A Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best SAP EAM Mobile Solutions

No industry in the last ten years or so has been left behind when it comes to experimenting with new technology when it comes to seeing if its works for them. Enterprise asset management or EAM has also seen a significant change over the years.

Most of the plant technicians are expected to be mobile based on the work they are supposed to do on a daily basis. So the shift in EAM has somewhat come as a surprise but as a boon for many industries.

Industries that run on assets

Industries that run on assets including equipment have to take care of a lot of important things. They have to conduct regular audits and inspections to see whether their assets are performing the way they are supposed.

The plant technicians manning those industries also have to perform unscheduled as well as preventative maintenance to make sure that they minimize the cases of unexpected downtime to as low as possible. Other things that these workers have to handle include managing environmental and safety risks and bringing down production, if needed.

Now what used to happen when technology wasn’t as developed was manual work where all the data was captured on paper. This data was then entered into plant maintenance system. This process not only used to take a lot of time but was also exposed to errors. This is where SAP EAM mobile solutions have made things a lot easier. So if you are a looking for a SAP EAM mobile solution for your company, you need to make sure that you know the things that you need to consider.

Asset management and maintenance need

The most important thing is to have a solution that serves all your asset management and maintenance needs. Managing different solution is often hard work for plant workers. And when you have more than one such system, you will have to make sure that they communicate with each other as well as your EAM system. Look for a SAP EAM mobile solution that can help you do a lot more than managing maintenance operations. You can save a lot of time by having a mobile system in place that can be accessed by different teams involved in the process.

The SAP EAM mobile solution should have a configurable UI. Workflow is different for different roles, locations, departments. So having a system whose interface can be easily configured will help you in making workers more productive.


When you have such a system in place, you can bring down the time that the IT team needs to update the system or make changes to its interface. This can help companies to not rely on IT customizations too much. They can instead let key users to make necessary changes to the workflow. By doing this, they will not only put less burden on their IT teams but also give users just what they need to do their work.