8 Tools to Start a Micro-Business on a Budget

Many people think that in order to start any type of business, they need a lot of capital. For entrepreneurs, this is actually one of the most common and threatening hurdles to overcome when launching their projects.

The good news is that today we have a wide range of tools and resources that allow you to start a business without being a millionaire, or at least without having wealthy investors.

In order to make good use of these tools, you need to have a solid understanding of how they work, so that you can tailor their functionality to what you want to accomplish with your business.

1) Create my Business Plan

Create My Business Plan helps entrepreneurs to start their business by offering them an evaluation of their project, the writing of a business plan and a financial simulation of their project. In the meantime, the website will provide them with data on accounting, budgets and financial plans.

You can also download a business plan for your project so that you can show it to banks or potential investors. Create My Business Plan also prides itself on offering a comprehensive and informative Business Plan Guide, in which you can find full guidance on the process of starting your business.


If you want to start any type of business, you must have a website. And you don’t have to be a web developer or hire one to get the job done. You can actually use a service like HOSTINGER to do that.

HOSTINGER offers several easy to use, fast and reliable web hosting services. These services allow you to manage your customers’ email addresses, use e-commerce and cloud storage features, and also take care of your website security.

3) Tailor Brands

If you want to have a successful business, it has to look like it. With this in mind, Tailor Brands helps you work on the visual identity of your project since it will take care of the creation of your logo. All you need to do is type in the company name, make a good choice in terms of logo style and you are ready to go by the custom logo designing!

Tailor Brands will make sure your logo looks professional and meets the highest quality standards. This service also helps you design attractive and engaging posts for your social media accounts so that you stay true to the message you convey to your brand. And finally, Tailor Brands will synchronize all these efforts with your website, in order to preserve a coherent visual identity.


Managing a company’s accounts is one of the most delicate and time-consuming tasks for any entrepreneur. But again, you don’t need to hire an accountant. You can use ZEFYR, an online accounting software that will allow you to do your own bookkeeping - and without knowing anything!

ZEFYR offers a very easy-to-use interface for non-accountants. You can take care of your bills, payroll, and even tax collection. ZEFYR also allows you to connect it to your bank accounts so that you can keep track of your payments and receipts, and it has been certified by the tax authorities. And, above all, the VAT calculation is done for you and it only takes a few minutes!

5) Salesmate

Taking care of a successful business involves dealing with, hopefully, a large number of customers. To track these relationships, you need a CRM like Salesmate, which allows you to increase your income by connecting your sales team and customers productively. You will be able to reach more prospects and turn them into customers with a wide range of tools like emails, texts, calls, and follow-ups that you can set in an automated but human way.

Salesmate also offers an efficient and organized sales pipeline where you can track your activity regarding contracts, sales and conversions, and find information on what is working and what is not, so you can make the appropriate adjustments. to your marketing and sales campaigns.

6) Fiverr

When it comes to running a micro-business, many entrepreneurs feel that they have to take care of each task on their own. And that’s just not fair - it’s very inefficient! Fortunately, you can use services like Fiverr where you can outsource and find a huge supply of freelancers who can handle all the tasks you need.

The price is based on the project, so you will only pay a fee adjusted to the work you must have done. Fiverr also makes sure that you find highly skilled professionals who have built a reputation that makes them trustworthy. Your payment is also protected, as it will not be released until you approve the work you requested.

7) Evernote

A productive business is run by concentrated people. Evernote is an app that lets entrepreneurs focus on what’s really relevant. Businesses are usually built around ideas, and those ideas need to be taken in an organized fashion.

Evernote not only lets you save ideas but also makes notes of personal and business information, so you can rest assured that everything you thought about is stored properly. Once you have an idea, Evernote will take care of its posterity. Evernote also syncs your data automatically across all of your devices, so every bit of information you might have saved on a particular device will be available in the rest of your gadgets as well. You can also share this information with the rest of your family or members of your team.

8) LinkedIn

LinkedIn was originally intended to become the largest platform for professionals in the world. If you had a business and needed to recruit the most skilled professionals, then LinkedIn was the place to be. And in a way it still is, but it has managed to become so much more than that.

LinkedIn is also a place where you can do business. This is where you can contact the business development team leaders of virtually any company or business you can think of, so you should take this opportunity.

If you want to start a micro-business, you have a wide range of quality tools at your disposal. You don’t need millions of dollars and you don’t need to hire a lot of employees to run your business. You just need to take the time to understand each of these tools and then make a serious effort to put them to good use so that you can take advantage of their strengths.