All you need to know about concrete grinder

Construction industry involves variety of tools and equipments to design and build buildings and homes. When any building structure is constructed, the first impression is created by its flooring. To give the best finishes to the floorings, floor grinders are used. There are many types of floor grinders available in the market that are used to grind floors made of marble, granite and concrete. But, concrete has higher sliding friction than marble and granite, and you must use concrete grinder for polishing the concrete floor.

You require a specialized tool to polish concrete surfaces and that is known as concrete grinder. These are not only used to grind floorings, but also for worktops and countertops. Other than grinding, concrete grinder is also used to level the concrete surface in order to provide a smooth finish. You can also use it to remove any aggressive coating from the concrete surface.

Basic Components of a Concrete Grinder:

A concrete grinder basically comprises of a rotating head that is used to level and smooth out the surface. Nowadays, the rotating abrasive discs that are used to grind the concrete surfaces contain diamond particles and that’s why it is also known as diamond grinding. The two key components of a concrete grinder are:

Diamond – The rotating discs are mostly made of synthetic diamonds. You can find these diamonds in variety of sizes, shapes and strength. The size of a diamond is represented in terms of grits. However, the size of diamond and grit number is inversely proportional to each other. Large diamonds are used to remove aggressive coating from the surface, whereas small size diamonds are used to polish the surfaces.

Bond – The bond is another crucial part of a concrete grinder. Its main purpose is to hold the diamond while grinding. During the grinding process, the bond gets wear out in a systematic way so that diamond is smoothly exposed for grinding purpose without any breakage. The combination of diamond and bond depends upon the required application. Different applications require different sets of diamond grits and bonds. So you need to choose the concrete grinder according to your project needs.

Types of Concrete Grinders

There are broadly two types of concrete grinders available in the market. They are:

  1. Hand-Held Grinders – As the name suggests, these grinders are held in hands while grinding the surfaces. These are small in size and are used to grind the concrete corners. The grinding process creates lot of dust which is collected by a hose attached to the grinder unit.

  2. Walk Behind Grinders – These grinder units are much larger in size as compared to hand-held grinders. Therefore, they are used to grind the large floor areas. You will find different types of walk-behind grinders available in the market to choose from. You can use LP, petrol or diesel for such grinders.

Other Perks of using Concrete Grinders

You will find variety of benefits of using concrete grinders. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • These are commonly used to remove the stubborn tile glues.
  • If concrete surfaces are installed unevenly, then they can be leveled and made lustrous with the help of a concrete grinder.
  • These grinders cost far less when compared to other grinding methods.
  • It helps to give a good aesthetic appeal to the concrete surface by exposing and polishing its aggregates.
  • They provide a stone floor like surface appearance to the concrete surfaces.

So, this was a short informative guide about concrete grinders. We hope readers will find this piece of information valuable and of high use.