7 Ways to Upscale your Sales Team

For any business to grow and be successful there are multiple things that go into it. From market research, designing, creating/developing, testing, marketing, sales, follow up marketing or sales and many more.

All these things happen with only one aim in mind i.e. good customer service. And the key to good customer service is consistency.

Here, I’m highlighting the contributions of the sales team. They play a major role in expanding your business and growing a strong customer base. Catering to each and every client, serving them in the correct manner, taking timely follow ups, and many more things go into it.

In spite of doing all these things, oftentimes the sales team has a lot of issues to face and many times lose their productivity. This can become a problem for most of the companies as it affects their sales and income.

But, don’t worry. We have got you covered with the seven ways to step up your sales game and increase productivity.

Let’s get started:

Timely training:

The sales market is ever changing. Every day there is some new trend in the market, customers’ requirements keep on changing, and meeting their needs might become difficult. This is when you need to provide your team with timely training.

In these training sessions try to include current market trends, based on your customers’ data, teach them different ways to pitch your products, provide insights into the mindset of your customers (try to do this on a location basis), teach them new sales techniques, and more.

All these things will keep your team up to date with current needs of your customers as well as the market. Apart from this, training sessions can boost the team spirit and help them work better.

Provide CRM Support:

Making the best out of technology in this current time is the key. Give your sales team the comfort of using CRM on the go. With the help of Dynamics CRM mobile app they can easily know the customers’ data when they are on field and on the basis of this they can provide better service.

You can provide your sales representatives with CRM’s mobile application they can use this before having a meeting with your customers.

Wondering why?

Because it will provide them with detailed information about your customer, their area of interest, products or services they have purchased, and more. Your sales representative can prepare questions beforehand if needed which helps in smooth meetings for both parties. Additionally, it will even help you to build better relations and business brands with your customers.

Add plugin in CRM:

To make the CRM work more effectively you can introduce various plugins like MappyField 365. It will help your sales representatives and managers streamline business operations.

You can integrate it with Dynamics CRM and it provides features like:

  • ▼ Targeted location marketing

  • ▼ Scheduling appointments with clients/customers

  • ▼ Route optimization and sharing it with the team

  • ▼ Multi language support

  • ▼ Managers can live track their team members which avoids unwanted communication and back and forth between team members

  • ▼ Integration with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze

Know MappyField in Detail!

Regular Product Training:

Providing product training to your sales team is a must. Provide new products, new feature updates, or even security updates to them. It will help them to provide better reasons to your customers to buy your product. Once they understand the products it becomes easy for them to sell your products as they can easily go through the features and show off the benefits of using it.

Create a sales process for them:

Create a sales process for your team. Walk them through one by one step on where to start from i.e. cold calling to where and when to close the deal with customers. Help them understand customers’ mindset, pain points and define potential questions on the basis of this. It will help them to create good selling points. This will help them convert cold leads into clients.

Focus on lead quality:

Having an immense amount of leads is not going to help you or your businesses at all. Rather than focusing on the quantity of leads it is important to focus on the quality of the leads. The qualitative leads are very likely to turn into potential customers.

Closing Pitch:

Closing pitch is one of the most crucial things. It’s very important to have a strong closing speech with a strong reason on why they need to buy your product and ways it will bring ease to their business operations. The right closing pitch acts as the cherry on top of the cake that the entire sales pitch is to convert the client who was already at the consideration stage.

Help them understand the importance of it and ways it can affect your sales.


With the advancement of technology, there are multiple tools available in the market today that can help you increase productivity of your sales team. Use tools like MappyField 365 which helps your sales reps, and managers to streamline your business operation, has the best sales route optimization software, and most importantly brings ease to your business.