9 Drinks Best and Worst For Your Teeth

When you finish most drinks, did you notice your teeth feel a different way? This is because everything you drink can impact your teeth either in a good or bad way. You sure want to protect your teeth from unsightly discoloration and other problems, such as decay and erosion. It is important to know which drinks are best for your teeth and which are worst. So you can limit those that are bad for your or*al health and start consuming those drinks that are good for your teeth. Read along to find out about drinks that are best and worst for your teeth.

Bad Drinks

1. Vinegar-based drinks

Vinegar-based drinks are becoming popular due to their potential health benefits. But drinks like Kombucha and other probiotic-packed drinks containing vinegar are often highly acidic. Acidic drinks can erode your tooth enamel and may result in loss of minerals.

2. Cola

Drinking soda is not only bad for your teeth but also bad for your overall health. The high sugar content and carbonation is the worst combo that causes tooth decay. These drinks are also acidic and sugary. This means these drinks can cause cavities and tooth decay along with enamel erosion.

3. Coffee

Coffee lovers might get hurt a little after knowing this. Drinking too much coffee can wear down your tooth enamel, cause discoloration, and may lead to sensitivity issues. However, drinking coffee less frequently won’t do much harm, especially if it contains less sugar and more milk.

4. Energy drinks

While energy drinks can pump you up, they can cause or*al health problems. Since these drinks are highly acidic, they can severely damage your enamel. These drinks can also cause hyperactivity which can result in teeth-grinding habits and tooth damage.

5. Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol is bad for your health and teeth. It can contribute to and speed up gum disease. It can also cause tooth decay. So to prevent the risk of cavity development and other dental issues, it is advisable to cut down alcohol consumption.

Good Drinks

1. Sparkling water

Many people are often doubtful whether or not carbonated water is bad for teeth. But the good news is, most unflavored sparkling water is fine, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). Just make sure to avoid additives like flavorings that can increase the water’s acidic levels. As a general rule, avoid any drink that is acidic or contains sugar.

2. Coconut water

Drinking regular water is the healthiest option. But if you’re tired of drinking plain water, you can try coconut water. It’s super refreshing and has an antioxidant-packed feature. It’s also a great replacement for energy drinks. Make sure you go for the one with low sugar content.

3. G*in and soda water

Alcohol is usually on the bad side of the list but if you’re looking for a healthier option for your orl health, go for gn. It contains the lowest acidity alcohol and is sugar-free. You can choose soda water in place of tonic and add lime to your drink.

4. Milk

Milk is only second to water when it comes to the healthiest drink for your teeth. It contains vitamins and calcium, which help reduce tooth decay and strengthen enamel.

Final Takeaway

The best way to maintain good or*l health is to avoid acidic and sugary drinks in general. Drink plenty of water and consume milk. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly and clean your tongue before bedtime. For more information, feel free to contact Nimmi Shine Dental.