AllScripts EMR Software: Best EMR for Small Practice

What is an EMR?

If you have an idea of what the term EMR stands for, then you know half the work the software does but not at all anywhere near what it is capable of. The term EMR stands for electronic medical records and while medical records and their digitized copies are indeed a big part of this software, it is not all this software does.

These days EMRs are practically responsible for helping run entire medical practices which is why they are now indispensable and can be found at any medical practice especially those found in North America. From taking care of scheduling to making sure that lab results are received; these software can do everything. In this piece we will specifically be targeting small practices and how AllScripts EMR Software is a good option for you. We will cover everything; from AllScripts EHR cost to AllScripts EMR reviews and more.

Why is AllScripts Good for Small Practices

In this piece we will specifically focus on how AllScripts EMR is good for small practices and help you decide whether or not you should get this software. So what are some features which make this software a good option for smaller medical practices? Let’s dive into it.

Lab Integration

One of the most important things that any small practice needs is to ensure that everything is done as efficiently as possible because the smaller the staff, the more efficient you need to be. AllScripts EHR reviews often talk about how the lab integration feature is very important since it streamlines how you get the lab results you have ordered for your patients. Basically, with lab integration you are able to get lab results sent directly to you so that you can view them right away. You do not need a staff member or to spare time yourself to call the lab and have them sent the results over. The time and money you are able to save with this feature will make up for the AllScripts EMR price in no time at all.


One of the most important things involved in a medical practice no matter what size the practice is, is the ability to schedule appointments. Scheduling properly is imperative to the success of your medical practice. A lot of AllScripts EMR reviews talk about how this medical EMR software does a great job with scheduling and also helps you in reducing your no-shows. The software sends reminders to patients so that they are more likely to show up for appointments or cancel well in time for you to schedule someone else in their place instead of wasting time. This feature again makes up for the AllScripts EHR cost.

Patient History

Patient history is an important aspect for any doctor to know because this will help you in how to treat your patient and have a more holistic view of their health. So in terms of patient history this software does a great job since you can have access to your patients history within seconds to have a good idea of what you need. AllScripts EHR reviews talk about how good this feature in the software is. Having patient history also reduces the time it takes to see and diagnose a patient hence it will help you increase efficiency in your practice and take on and see more patients daily. All these features at the end of the day help with making up for the AllScripts EHR cost in no time at all.


In a medical practice, being able to make referrals is a very important feature since you should always be able to refer your patient to someone else who might be able to help them or help them better than you are equipped to. With a small medical practice, your resources are often limited hence you cannot take too many cases on or do not have doctors of various specialities practicing alongside you hence you need to be able to easily make referrals. A lot of AllScripts reviews talk about how helpful this feature is and how you can make referrals to relevant doctors within seconds instead of having to call them during business hours and taking a long time just to make a referral and send over the patients files.

Should you Invest in AllScripts EMR?

So you are probably wondering if we recommend that you get AllScripts EMR. Honestly, we cannot make this decision for you since only you will be able to decide whether this software will be appropriate for you and your needs. If the AllScripts EMR price is feasible for you then what other things should you consider when committing to a software? Well, you should also make a list of features you hope to have in your medical EMR which will then help you going forward in your search for an EMR.

You should compare the features you would ideally want in an EMR software to the features the EMR has so that you can have a better idea if it will be feasible for you and benefit you. Other than that, you should also read up on various AllScript EMR reviews or even reviews for any other EMR you are considering since more often than not your peers who are using the software will give you a better idea of how the features work on the software.