A Guide to Flat Washers

A Guide to Flat Washers

Flat washers might look like small, insignificant pieces of metal, but they’re actually essential for building safe structures. As Very Engineering points out, a single missing washer caused a Boeing 757 airplane to explode at the gate. Washers make it possible for you to enter buildings without worrying that they’ll collapse around you. Every contractor needs a stock of flat washers at their disposal–and Superior Washer and Gasket Corp. has everything you need to start your upcoming projects.

Our line of washers includes standard washers, round flat washers, metric washers, shims and odd-shaped washers for specialized projects. Learn everything you need to know about flat washers, then purchase flat washers today from our convenient online store.

What Makes Flat Washers So Essential?

Contractors use flat washers for a number of reasons. Here’s what makes flat washers an essential part of construction projects:

Most importantly, washers distribute the weight of the fastener evenly across the surface. Without a washer, the fastener might crack or damage the material that it’s screwed into.

Washers give the fastener an even surface to sit on. If you screw a fastener into an uneven surface, it might get stuck and be impossible to pull out.

Adding flat washers to your fastener allows you to screw it into material that might otherwise be too shallow. For example, if you’re screwing a 3-inch fastener into a surface that’s 2 inches deep, washers give the fastener more space so it doesn’t protrude out the back of the material.

For other applications like vibration absorption or liquid protection, contractors might use a different type of washer that seals off the surface and keeps the screw from sliding out.

What Types Of Washers Can You Find On The Market?

At Superior Washer and Gasket Corp., our selection includes thousands of flat washers with various materials, thicknesses and diameters. Here’s a look at the types of washers you can order online.

USS Flat Washers

United States Standard (USS) flat washers are specially designed for the manufacturing industry. These washers screw on tightly, seal off the surface and hold up to hundreds–if not thousands–of applications.

SAE Flat Washers

Society of American Engineers (SAE) flat washers meet the requirements for automotive applications. SAE flat washers are thinner than USS flat washers and have a smaller diameter. As a result, they offer a tighter fit than USS washers.

Zinc Flat Washers

Zinc flat washers offer a zinc coating that protects the washer from rust, corrosion and tarnishing. Zinc also has “sacrificial” properties that make it popular for certain applications. When the washer is exposed to harsh elements, the zinc wears away to protect the metal underneath.

HDG Flat Washers

HDG (hot-dipped galvanized) flat washers come with a thick zinc coating. When the manufacturer dips the washers in zinc, the zinc bonds directly to the metal and creates a virtually impenetrable coating. HDG flat washers can withstand just about anything, making them suitable for outdoor use.

How Do You Order Flat Washers Online?

To start, choose a category, then use the filters to the left to narrow down your search. We separate our washers by type, material, diameter, thickness and other metrics. Once you’ve found washers for your next project, hit the check box next to the item listing. Click “Request Quote” when you’re ready to get a quote for the entire order.

This doesn’t automatically place your order–instead, it sends us your information so we can get back to you with a price quote. Requesting a quote is 100% free and requires no commitment on your part. You can also contact us any time if you have questions about our products.