All meds EHR: Purpose-built EHR For Surgical Specialties

About Allmeds EHR Software

Allmeds is a beautifully designed EHR software that offers practice management and revenue cycle management solutions as well. Allmeds EHR Software was founded nearly 20 years back. It is a very powerful software developed keeping the needs of surgical specialties in mind. Surgical specialties like otolaryngology, neurosurgery can benefit from this software a lot. If you look at the success rate in this industry, Allmeds ranks in the top EHR software. Allmeds EHR is extremely efficient and streamlines your workflow within days. Let’s talk about some of the features that it has to offer.

Allmeds EHR Features

Automated Workflow

Automating all the complex tasks is what every practice wants. Streamlining your workflow and everything within days of installation. From improved and automated chart notes to task distribution to matched codes, get everything done in seconds. With the help of automated workflow, you can get your coding, documentation, reporting, billing, and a lot more done in literally no time.

Patient Portal

Some tasks require serious focus and attention. One of the tasks that require complete attention and effort from staff is Patient History. With the help of Allmeds EMR, you can build comprehensive patient histories with the close of no staff required. Patient Portal is convenient for every user and is required by users in almost every EHR software. To be able to access your patient’s data before an encounter can be really helpful for the doctors. It helps them understand the case/condition better. This feature helps improve efficiency level as it integrates with Practice Management software with no trouble at all. The accuracy levels increase and easily customizable bubble forms can be created.

Electronic Prescription

Electronic prescription is something that plays a vital role in improving the efficiency of any practice. Some practices require a lot of tests to be done and a lot of report information. With the help of electronic prescriptions, the data goes directly to the pharmacies and the whole prescription process is streamlined. With the help of this feature, you can Reduce medication errors with decision support tools and contraindication alerts, Maintain compliance with Meaningful Use and other federal requirements, Immediately disperse prescriptions to pharmacies or patients, and much more.


Billing can be a very complex task to perform and can burden the staff a lot. It can contain a lot of errors and mistakes. We all know mistakes are not affordable especially when it comes to this area. Allmeds EHR offers you the best billing tools through which you can easily streamline your billing system. With the help Allmeds billing system, the level of accuracy is maintained which means fewer errors. The tasks get done way faster and more efficiently. The doctor worries about taking care of the patient instead of constantly thinking about getting paid. Everything is automated which is a huge plus for both the users and the patients.

Allmeds EMR also has many other excellent features too. Some of its famous EHR features are appointment scheduling, compliance tracking, and coding tools. All these features that we have mentioned help you streamline your workflow, avoid delays, get tasks done faster and more efficiently, maintain accuracy levels, and make your work more manageable without requiring many members of your staff.

Allmeds EHR Software Pros and Cons


One of the most common favorite things that we have observed among the users is their customer support. Allmeds EHR Customer support is quick, efficient, and very responsive. They get back to you instantly and help resolve your issues as fast as possible. The software has a very user-friendly interface and is very easy to manage overall. Beginners find it very simple and easy to handle. Their practice management software is loved by many users because of the ease it offers to users. It has got all the right tools to get done with your tasks in no time. We have observed many people in Otolaryngology practice using this software and absolutely loving it. Their scheduling system is loved by all the users and they find it very easy and convenient. Overall, Allmeds EHR is an excellent choice if you want to streamline your workflow and make the whole system/environment more efficient.


The software has had some users who think it is quite expensive compared to other EHR software with similar features and functionality. Making your own templates is where many users get stuck. Constant updates are required which they are quite slow at.

Overall, the software is pretty good and offers excellent solutions to its customers.


Allmeds EHR pricing starts from $5000 per user and it is a one-time payment. Allmeds EHR does not offer a free trial.

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