dennis Roadman’s 42nd Birthday 13 May 2003. However, sadly, his third marriage with Michelle was additionally not the last log.

Michelle Moyer documented Divorced in 2004 and after the eight years after the fact the separation was concluded.


  • At sixteen years old, she began demonstrating.
  • She composes a book Worse Than He Says He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side with Dennis Rodman however she distributed the under the title of White Girls Don’t Bounce.
  • Annie Bakes presently living with her girl and new spouse.
  • The principle explanation for Dennis and Annie’s separated was supposed to be Sexual maltreatment, she censured Dennis for her successive fetus removals.
  • She is for the most part known as Annie Bakes yet her complete name is Anicka Bakes.

Summary; She was brought into the world in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on February 26, 1965. She and her family moved around her during her youth, making it hard for her to discover new companions and make companions now and again. She said she hit adolescence at an early age and that her creating body made it hard for her to make companions


Annie Bakes is renowned for the ex of NBA ball player yet she is additionally a model and she has a book named White Girls Don’t Bounce, individuals are intrigued to think about big names Net Worth how much cash she has.

The book she distributed after her separation was perused generally she rakes in boatloads of cash by selling the book and considering the resources and property she has and talented by his ex Dannis Rodman the general Net worth is around $500k.


What is Dennis Rodman total assets?

Dennis Rodman is an American resigned proficient b-ball player who played for the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks in the NBA. Rodman was nicknamed “The Worm”. Starting at 2021, Dennis Rodman’s total assets is generally $500 Thousand

For what reason was Dennis Rodman so great at bouncing back?

During scene three of the arrangement, Rodman clarified that he culminated the craft of bouncing back during late-night exercise center meetings with companions in which he followed the direction of various shots. “I just rehearsed a ton about the point of the ball and its direction,” Rodman said

Where is Dennis Rodman’s girl?

Trinity Rodman, Dennis Rodman’s girl, is prepared to make her own name in expert soccer. It has been five days since Trinity Rodman turned into the most youthful player at any point to be drafted into the National Women’s Soccer League, and the 18-year-old is caught up with getting together her school apartment at Washington State University in Pullman.

Is Dennis Rodman the best rebounder ever?

#5: Dennis Rodman: .

Dennis is the best rebounder of the advanced period, and he was uniquely about 6’7" and 225 pounds. This present person’s hard working attitude at bouncing back must be coordinated by the folks of the old periods. Rodman couldn’t score, however he could play safeguard and bounce back like there’s no tomorrow


Annie Bakes is an American previous grown-up model. She is best perceived as the ex of NBA player, entertainer, grappler and TV character Dennis Rodman. Drawn closer by a demonstrating specialist at 16 years old, she has displayed for various organizations and organizations till date. She has likewise worked in clubs as a leader.